Ski Sunday – Live Blog – Episode 3 – Season 36

Ski Sunday – Live Blog – Episode 3 – Season 36

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20146:03 pm

And that is it. The end of another 45 minutes of skiing on a Sunday. See you next week.

Or if you dare join us at 8pm where we try to live blog The Jump on channel 4 at 8pm tonight. Better brush up on my skiing celebrities.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:59 pm

The last 10 min of Ski Sunday is the best bit. Why cant we have more items like the ones with Jenny and Amy over an hour?

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:58 pm

Now time for Ski Sundays third presenter Amy Williams (see wikipedia), 4th if you include Matt Chilton, which no one does.

They are talking about energy losses, which I thought only happened at the end of a weeks skiing to my legs. Turns out it happens to olympian on every run. Maybe she should cut down on the chalket wine.

This sport looks mental. The way Amy describes skeleton as a high speed game of Kim’s Game, except your on the tray, the tray goes 70mph on ice and you have to remember objects you cant see as they are all the same white colour.

Poor Amy, she seems to be sponsored by Dare2be.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:51 pm

Bode has dreamy eyes.

Graham tells Svindal he could have done better, to his face. Svindal is massive. I wouldn’t even write that on a blog that no one reads. New respect for Graham.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:48 pm

Reichelt has a lot to ski for and has big Austrian boots to fill.

And he takes it and forces Svindal into 2nd and Bode into 3rd.

For full result got to

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:46 pm

Keung takes to the slopes after last weeks win. He is looking slow. What will Gham have to say about his run?

Gham says that he messed up the start and he is a rubbish tucker. No one likes to be called a rubbish tucker.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:43 pm

As Matt comentaits on the French man Theaux, he tells us that there are many French supporters in the crowed. This makes me wonder, do the French actually go on holiday to ski in other countries?

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:39 pm

Our second favourite, Svindal.

He starts slower than Miller.

Mid way moves above Miller in the middle?

Matt Chilton wonders the same as me. Can he take it from Miller?

He does. And my wife sighs “poor Miller”.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:33 pm

Go Bode!

Matt says that Bode is skiing well and that he has never won here. Must have watched Grahams interview.

Bode goes into the lead.

The bottom jump here is big and I have to be honest i have never got that much air, even if i combined all my jumps.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:29 pm

My wife was just sad to learn that David Poisson wasn’t Called David Croissant.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:28 pm

Now the racing starts and so does Matt Chilton’s commentary.

Ever wondered what Matt looks like? Ever wondered what Matt looks like next to Hazel Irvine in bad ski clothes?

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:24 pm

The bit in the show where Graham makes his home ski video. It is so badly filmed you wouldn’t even watch it if it was your mates Youtube video, unless he crashed.

Dear Ski Sunday Producers,

Please send Ed down on his snowboard next week.

Thanks Alpine Action

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:22 pm

Graham chats to Bode…It is billed as an audience with royalty.

Graham tells us about Bode’s family troubles. While we acknowledge that this has been a tough year for Miller. Do we need an X Factor style sob story before the race? All that is missing is a Coldplay soundtrack.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:18 pm

“This is the one they all want to win”… Graham Bell…

“I really have no interest in Downhill at all, I’m just here for the pay packet”… Ed Leigh

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20145:16 pm

Here we go. Der der der der der….. dum.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20144:59 pm

This bowls highlights package is excellent. I hope 5.15pm never comes. Mervyn King(man from the Bank of England) V’s Jonathan Ross (chat show host).

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20144:46 pm

So as we know Ski Sunday is mainly Mens Downhill racing and as this is the only program to show any skiing on free TV, we must make the most of it. That is untill 8pm tonight when Channel 4 launches The Jump.(which we will also be live blogging.

This means that we need to establish some favourite skiers to cheer on. Bode Miller is one that I have heard of and we can cheer on. I like Askel Lund Svindal as I expect that he will be a Action Hero one day, based on his name, I can’t comment on his acting ability. I also wanted to cheer on Eric Guay, mainly for not finishing last week. But he is not racing this week, probably because he didn’t finish last week.

Who are you cheering on?

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20144:36 pm

This week I am sat in my living room and to make me feel as though I am part of the action I have got my bobble hat, ski jacket and goggles on. I did try having my mittens on but that really hindered my typing ability. Also as I don’t have a Nevica sponsorship like I suspect Mr Bell has. I am wearing my old slightly ripped and faded jacket that I have skied in since my parents stopped buying me ski clothes.

So what will happen in this weeks episode?

Once again it doesn’t come from Meribel . This week the “World Cup action” comes from Kitzbuhel in Austria.

Any Amy Williams does a report on her self. Interestingly enough the Ski Sunday Wikipedia page bills Amy as a full time presenter. First I have seen of her.

Jim Duncombe January 26, 20144:20 pm

Hello and welcome to the second ever Alpine Action Ski Sunday live blog. If you missed last week episode then you can read about it on last week’s live blog as it is now no longer available on iPlayer.

Once again we will be typing from 5.15pm all the way throughout this week’s episode and we want you to join in by leaving comments below.

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