Ski Sunday – Live Blog – Episode 2 – Season 36

Ski Sunday – Live Blog – Episode 2 – Season 36


Jim Duncombe January 19, 20146:02 pm

And that is that. The end of our first live blog.

Good bye from Wengen, not that we are there we are in a kitchen in a secret location, trying to block out the Flog It theme as we sign off.

Kitzbuhel next week. join us for more of the same at the same time. Thats right the same time. The BBC are keeping it in a regular spot. But for how long.

Enjoy the Red Button without us.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:59 pm

I love Katie. She looks like the she should be in the netball team. She is cool, and she makes no effort to be. We wish her the best.

There was very little of Katie there? Odd. Why bill it as feature when it is so short?

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:55 pm

Edand Graham are on message about the need for funding for all ski and snowboard disciplines. But do they need to shout at each other. Talking in only patronising phrases. It is hard to know who they are patronising, the audience or each other.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:52 pm

I was hoping that Graham was going to be rubbish on the dry slope. Turns out he was ok, as you would expect.

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding is becoming more accessible to the poor is what they are saying.

Graham said jibbing. It’s like listening to my nan talk about rap music.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:48 pm

Now for something that isn’t Downhill racing.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:48 pm

News about successful brits in competitions that aren’t downhill.

Red button info, Ski Sunday extra. What is this?

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:46 pm

And Patrick Kueng Wins.

Some interviews follow where people hold skis in an unnatural way.

And back to Ed who clearly cares less about mens downhill than the vollyball he commented on during the 2012 games.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:42 pm

Here comes Svindal. Matt Chilton tells me he is a good skier. So good he get the Helicopter tracking shot. Not even Graham gets that. He has to film it himself.

Svindal currently in second. He is massive.

Next up is Erik Guay. Is pictured eating a biscuit, I think, it could be a medal or a Milka bar. Sadly he doesn’t even finnish. Mr Bell calls him a choker – maybe he was choking on that biscuit.

Next week I want Erik to win.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:38 pm

Miller has been bumped off the number one spot. It was by a man called Max. Max is a great name for a sports star.

Max’s reign doesn’t last long and is beaten by a man called Patrick.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:36 pm

@Johnhaze75 on twitter addresses the reason we all watch Ski Sunday

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:31 pm

I was about to say I want Defago to win but Matt said he wants to win. So he won’t.

Come on Bode!

Bode has good pace. I hope he does well or I will need to find a new hero.

Phew, he finishes it in 1st, but we have only seen 3 skiers so I may be looking for a new man to follow.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:27 pm

Over to a man that knows what he is on about Matt Chilton.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:24 pm

Best bit of Ski Sunday now – Grahams home video. He is desperate to earn the £200.

Shorter than normal due to wind.

Watching this always makes me feel a little ski.

Bad news, no £200 for Graham he makes it in one piece.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:21 pm

So before we get to meet a female British skier we are meeting a Man who skis and who really wants to win. I missed his name. He must be the new Didier Cuche.

He works out and is very fit. Im not sure I want him to win. I prefer skiers who spend there time drinking toffee vodka.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:17 pm

Ed looks very cold this week.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:16 pm

The boys are in Wengen. Ed tells us that it is a very fast place to ski.

Ed definatly looks like a snowboarder. Graham desperately wants to be one!

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:15 pm

And the music has started der der der der der… you get the idea.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20145:13 pm

What will happen in this episode of Ski Sunday. Our guess is that there will be a lot of men skiing and very few women skiing, and even little snowboarding. Which was all covered last week with the appearance of female snow boarder Jenny Jones.

We do know that Ed will be reporting on free skiing, the sport that many of us think we take part in when we ski the other side of the blue markers.

I must make a confession, I missed last week’s episode and have not found time to catch-up yet, and may never will. But if you could leave your summaries in the comments below that would save me the hassle. What this does mean is that I have no idea who is competing in the men’s downhill. Bode Miller is the only name I recognise and since I am no expert I will be looking for tenuous ways to decide who I am going to route for. All suggestions welcome.

Jim Duncombe January 19, 20141:16 pm

This is Alpine Actions first attempt at a live blog, so who knows how well it will go. There will be spelling mistakes, misunderstanding as well as a general display of our ignorance of men’s downhill skiing. So join us here at 5.15 as we blog our way through the institution that is Ski Sunday.

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