The Jump Live Blog – The Final

The Jump Live Blog – The Final

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:57 pm

We come to the end of The Jump. Joey Essex won by being a bit better than everyone else. Well done him.

This series is 110% better than last years and it is my guess it will be back.

Thanks for reading.

Now go and book a ski holiday, preferably to Meribel or La Tania. Khutai is ok but not as good.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:40 pm

Joey completes the final three.

They should all be going off the big jump so there still remains a slim chance of a live fatality.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:37 pm

Louise beats the slightly less annoying Louise or have I got that the wrong way round.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:35 pm

Davina, Is reading my blog and clarifying the proceedings.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:33 pm

Mike Is the first to Jump. Is there another round or is that his only chance, I don’t know, I haven’t been paying attention.

Mike Jumped 16.6 meters. To put that into some sort of perspective, to be in with a chance of a Gold Medal at a winter games he would need to jump a further 215 meters. I doubt that the combined distance of the whole The Jump’s jumps would match that.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:25 pm

Joey Essex remains in the competition and knocks out Chloe.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:24 pm

Sad times – Oympian Jon-Allen is eliminated by Richard & Judy’s daughter. He was a great and inspirational competitor with an excellent beard

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:21 pm

Where is Graham? Oh there he is hanging around on the edge of shot looking slightly uncomfortable in the presence of people much more famous than himself, like Chloe Madley and Louise T.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:18 pm

Louise Hazel seems to get more aggressive every time she competes. Someone should tell he it’s not the olympics. Either way she makes it into first and wins.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:10 pm

I think Joey may need a higher din setting on his skis. Needles to say Mr Mike “Dad Ski” Tindel won. Can he win the whole event? Proabably. Unless Stacey is mysteriously allowed back in.

I miss Steve O.

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:03 pm

Davina pretended to do the jump last year and she has pretended this year. Maybe she is hoping to get in the “hall of fame”

Jim Duncombe February 9, 20158:02 pm

Here we are 9 days later. It is the Jump Final.

In the final is Both Louises, Mike, JLS, Joey Jon-Allen, Chloe and Jon’s Beard.

Who will win the big bell.

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