Maggie Does Mèribel – Review

Maggie Does Mèribel – Review

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I am a 34 year old male who loves sking and snowboarding and has spent a season or two in Mèribel as well as a few ski holidays there. So a book about a ski trip with Mèribel as a backdrop caught my attention. I am going to say that I don’t think I am this books target audience which I could have judged by the cover.

This being the first book I have ever read from the ‘chicklit’ genre I have nothing to compare it to. So I am choosing to review the book on how it reflects a ski holiday and how it represents our beloved Mèribel. Basically I read it for a quick alpine fix.

If you were hoping for a travelogue then you will be disappointed as the story feels like it could have been set in any ski resort. There was nothing that reminded me of my time in Mèribel as all the descriptions were very vague and non specific, which is a shame. But this quibble is more down to what I hoped would be in the book so it can not really be counted as a legitimate complaint.

The plot is as true to life as they come. As an ex-chalet host of many years I have seen and heard a lot. This story of affairs and love could easily have taken place during a weeks ski holiday and probably has. All the caractures in the book I have come across as guest at one time or another.

The pivotal moment in the book is where Maggie is abandoned at the top of the mountain after only a day of lessons, by her boyfriend who is more interested in hooning  down the piste. I have always said that a ski hoiiday can make or break a relationship and this is a prike example of why writtern down in black and white. This happens all the time.

What happens after this may not happen very often but if it was going to happen I would put money on it happening in a ski resort. I would say that I have never met a ski instructor as described in Maggie does Mèribel but that is why they call it fiction.

Over all Maggie does Meribel is a believable and nicely told story of a ski trip that doesn’t go to plan for Maggie and her boyfriend. If you are looking for a ski fix over the summer you may want to stick with the tried and tested trip to the dry slope.

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