The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 1

The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 1 

Starts tonight at 7pm

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20158:00 pm

If nothing else at least we know it is snowing in the Alps. See you tomorrow night at 8pm.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:56 pm

If this show is sponsored by a helmet company, I bet they are hoping for a crash. #justliketherestofus #thejump

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:54 pm

The first episode of The Jump is nearly over. Steve O is still in, I may stop watching if he leaves.

Which leaves me time to predict the final result.

The winner of the 2 Jump-off will be JLS. If Dom wins then I will be forced to find out who he actually is. Go JLS

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:47 pm

Is that a cat or a child making odd noises in the background in the “lodge”?

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:46 pm

The last two to compete are Steve O and someone else called Dom.

Steve O is what you imagine a skier to be like and Dom is what that most skiers are like.

I love how cross Steve is getting about his competition.

Steve to win!

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:38 pm

The Least successful one from JLS v’s John who has a great beard.

I predict John to win, his beard to come second and JLS to loose.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:35 pm

I have just worked out the change in the format. I had a bit of a Joey Essex moment.

Anyway this means that either Tuffers or Tindall are going home, (it’s as if I know them personally). The person is going home gets decided by the Jump.

Tindall does a respectable jump, which Davina points out is better than any jump in the last series. Which just shows that the quality of this show is hidden in the detail.

[Deliberate tension inducing ad break]

Tuffers is going off a small a jump and therefore is out. Which is a relief as it gives my senses a rest from all the tension.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:25 pm

Phill Tuffnell v’s Joey Essex.
Phill takes as fall in training and that did look a bit scary, although not much different to going down a flume at Butlins with no matt.

Loving the crowed that they have drummed up for the race. Are the the mothers of the contestants of the Austrian WI?

I didn’t say it out loud but my prediction was for Joey to win. 100% record for me so far.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:17 pm

Well that was tense.

But more importantly I was right. I wonder how long this predicting streak can go on.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:09 pm

Tonight there will be some men taking part in the Skeleton which is serious unlike this show. Did you hear me Graham Bell it is not a serious show.

I really would love to have a go at this event. Sadly I can but watch.First up is a rugby player and Louis.

Louis to win.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20157:02 pm

Here we go.
The same set, inspired by 80’s toothpaste packaging, the same outfits and for all I know the same contestants.

Did Davina say 9 nights!!

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20156:54 pm

I have been doing some research on the contestants to try and pick a winner. But as we know from last year that there is no way to even predict the winner, especially as last years winner wasn’t even in the opening line-up.

This means I will be backing the following contestant for the following reason… Stacy Solomon, because her name is closest to a ski make. Go Stacy Salamon.

Child up-date – I am now typing one handed as I cradle the youngest. I hope he likes a skiing competition that is very unlike a skiing competition.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20156:42 pm

Just so you all know… the first episode of the series really clashes with my Children’s bed time. This means that it is not only down to my patience of how long I last watching it but also that of my wife.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20156:35 pm

I read somewhere that the recommissioning of The Jump was down to how open the format is to product placement. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know what brands you spot.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20156:34 pm

Not long untill Channel 4′s The Jump gets under-way. If you didn’t watch it last year it is basically Strictly Come Dancing with rubbish costumes and 100% more chance of injury.

Jim Duncombe February 1, 20152:59 pm

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