Alpine Action Snow report for the week ending 23rd of January

meribel lataniaAlpine Action Snow report for the week ending 23rd of January

by Karolina Pozauc

It’s been like winter this week in the 3 valleys! It started off with about 25cm of snow down in Meribel on Saturday and it has been cold ever since. It has been mostly a mixture of sunshine and cloud the rest of the week with snow flurries here and there but no more than a few centre meters. But still enough to keep the slopes freshened up

As it has been cold the slopes have stayed in pretty good condition with the snow cannons being able to do their job as well. The runs that are in the shade have been getting a bit icy later on in the afternoons. All the inter resorts links are open also runs back into the resorts are open.

The forecast into next week is for the temperatures to stay cold and get even colder as the week goes on. Snow-wise, there is some forecasted for Saturday and then again on Tuesday but again, only a couple of . In the longer term it looks like there will be a big storm arriving towards the end of next week 29th January. There is still a whole week ahead of us so it might change, but lets stay hopeful! :)

It’s been some of the best ski conditions of the season so far with some fresh powder and cold temperatures. Hopefully there will be more snow to come this week! I had some freestyle lessons with Johno from Cab9 Snowboard School in Meribel and he said it’s going to snow all week! I’m not sure how factual that is or if it’s just his is optimistic view but I hope he is right!

Hope to see some of you out here soon enjoying the fantastic skiing the 3 valleys have to offer!!

Boot Room Etiquette

Boot Room Etiquettealpine action chalet holiday boot room

Boot Rooms can be a confusing place and it is hard to know what the rules are. To help you here is our guide to using a boot room and not making a fool of yourself.

  1. Always put your skis back in the same slot. This is super helpful if you have identical hire skis.
  2. Keep a pair of indoor shows in the boot room. At the end of the day the floor can get a bit wet and enjoying your afternoon tea cake is no fun if your socks are wet.
  3. Make space. if you are dressed and have all your kit on make a move outside if possible.
  4. Don’t leave your coats in the boot room hang them up in the cloakroom.
  5. If trays are provided for your equipment then pop them in. It will keep the floor dryer and help with number 2.
  6. Make sure you take advantage of the boot warmer and if you are staying in a chalet without a diligent host then make sure you turn it on to avoid the disappointment in the morning.
  7. The boot warmer is for boots, not gloves.
  8. Leave your poles with your skis. There is nothing worse than getting to the top of the hill with a childs set of sticks.
  9. Before entering the boot room check you have your ski pass. Scenario one is you have to take your boots of an go back in for it, scenario two means making your freinds wait at the bottom of the lift as you go back to the chalet, take off your boots and get it.
  10. Don’t sleep in the boot room if you can’t remember the code to get in, it is the coldest place in the chalet.

To book a chalet with a great boot room take a look at our chalets in Meribel and LaTania.

3 Valleys snow report 16th January 2015

3 Valleys snow report 16th January 2015 

This weeks snow report comes from the team in Chalet Toubkal 2 in La Tania


Peter and Karolina filed the below snow report on the 16th of January. That very night this happened…… click here to see lots of snow!

Snow Report 

This week it’s been a bit of a mixed bag weather-wise in the 3 Valleys. Sunday morning started with heavy rain in resort which luckily turned into snow before noon. Unfortunately the temperatures went up later on which as you can imagine had stopped the snow from settling on the lower slopes. However, on Tuesday and Wednesday we had more mild snowfall which freshened the runs and made for better skiing.

The best snow conditions are still higher up the mountain and on the runs that have snow cannons. All the resorts can be skied back to on open runs, in La Tania the Plan Fontaine has opened so there is now green and blue run down to the town. However some brave or crazy, I’m not quite sure, I’m one of them, take also the still closed red run down to the La Tania bubble.

The best news is that we are expecting a drop in temperatures on Friday with a significant amount of snowfall coming on Friday afternoon into Saturday morning. The cold weather is set to stay for the rest of next week with more snow on its way later on in the week!!! Sounds like the best week so far!!

The snow that we had during the week has helped a lot to keep the pistes open and skiable. With the cold weather returning and snow at the end of this week and into next, the runs will get the kick start they need to turn the ‘OK’ conditions into ‘WOOOO YAAAAAYYYY’ conditions.

We hope to see you out here soon!!

Click here to see all our chalets in Meribel and La Tania.



The Jump 2015 Preview

5e27275d-5ef3-4048-b707-87933dde53e2The Jump 2015 Preview

Here at Alpine Action we were big fans of Channel 4’s The Jump in 2014. So we were very excited to learn that is was returning in 2015. It still has yet to have a confirmed transmission date, but we do know it will be very soon as there has been teasers released and the participants, or celebrities if you prefer, have been in training for a month or two.

The Premise

If you didn’t watch it last year here is a quick summary of the show. A group of celebrities take part in a selection of snow sports, that range from slalom to bobsled over the period of a week. The show goes out daily, making it a very tough week for our live blogger, Jim. Each day the worst performing pair of Celebrities are offered up to a public vote and have to go of a ski jump on live TV for a chance to injure themselves, or stay in the show. Oh and it is hosted by Davina Mccall and has every big name winter sport competitor the UK has produced, from the new snow queen Jenny Jones to the old guard of Eddie the Eagle, with the obligatory Graham Bell appearance too. We did suggest that the show could be improved by moving to Meribel but clearly no one listens to us.

What can you expect

Based on last year and this year so far, you can expect lots of injured Celebrities. Last year the competition was won by Joe McElderry who was the Stand-in’s, Stand-in. This year so far the show has claimed the knee of Ola Jordan and the ribs of Sally Bercow. You can also expect the desire to want to take part in most of the shows apart from the ski jumping as well as a feeling of jealousy as everyone taking part look like they are have a great time.

Who is in it

Prepare to be underwhelmed, confused and disappointed at the star quality of the Celebrity participants. Which is understandable as based on the risk involved and the injury rate last year you need to be pretty certain that you have a clear schedule for the next few months. Here are the names, which I have divided up into two categories those that I have heard of and those that I haven’t. Have – Heather Mills, Jodie Kidd, Steve-O, Stacey Solomon, Phil Tufnell. Haven’t – Louise Thompson,Mike Tindall,Ashley Roberts, Jack Ass star Steve-O, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, JB Gill, Jon-Allan Butterworth, Chloe Madeley, Louie Spence, Dom Parker, Louise Hazel and Joey Essex. Ok so when I say I haven’t heard of Louie Spence I mean pretending I haven’t for my own sanity. For now shall not pass on any further judgment of the contestants as I will save that for our Live Blog of the series.

When is it on

As we said we don’t really know but it will happen soon, maybe they are waiting for that next big dump of snow like the rest of us.


3 Valleys snow report 9th January 2015


3 VaA day in Meribel and La Tania. Alpine Action ski holidays. lleys snow report 9th January 2015

This is Pete’s snow report for the week. If you want to find out more about Pete take a look at his profile page. 

There has been lots of beautiful sunshine and cold temperatures :)

After the snow fall just before the New Year it’s been another beautiful week here in the 3 Valleys!! We have had pretty much wall to wall sunshine with cold temperatures since then with a few more centimetres of snow higher up the mountain early in the week.


The snow conditions are good from about 1800 meters and above, the temperatures have been sub zero and the snow cannons have been working well to keep the pistes in good order. It’s true, below 1800 meters the slopes are not in such good condition however the Folyères run to La Tania has been kept well thanks to the snow cannons being on and also the shade from the trees help keep the piste in good condition. The runs back into Meribel and Meribel Village are also open so skiing back to resort is not a problem.

The weather forecast for the next week looks much the same, with cold temperatures and sunshine. Apart from Sunday when we are expecting snow!!! There is also a possibility of more snow later on in the week for which we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Overall, there is some good skiing to be had higher up the mountain and with snow forecast for Sunday next week looks like it will be a good one here in the 3 Valleys.

If you want to book a holiday to Meribel or La Tania take a look at our website or call us on 01237 466 535.


What’s on in Meribel and La Tania – January 2015

What’s on in Meribel and La Tania – January 2015

There are always great things going on in the resorts of La Tania and Meribel. You will find that there are great bands and promo nights on all the time. Your chalet host and our resort reps will be able to tell you what is going on every day. However there are some great events on in January you may not want to miss. Here is a list of events in January that are worth looking at.

5th to 8th January - Inuit Adventures 

The Meribel Altiport area has gone all Arctic this season! It is holding a variety of free events that will make you feel as if you are a real Inuit. The main attraction is ice fishing. For more information click here!

6th January – Russian Christmas

A large number of Russians are now holiday in the Three Valleys, we even have quite a few come and stay in our Alpine Action Chalets. This is great news for Christmas lovers as the Russians don’t get round to celebrating it until the 6th of January and it is well and truly embraced in Meribel!

17th January  - Moguls Competition

Want to feel inferior about your technique and ability to tackle small bumps on the piste? Then head up to Motteret and watch the French Freestyle Mogul Cup. It is even more impressive than watching it on the telly. Find out more.

18th January - Colour me Rad

We spotted this event thanks to Merinet. It is a charity fun run where you get a variety of colours thrown at you as you run. Start out in a white running kit and finish in either a vibrant rainbow of color or a sort of brown purple. It is only 5km up the mountain and there is a party at the end! Go on have a go! 

20th Jan Meribel v’s Courchevel Hockey

During the season there are quite a few Hockey matches but this is a big one, Courchevel against Meribel. This is quite a grudge match, I remember watching these two battle it out at the Courchevel rink a few years back and it was brutally exciting. I didn’t really understand what was going on but but it was exciting none the less. This event is held in at the Meribel Olympic Ice Rink and is only €5 per adult.

Jan 26th – Australia Day

It seems that it isn’t only the Russians that have brought their traditions to the Alps, the Australians have too. Expect drunken people called Tad and Jason to running around bars drinking Fosters dancing to Men At Work covers and wearing beanie hats with chalet wine corks hanging from them.

3 Valleys snow report 26th December 2014

UPDATE 27th December

FotorCreated We hope we find you all in good sprits after Christmas :)) Sprits are high here in the 3valleys with the forecast of snow for the week ahead!!! It has been a lovely sunny week with a few snow flakes here and there, the pisteurs have been working hard with the snow cannons getting lots of pistes open. They managed to go from 113 pistes at the beginning of the week to 163 today and from 69 lifts to 114. At the moment 3 Valleys is the best place to be skiing in Europe (well… in our humble opinion it always is! ;)) Despite the lack of proper snow fall this past week all of our guests and chalet hosts have been skiing away this Christmas. We even had a Christmas Day engagement between the hosts in Chalet Ecureuil, Dave got on one knee at 2305 m and Sarah said yes! Forecast for next week The temperatures have dropped below freezing today in La Tania and Meribel and are set to only get colder as week goes on. The snow cannons are on blowing the snow all the way down the Folyeres run into La Tania so fingers crossed it will be ready and open for next week! The most exciting news is that we are set for a big snow storm this weekend 27th & 28th of December with anything from 25cm to 50cm of fresh snow being predicted in resort. It might mean that the transfers form the airport will take longer, but keep in mind you’ll arrive in a winter wonderland :D We are so excited for the snow at the weekend, it should improve the conditions from pleasant to amazing!! :D We are also expecting the temperatures to drop well below 0’C with Tuesday forecasted to be as low as -20’C so pack that extra jumper in you suitcase especially if you are planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve outside! Lower temperatures mean that snow canons can produce snow lower down the mountains and the snow should stay in good condition under blue sky for the rest of next week.  

3 Valleys snow report 19th December 2014

FotorCreated3 Valleys snow report – 19th December 2014

The winter is here!!

The first week of the ski season 2014/2015 is almost behind us and I am happy to announce that yesterday on Wednesday, the 17th of December no less than 15cm of fresh snow has finally appeared  in Meribel and La Tania!!

As you might well know there has not been a lot of snow fall so far this winter and not all the lifts and runs have been opened. But every day we watch the pisteurs and the snow cannons in the Three Valleys working real hard to open up most of the area. Although the snow is definitely coming it is reassuring to know that the 2000 snow cannons alone can produce enough snow to cover 1/3 of the pistes . At the moment there are 69 lifts and 111 pistes open and with more likely to open for next week there is plenty of great skiing to enjoy here. It’s looking good for those of you coming for Christmas week – it seems that they have been keeping few runs closed to save them up for upcoming  festive weeks.

The first week’s guests have been out each morning catching the first lifts. Undoubtedly it took more planning and informative help from our resort reps to know what is open and how to make the best of  what is available. We have really enjoyed our time on the slopes this week especially yesterday, on our day off, as the snow came down and the pistes just got better as the day went on.

What our guest say

The Hutchings family staying in chalet Toubkal 2 this week had this to say about the conditions,  “It was occasionally icy, but surprisingly good given the time of the year. We even had some fresh powder for our family snowboarder. We’ve always been able to ski. For intermediate skiers there is plenty to ski with what is already open.”

Snow Forecast for next week

It looks like we could be getting some more snow on Saturday, followed with sunshine and colder temperatures for the rest of the week. However the weather changes so quikly in the mountains that you cant really predict more than a couple of days at a time!

The skiing is still really good out here and is set to only get better. Fingers crossed for some more snow!

piste meribel

Albert Action – Snow Dog

Bonjour,  Je m’appelle Albert Action, 6556584924676096

I am a husky dog and I live in your Alpine Action ski chalet, I hope you don’t mind if I hang out with you on your holiday. I am house and chairlift trained and love playing with children of all ages. .

I really love making new friends and having adventures. During your holiday you will be having a great time, I can guarantee that. What I am wondering is if I can come on some of your adventures?

I am also a big poser and love to have my photo taken when I am doing fun things. I have lots of friends all over the world and they like to see what I am up to. Please share our adventures on the internet using the hashtag #AlbertAction. You can also see what other adventure I have been on by searching #AlbertAction.

I will also be giving a prize to the best photo that I am tagged in on Facebook or Twitter at the end of the season.

To help you I have made a list of things I love doing and things that I don’t like.

10404112_975810132430765_8709051424696891455_nAlberts list of things I like doing…

Skiing and Snowboarding


Making Snowmen

Eating Cheese


Ice skating

Most other extreme sports

Being stroked


Alberts list of things I don’t like doing…

Going in Washing Machines

Hanging out with cats

Hot tubs

Going home

Button Lifts

I am looking forward meeting you this winter . I think we will have a great time.








A ski holiday with children is easy if you use a Nanny service

A ski holiday with children is easy if you use a Nanny service

This blog post is by Nicole Wallbank from Meribel Nanny Services 

nanny childcare ski school meribelA day with a nanny!

Youre looking at all the things ready to put in your suitcases and wondering, how is it going to fit? And have I got everything? Going skiing with your children is a great holiday but there’s a lot of organising to be done before and after you arrive which can feel overwhelming………..

Cue your private ski nanny, she knows what the children need for the day ahead, how to get their ski boots on, where ski school drop off is, the best places to take the children to lunch and the best places for snowman building and sledging.

Having a flexible private nanny for the week can mean you really can just ski, relax and enjoy your stress free holiday.

What does the nanny actually do with the children all day?

The first day is the most hectic.Your nanny will swoop in early to make sure she has all the correct details, which of course she does as you have spoken to the childcare manager before your arrival and the nanny has even bought a toy box with lots of amazing toys, including a mass of train track pieces which you had put on your information form as a favourite toy of your sons.

Knowing there is a toy box at your chalet for the week has meant that you haven’t had to bring a whole suitcase just full of toys!

meribel la tania ski school childcareSki School

Ski school starts at 9:15 and the nanny has let you know it is best to get there for 9am on the first day to find the right class and settle the older children in. She starts to help get the children ready which is great as you also have to get ready yourself and you haven’t got a clue where your ski pants and helmet are.

She goes through the check list, thermals, fleece, ski socks, ski pants, waterproof mittens, sun cream, snood, coat, helmet and boots and ski’s oooops and not to forget a snack in their pocket plus 5 euros for a drink and that’s the children ready.

The children are in the car and ready to go as the grown up’s collect their last bits together and off we go.

Its half term and ski school can be really busy but the nanny knows exactly where to go and who to speak to, to find out who the children’s instructors are. The older two are happy to go off with their instructor but little Jack is only 4 and has never skied before. He is feeling a bit shy and unsure but the nanny reassures him and tells him she will stay with him during his lesson then after they can go for a play in the snow together.

This cheers him up and off they all go with the instructor leaving mum and dad to head to the chairlift for their first day skiing relaxed and sure that their children are in safe hands.

Once little Jack is finished his first ski lesson he and the nanny go off to do a bit of sledging, go for a play at the park and for a Crepe then at 1:15 go to pick up his older brother and sister from their lessons and get the bus back to the chalet.

Mum and Dad give the nanny a quick call to see how everything is and all the children are fine and happy.

They have a nice warm pasta lunch and build a town with a gigantic train track running through and around it a game of hide and seek before colouring a picture to stick in their holiday diaries.

Then it’s time to pop on all their layers and ski clothes and head out to play in the snow, building snow castles and a snowman the size of Jack.

Meanwhile mum and dad have had a great ski a lovely lunch and have come back to very happy busy children, a warm cup of tea and a lovely afternoon tea cake while their chalet hosts get dinner ready….. A very relaxing first day of skiing.

 Take a look at the childcare and nanny services that we recommend in Meribel and La Tania.


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