The Jump Live Blog Episode 6

The Jump Live Blog Episode 6 Click to read more. Stacey Solomon - The Jump

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:55 pm

And that is it for another night Steve O is out and has been beaten by another girl and an epic beard.

At least it gives him a chance to go on a love ski with Stacey.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:46 pm


I predict that Chloe will be going home as she wont be going that big.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:42 pm

All good ski movies need a crash montage and this one is no exception.

All good ski TV shows need a iPod and Rugby player joke and this one is no exception.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:39 pm

I am now paying attention and will try harder.

Race 3 is the four loosers from the first 2 heats. This is like the reverse of the Olympics, in the fact that the worse you are the more you race.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:33 pm

Bananas give you energy – It’s like watching and Attenborough documentary.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:26 pm

I think I am suffering from the low attention span that Joey has.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:18 pm

How are they going to drag this out over an hour? Will I end up just pontificate about how Steve O is nothing how I expected him to be.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:16 pm

Jenny Jones is in the commentary box. Which is great as Jenny is amazing but makes as much sense as getting Graham Bell to coach Skeleton Bob. Who would do that?

However once Jenny is allowed to talk she sounds very professional must be the experience she is getting on 5 Live.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:09 pm

If faced with the choice of winning this event or accidental taking out Louise T, what would you do?

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:07 pm

Oh look Heather is still there.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20158:06 pm

In summary – Everyone is cold. Someone is leaving at the end. Someone goes through to the Final on Monday, (roll on Monday). It is Jon-Allan’s Birthday but not his beard’s.

Jim Duncombe February 6, 20157:56 pm

Friday. I am not out on the town, no way. I am staying in and watching The Jump.

Tonight it is Ski Cross which is different from Snow Cross. Who knew. Snow Cross is the Darts of the winter sports world.

Anyway to tonight we can expect to see Victoria’s sulking face and probably an injury.

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