The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 4

The Jump 2015 Live Blog Episode 4


Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:59 pm

A massive two jumps reassures us that we no longer have to awkwardly watch Victoria’s face contort when she doesn’t get her own way.

It is Friday night tomorrow and Ski Cross night. See you here. What else would you be doing?

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:54 pm

JLS beats of Mike T. This mean Mike T has to head up to the top of The Jump and save us all from another episode of this with Victoria in it.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:47 pm

I am reliably informed that the Beard beat Victoria, ( I refuse to call her Lady V, it is not proper). I didn’t see it as I was too busy feeling proud of my last comment. It was like an actual joke.

Anyway back to the competition. JLS V’s Mike T ( as I am now calling him, cred init)

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:39 pm

Mr O v’s the Daughter of Madley.

Steve O wins and heads off to claim his prize, a pair of Solomon twin tips.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:36 pm

Being in the crowed at The Jump is like being in the crowed at TOTP. Everyone wants to be in it, no one has ever met anyone who has.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:33 pm

Great Jump by the person in the Yellow. She could win this competition. If she did that would definitely raise her profile and make more likely to find out who she is and what she does.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:30 pm

Where is Heather?

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:26 pm

It’s time for three actual athletes to compete. Louise, Jon’s Beard and Jon-Allan.

The winner is Jon’s Beard, followed by Louise and Jon-Allan in last place.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:22 pm

I missed Lady V’s jump as I was attending to a cat stuck in a cupboard. My guess is that she pulled a face like she had been asked to talk to bus driver.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:14 pm

Joey is up against that person I still cannot remember the name, if she wins I will never forget her. I still remember Joe Mc…??

Joey wins.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:11 pm

Joey is drawn out of the Mayors ball bag.

It looks as though Joey doesn’t speak Austrian and the Bobsled driver doesn’t speak idiot.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:09 pm

The producers of The Jump must have been watching the FA cup draw.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:07 pm

A shock announcement.

The slowest celeb on the track is now facing the jump.

It is Lady V. (is she actually a V or even a Lady)

My guess is that this was done on purpose just to see her sulky over privileged posh face.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:03 pm

Davina has come dressed as an ESF instructor. Wrong country Davina. She is also tempting us with potential Celebrity fatalities.

Poor Mike he is on a “Journey” this week.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20158:00 pm

Tonight on The Jump… Bobsled, awful ski outfits, posh people and inexplicable comments about the attractiveness of Graham Bell.

Jim Duncombe February 5, 20157:57 pm

I was away last night. Maybe it was because I had a tip off that my favourite Stacey Salamon was going to leave the competition. Or maybe it was down to the fact that I had a prior engagement that no one would understand if I cancelled because of a TV show.

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