The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 2

The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 2

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Jim Duncombe February 2, 20159:01 pm

Someone is out and they are Gutted.

I am chuffed that it is over.

See you tomorrow for what looks like a cross between Snowcross and Red Bull Ice Race. And I thought there was going to be some real skiing.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:46 pm

These two contestants are so unrecognisable that this part of the show is just a Void.

One of them will win and one will Jump!

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:43 pm

Hi My Name is …… and you will probably know me better from appearing on the Jump.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:40 pm

Stacey is sounds like she is crying and she has her eyes shut, not the best technique.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:39 pm

Yeah it is time for Stacey Salamon. She is against a thingy from some band.

Both look horrified. I think Thingy is crying as she goes down the track.

Go Stacey!

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:34 pm

Well done to Lady V for managing to make Heather Mills seem grateful in defeat.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:30 pm

Well done to Carl’s foot for jumping so far and bring some light relief to what was an uncomfortable five minuets of TV. It reminded me of seasonnaire life.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:19 pm

Round two is Lady Annoying V’s Jodie Kidd.

I hope Jodie wins!

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:07 pm

First up it is the 7th Beatle V’s Someone I am going to have to google. But I shall wait to see if she stays in first.

I think Heather has been drinking Graham’s serious Juice.

I predict Heather to win.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:03 pm

Ok here we go.

How many of my predictions will be correct? Can I do this with out a glass of wine? Will Graham Bell realise that this show is a massive joke? Will we ever work out who the sponsors of this show really are…?

…lets find out!

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20158:01 pm

“Why is Chloe Madley Famouse”?
“Have a guess”
“Because her parents are Richard & Judy”

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20157:51 pm

I can’t delete the last post.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20157:49 pm

I am watching The Jump:On the Piste on E4 its not that bad. I am actually wondering if it is better than the real show!

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20157:41 pm

Yesterday I, “hilariously”, decided that Stacy Solomon was to be renamed Stacy Salomon, get it. This means she is my tip to win.

It also means that I have spent today trying to beat that pun. And despite it being pretty rubbish, I can’t beat it.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20157:33 pm

Good evening and welcome to the our second live blog of The Jump. last nights episode opened with 2.8 million views, which just goes to show we will watch any old crap, as long as a there is a chance that a celebrity will get hurt.

Last night it was the male cast taking part in the Skeleton and then two of them were eliminated by not jumping far enough. I have all ready forgotten who it was so lets move on to tonight.

It is the turn of the female cast tonight and it will be exactly the same as last night.

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