The Jump Live Blog – Episode Six

You are about to read our live blog of The Jump. This is the final and the tension is high someone must win, the question is who, and the other question is who are they?


Jim Duncombe March 6, 20169:00 pm

I hope all the finalist are being given famous bell nick names.

Ben “big ben” Cohen gets – 18.25m
Tom “Maria Gloriosa” Parker – Less than above ( I was busy googling bell names)
Dean “Pummeri” Cain – 17.70m
Making Ben the winner, which is only fair as he was named after the most recognizable bell.
And that is is – See you next year.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20168:52 pm

Once the montages are over the finalist will be jumping to win the competition.

Dean to win! Go Dean.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20168:44 pm

Sid is out!

He looks really sad, which is because he could have actually won. But there you go we expect to see you as as a pundit when Ultimate Ski finally gets into the Olympics.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20168:40 pm

I can’t face writing about what is happening on my TV now!

Jim Duncombe March 6, 20168:30 pm

And now for something called Ultimate challenge, which is something they have made up. Which makes it the Darts of the ski world.

It turns out that it is actually the equivalent of sitting at the bar and watching people doing the last run down when the Folie closes.

Ben wins and you get the feeling that even Davina is just wanting this to be over.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20168:23 pm

Sorry no Idea what is going on as I have been using the hand live chat function on our website to chat to the boss.

Here is our conversation..

Hello, can I help you with anything?
Me: Who do you think will win? I hope it is Dean!
Really? Is that a superman childhood love? I quite like Ricky!
Me: Never thought of it like that. You are probably correct! I loved that program.
Dionne: I really like the program too!
But I don’t want he to win, I think it’s because he is American ………
Me: On that basis did you have a crush on Ricky?
Dionne: OMG no
I have met him in Brighton, only once!
Me: Good job as i think Bianca could take you in a fight.
Dionne: I have also met Bianca
I had a giggle and a boogie in a club with her!
Hugh Jackman is in Eddie the film?
PS Is Nevica trendy again?
Me: I always get confused with him and Mark Webber
I thing that GB is the only person that wears it.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20168:14 pm

For the first time this evening we are watching amateur ski jumping, something that you probably wouldn’t even go and look at if it was happening in your front garden.

Sid jumps 18.5 m and thinks he has more in the tank. Which is true as we know that instead of sunken galleon his fish swim around an underwater ski jump.
Tamara jumps 15 m which is PB but isn’t good enough.
Dean said earlier that he is the best jumper and proves it with 18.2m and ensures another 45 minutes of superman jokes.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20168:04 pm

Since the last race we have basically been watching some people holiday video that they have been lucky enough to have had professionally edited.

The snow cross race started with Dean tugging Ben, swiftly followed by some people desperately sliding down a slope. The Dean falls and looses. The commentary team are unaware of the rules of the race, I would call this unprofessional but let’s be honest who even knew it was actually a sport.
That mean Dean and Sid are in the Jump off.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20167:48 pm

Tom makes it through, Sid lost which means he will have to Jump and the rest have to race again.

Jim Duncombe March 6, 20167:40 pm

New Low ALERT: Graham Bell doing snow cross AKA snow bladding, in his trademark Ski Sunday style. The Hahnenkamm it is not.

The big twist is that they are all competing at the same time. In a first for The Jump we have an actual competition.
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20167:31 pm

If you are using this blog a reference point, and I truly hope you aren’t, here is a recap of who is in the competition tonight and hoping to take home a bell. Not 100% sure which bell they win.

Competing tonight is ( I think)
Dean Cain, Siddles, Token rugby man, Tamara and that other guy…Tom?
Jim Duncombe March 6, 20167:19 pm

I really hope they don’t cancel The Jump as I spent ages making this “Have you got what it takes to be a contestant on The Jump” test…

Jim Duncombe March 6, 20167:14 pm

So this is the final and what a final it will be. But we all know that we don’t care who will win what we are more concerned with is what are we going to do next Sunday?

Or next winter for that matter as rumors that Channel 4 might not bring The Jump back next year are every where.

Although this article on Mail website does nothing to clear it up…

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