The Jump Live Blog – Episode Five

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Jim Duncombe February 28, 20169:01 pm

And the bad news is that Brian leaves the show injury free.

See you all next week where someone will win by taking part in snow cross (snow bladding) and some thing call snow jump I think, which is presumably the same thing we all do when we go skiing, look for some rollers and cat tracks and get no airtime at all.
See you next week.
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:57 pm

Sid is through.

Oddly Brian couldn’t beat Dean Cain by competing in a different event. Which means that Tamara has to do something to beat Brain.
And she does.
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:49 pm

And now it is time to LIVE watch the celebritys watch their jump they did earlier LIVE.

Dean Jumps first.
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:43 pm

Hold up there is more ski cross and it was almost like an actual race and that is not what competition is all about. Graham agrees with me again, my coat is on.

Footnote: Graham Bell slips in some F1 facts during his commentary. Applying for a new job?
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:40 pm

“I want to be remembered for the person who makes it to the end” – Brain McFadden. BoyZone fans weep!

Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:38 pm

So that seems to bit it for the ski cross? I may be wrong. Which must mean we are in for 30 minutes of celebrity ski jumping.

Oh it actually means 30 minutes of recaps and people pretending they really want this and that it’s been really hard for them.
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:32 pm

If you had a choice of name to call yourself would you choose A. Sid, B. Ricky or C. Siddles?

Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:31 pm

I was just about to type that despite Ben’s lead that Sid was actually a better skier. Then Graham said it and I would have just looked like a copy cat.

In other new Brain was not injured (sad face)
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:27 pm

Brian, Sid and Ben are in this heat. Sarah harding has injured herself and is out of the competition. I have done many, many winter season and I have seen less injuries than this entire season.

Lets see who will injured/win this heat.
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:17 pm

I am not joining in any WuTang “banter”.

And as I ponder that Dean does something we have all been considering and has taken out Tamara.
Dean then rescues her and does nothing to stem the tide of Superman jokes.
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:13 pm

Heather Mills has injured herself and her hair and is out of the competition. Sad times and good news at least one person will miss her and that is Davina’s autocue writer.

Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:10 pm

Who is Tom Park apart from a man who hates slow and being critiqued by HMMc.

Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:07 pm

I was just about to write about what ski cross is. But then Graham Bell said it is like Gladiators and since then all I can think is how much better Gladiators was a TV show, why hasn’t Wolf been on The Jump and I’d like to see Heather Mills take on Russell Crow at anything.

Jim Duncombe February 28, 20168:03 pm

Things I have forgotten since I last watched The Jump.

1. That I wasn’t going to see the Eddie the Eagle film.
2. Who Joe is.
3. That Dean Cain is superman
4. The there has been enough episode to create a semi final
Jim Duncombe February 28, 20167:39 pm

I nearly attempted a Dean Cain is scared of Penguins joke, but that is Batman.

Jim Duncombe February 28, 20167:29 pm

Hello and welcome to the live blog of the 5th episode of The Jump.

I have to confess that I haven’t watched the last two. The first was missed due to nonagenarians birthday and the second was to a surprise arrival of new family member.
Having missed two episode I can only assume that everyone from the first two have been injured and not in the show. So that would mean that there is a brand new cast, and even if there isn’t I am struggling to remember who was in it. Therefore I am declaring this the first live blog of episode one of series 4 of Channel 4’s The Jump.

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