Why you may need ski insurance

Why you may need ski insurance 

I was asked to write a piece to help promote our ski insurance partner Fogg. Tasked with writing what would be dull blog using words such as policy, certificates, claims and compensation. Not to mention the boring phrases such as multi-trip insurance and Financial conduct Authority. I must point out at this point that even though Insurance policies can be as interesting as dishwasher instructions I would suggest that you read them before you hand over your cash. And on that note I would also suggest that you read your dishwasher instructions.  So in my attempt to make this a slightly interesting article I will focus on what may cause you to need to call your insurer.

I have worked in ski resorts for many years and in those years I have seen many tourists need to call the insurance companies to help them out.  I shall start with the most obvious, breaking something. On one occasion I was sitting on a lift heading up the mountains. During my journey up I spotted a guest that was holidaying with the company I was working for. They had just strapped into their snowboard and were stood up stationary when unexpectedly they fell over, which is quite a normal occurrence for a snowboarder. Later that day I discovered that that gentle fall had resulted in a broken wrist. I have experienced many more of these sort of incidents. One fall that happened to a friend was the classic, step of the bus, slip and break collarbone.


In my previous life I worked as a resort manager for a large tour op. During one week a guest felt ill and went off to seek advice from a doctor. I asked a rep to check in and find out if the guest was recovering and feeling better. Later in the week we discovered the guest had caught meningitis, fortunately a full recovery was made, but a long stay in hospital followed.

During one winter I remember a break-in that happened to a nearby chalet. All the equipment was taken, leaving the guest with nothing to ski with. Fortunately they were covered by their insurance and were able to hire newski kit the next day, as well as pay back the disgruntled hire shop owner.

A very surprising insurance pay out happened when I was working in a hotel in the Three Valleys. Interestingly enough this happened to a seasonnaire who was working as a chef, I also happen to know that he was insured for the season by Fogg. One afternoon, the previously mentioned chef, had done his laundry and then headed to work with his dry clean clothes. For some reason the chef carried these freshly laundered garments in a black bin bag, which he left by the back door to the kitchen. At the end of the shift they were nowhere to be found. Theft he claimed, stupidity countered the insurance company, but the reimbursed him in the end. I must confess at this point that I suspect it was me who threw them in the bin, but if you will leave a bin bag on the floor, it will get tidied up.

If you are thinking about getting insurance for your ski trip then we would like to recommend Fogg, please click here to see more facts about their insurance. Should you choose to be uninsured and leave your clothes in a bin bag then you will have a very cold holiday.

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