Meribel Twinned with the place of Peter Lindsays birth

Meribel Twinned with the place of Peter Lindsays birth

We would like to be honest – As of right now we have no idea of where he was born. We are going to research this! But while we do here are a few reasons why we should twin Meribel with wherever it is that he was born.

Peter Lindsay is from Great Britain, specifically he is a Scots man. It was in 1938 that he got the first lift installed in Les Allues but it wasn’t until… read more Meribel History here… News just in we now know where he was born.

Since starting this blog, we have done some research. A friend of a friend, who is the son of Peter has confirmed where he was actually born. And it turns out that he was not born in Scotland at all. Mr Lindsay, the founder of Meribel was actually from Sutton Courtenay in Oxfordshire!


That means one of our potential places to twin Meribel is just outside Oxford off the A339 on the banks of the Thames and it is called Sutton Courtenay.

According to the official Sutton Courtenay website there have been many famous and noble people from the village, George Orwell is buried in the church yard and the Time Team from Channel 4 have popped in for some digging.

The population of the town is 2400, many of whom are employed in the nearby Didcot power station. The most exciting thing to happen in the town took pace in 2008 when the local petrol station and tyre shop exploded, we are lead to believe that no one was injured.

A quick tour of the village on google street view reveals that there are no skiable mountains and no ski infrastructure. We don’t even think there is a ski hire shop. So this means that it may not be the perfect place for a twinning. But it is still the BIRTH PLACE OF PETER LINDSAY, FOUNDER OF MERIBEL!

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