The Jump – Live Blog – Episode Two – Season One

The Jump – Live Blog – Episode Two – Season One

You can read yesterdays, The Jump, live blog here. 


Jim Duncombe January 27, 20149:03 pm

And at exactly 9pm strikes my child bursts into tears, as if in sympathy with Amy.

So that is it for the second ever The Jump. I wont be here tomorrow as I have to go and find Tim Harding and save him from the inevitable self harm if he has to watch this show again.

We will be back in a few days time and definitely for the final.

In the meantime I am going to work on my TV treatment for celebrity chalet hosting.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20149:00 pm

All Sinitta had to do was snowplough down the run.

Some how she jumps further that Nicky Clark.

Well done.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:58 pm

What happens if Sinitta bottles it? Sledge race?

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:57 pm

Amy is trying to toss her hair while in a helmet.

She also looks very worried. Even Barry is worried.

A man touches Amys knee and even that can’t persuade her to do jump. They should have sent Eddie in.

We will never know what that skin coloured faux lycra suit would have looked liked spread across the ski jump landing.

Wize choice Amy.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:53 pm

Eddies top tip. “Get Angry”

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:48 pm

You can say what you like about The Jump but I think its saving grace is there is no public vote. So no reading out of phone numbers.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:47 pm

Amy Childs. Famous for mispronouncing words.

This could be a long VT.

As Amy goes down she looks like a scared giant hamster stuffed into one of those plastic hamster balls.

Did Amy just say she is changing her surname to Williams?

The false tension is killing me.

Oh and unsurprisingly Amy and Sinitta are doing The Jump.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:41 pm

Next we have a woman called Laura, who presents a show that I will never watch. Even my wife who watches the property genre has no Idea who she is.

She hates it. She gets a longer VT. Take note future contestants.

Fortunately for her newborn child, Laura went quick enough not to jump.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:30 pm

Next up is not Nicole Scherzinger from the the Pussycat Dolls it is the other one, obviously.

It looks like she went slowly. But I am less of an expert than Graham.

Turns out I am not an expert and it was the fastest so far.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:25 pm

If you are one of the few that didn’t want Amy Childs to be in the bottom two, then that clip was for you!

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:24 pm

Melinda Messenger? TV Presenter? Ah thats is that how I know you.

See, she enjoyed it, short VT.

I am finding the head cam on this very odd. It looks like there faces have been painted onto a lampshade.

Melinda does it in 44’s and displays her math skills.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:18 pm

Does anyone have a kindle and have you ever called Amy?

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:16 pm

Anthea loves it. Is she meant to be having a good time?

It appears that the less fear you show the shorter the VT of training.

Anthea just beats Sinitta. Which means that we are soon to have celebrities that I have never heard of up next.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:13 pm

It would be easy to abuse these people for going on TV and making a bit of tit of themselves. And we will. But just watching Sinitta go down the run you have to show some respect for their desire to remain in the spotlight.

P.s was that the sledge making the weeble noise or was that Sinitta.

45’s is that good? we will see.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:09 pm

So Sinitta hates the Skeleton. I bet she hates ski jumping more.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:07 pm

Graham describes the Skeleton. Why couldn’t Amy do it?

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:04 pm

I bet the producers cant wait for Darren to jump live.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20148:00 pm

Here we go, Live to Innsbruck. Davina thinks she is in Elstree. The set thinks it is a confused 80’s toothpaste advert. The celebrities think they are dressed as the oldest seasonnaires. You know the one that you avoid because you think that they are a bit odd. And I am recycling yesterdays jokes.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20147:56 pm

Just going for a pre The Jumop wee. Nothing worse than being stuck on an unfamiliar mountain wondering where the nearest toilet is. Especially in a lycra suit.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20147:48 pm

I have just realised that The Jump is on solidly for 1000 days in a row, last night was tough enough. I am not sure I can possibly tune in everyday. I expect Davina feels the same.

On the plus side thats 1000 days that I wont have to watch Call The Midwife on iPlayer.

Ways to make the Jump better #1 get my mate Kev to present it

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20147:26 pm

So I just found out that 2.6 million people watched The Jump last night. That is 1.3 million more people than the number of people in the UK who go skiing each year.

It is probably 1.6 million more people than the amount that will watch tonight. Unless there is a lot of people desperate to see Sinitta cry.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20147:10 pm

Just digging out an old seasonnaire t-shirt, cracking open a bottle of beer 33″ and turning the heating off, to get me in the mood.

Jim Duncombe January 27, 20147:08 pm

Are you looking forward to tonight’s The Jump? Or are you one of the Millions that probably won’t tune in again? Either way we would love you to join us for our live blog of this event that is nothing like the Winter Olympics.

See you back here at 8 when we will get to see which of the “Girls” will be on the transfer bus back to the airport.

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