4 more people called Jenny Jones

4 more people called Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones has been a hero of ours way before she went “mainstream”, when she sold-out and won a bronze Winter Olympic medal in the slope style competition at the Sochi 2014 winter games. Before then she was an underground name, uttered by snowboarders who had a board for the park and a board for the backcountry. For years Jones has been winning Gold medals at the winter X-Games, which was the highest possible level of competition. But still no one had hear of her, maybe they were getting confused or scared off by her namesakes…Fotor0311110656

Jenny Jones – Green Party Politician

I am not sure if Baroness Jenny Jones, Green party member and Deputy Mayor of London has ever been snowboarding, we have never seen her in Meribel. I would guess that she might find the concept of a ski holiday disagrees with her strong environmental political and ethical beliefs.  Right now I would guess that snowboarder Jenny Jones is now more famous, the Baroness has never been of Johnathan Ross. Maybe they could make a TV show where the Jenny Jones’ swap jobs?

Jenny Jones – Labour Party Politician

Another politician and this is one you probably won’t have heard of unless you lived in the Wolverhampton South West constituency. Maybe snowboarder Jenny has missed her calling? Maybe she is destined to become an MP or even PM? Maybe she could start small scale, Jenny Jones for Mayor of Meribel?

Jenny Jones – American TV

Ever heard of her? No, we haven’t either. She was a rock and roll drummer, stand up and finally chat show host. As far as we can tell she had a chat show that was similar to reading Chat or Take a Break magazine. She is probably still more famous than our Jenny is in America.

Jenny Jones – Canadian Curler

There is a rumour that when our Jenny Jones turned up in Sochi she was given a welcome feast of pancakes and Maple syrup and told to report to the Ice Cube arena. It got worse when Jenny from Canada turned up at the top of the slope style park in some slippy slippers and brush. Fortunately this all got resolved, much to the disappointment of Team GB’s Eve Muirhead, who knew how rubbish snowboarder Jenny Jones is at curling.

Want to become a Jenny Jones yourself? If so, you can either study Politics at Bristol University or  you could go on a ski holiday with Alpine Action.


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