Alpine Action Winter Olympics Coverage – Day 5

Alpine Action Winter Olympics Coverage – Day 5

Today has been the first day I have been away from the TV and the Winter Olympics since it started seven days ago. It seems I missed a lot. Fortunately the wonderful BBC helped me keep in touch.

The first thing I missed out on was finding out how far down the order in the Women Downhill competition Chemmy would finish. I know this sounds negative, and it is, but we all knew she wasn’t going to win. She does deserve a huge amount of praise though. She wasn’t that far off the pace and had I been competing I would still be adjusting my boots by the time she had finished. In complete fairness, in the time the whole competition took place, I would probably be still having that pretend break, you know the one where you pretend you are just waiting for the slower people in your group and really your legs are ruined. Also Chemmy worked hard to funded her “journey” to the Olympics and battled setbacks that would make you or me think twice about booking our next ski holiday. She deserve to be there competing and she looked like she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

While we are talking about people enjoying themselves, I do wish Clair Balding would stop doing whatever the equivalent is of namedropping the watching of events. Let’s call it eventdropping. Every day she happens to eventdropp the event she has had the fortune to go watch live that day. It is making me very jealous.

Due to the lack of TV today I had to, like most people, watch the 7pm highlights. However I did keep up to date with events via the wireless, specifically 5live. Now I enjoy the Winter Olympics, I watch the X-Games on live streaming and will read endless articles about winter sport but I don’t keep up with developments in the world of Curling. That does not stop me enjoying it every four years. Today as I listened to the radio, I did wonder what people who had no idea what the sport entails were picturing as the sport was broadcast as it features lots of people with Scottish names hurling rocks. For the record my heart sank when Eve missed that last shot on the 10th end. Still the boys did well despite their odd sailor’s outfits.


For real analysis go the BBC’s website


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