Twinning Meribel – The List

Twinning Meribel – The List 

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Everyone has now had a chance to suggest which location in the UK we should try and twin with the mighty Meribel. The response hasbeen excellent and the variety of locations has been surprising. Below is a list of the places suggested by you wonderful ski lovers.

Over the week we will now whittle it down to five locations and we will then have a public vote on which place we should attempt to get twinned with Meribel. This is your last chance to sway our panel to make sure your choice is short listed. So please post any pleas, messages of support or final reasoning in the comments below, on our Facebook page or you can tweet us.

Sheffield, suggested by Celine DayAnge.
Windermere in Cumbria, suggested by Ange Jeffery.
Wantage in Oxfordshire, suggested by the company Chaletmanager.
Meribah in South Australia, suggested by David Froom – (But as he must be stuck in the days of the empire we shall ignore his application).
Bath, suggested by Mark Summers.
Bournemouth, suggested by Russ Lowe.
Streatham, suggested by Alex Smith.
Croyde in North Devon, suggested by Us.
Shoreham-by-Sea, also suggested by US.
Broxburn in West Lothian, suggested by Neil Baxter.
The birth place of Peter Lindsay founder of Meribel, (know one knows where this is), suggested by Colin Mathews.
Cleethorpes, suggested by David Nathan.
Dalwhinney, suggested by Alan Mackenzie.
Raise Mountain a Lake District “ski resort”, suggested by Maya ArCtic.
Motherwell, suggested by Keith Geddes.
Glencoe, suggested by Lisa Lavin.
Ben Nevis, suggested by Stuart Jack Moran Taylor.
Cheddar in Somerset, suggested by Anthony Garrod.
Aberdeen, suggested by Gregor Pirie.
A selection of rude place names, suggested by David Cuthill.
Aviemore, suggested by Keith Stevenson.
Fort William, also suggested by Keith Stevenson.
Chelsea, suggested by Mick Coles.
Morpeth in Northumberland, suggested by John Quinn.

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