The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 3

The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 3

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Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:58 pm

And that is the end of the show.

The winner tonight was probably the Innsbruck tourist board.

No live blog tomorrow. My fingers need a rest. Goodnight.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:56 pm

Hazel’s window winding technique was like fumbling for the the electric window switch in the dark.

Jodie Kidd clearly wasn’t bothered about windows and was just throwing the soft top up.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:52 pm

I am ignoring the rules of The Jump. It is not the person who jumps the highest who will win but the person who winds the windows with most flair.

Louis window technique was ok. It was if he was winding the drivers side door in a large car and having to lean all the way to wind the passenger side.

JLS had a more systematic approach to window winding and it was if he was winding windows standing up in a mini.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:41 pm

Well the that was like watching the beginner slope. Some how someone lost that race and that person was Jodie.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:37 pm

It seems as though round 4 has been gatecrashed by a spoilt brat, a giant and another spoilt brat.

Jodie Kidd would be my favourite if only her name had a good ski pun like Stacey Salomon.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:35 pm

In my mind the Beard wins, Steve O is second, Jon third and JLS last.

JLS looks pretty upset. My wife is concerned he is injured. Maybe he wished he was the JLS that got to host The Voice and not be jumping on to a big mattress with Louis spence.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:31 pm

Round 3 Steve O, JLS, (who just basically compared himself to Mike Tindall) and Jon ‘the beard’ Allen.

The Beard to win followed by Jon, Steve O and JLS.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:26 pm

It is Hazel who, in her own way, repeats the finals of the ladies Snowboard cross at the 2010 Vancouver games.

This means she will be taking part in the air jump, an event any sane person would pay €5 for three goes.

I would expect her to beat Louis, but hope she wont.

Has anyone seen Heather today?

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:20 pm

Time for Alpine Action favourite Stacey Salomon (Get it), to take on Richard & Judy’s daughter and someone else.

Come on Stacy.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:13 pm

Yep so this event is basically how you and your mates look on the way back from an apres ski session.

I get the feeling that Louis is thinking that even this show is beneath him. Or is that because he lost?

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:08 pm

Round 1 is Joey, Tindall & Louis.

Joey seems confidant. Lets go with him to win.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:07 pm

This event looks very similar to the return journey from the pub.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:06 pm

I think Steve O speaks for us all when he says “I hate rollerbladers”.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20158:04 pm

Episode 3 is up in the mountain and will feature really cold looking people, drunk old men, Graham Bell being way to serious and possibly some broken bones.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20157:54 pm

I have to admit I am quite looking forward to tonight’s episode of the Jump. Mainly as it sounds as if it may feature a bit of actual skiing. Also as I am looking forward to listening to Graham Bell seriously try and coach snowblading.

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