What they are saying about La Tania on Tripadvisor.

What they are saying about La Tania on Tripadvisor.

We love La Tania and feel that it is our spiritual home. We know it isn’t the biggest and most lively resort in the world but it is a lot of fun to stay in. We get a bit upset when people try and say that it isn’t as good as it’s neighbours. So we decided to try and show how good La Tania is by going searching in the most negative place in the world, Tripadvisor. We thought that if we could find some good words about La Tania in here we could show how great La Tania really is.

The truth is, is that even we were surprised. Out of 72 reviews there was only one that really hated the resort and had this to say “Sadly the weather was pretty grim and I couldn’t tell at times if I was skiing on snow or sky!…” Lets find out what others thought.


Ski Area

This depends on which ski area you are considering. You have the option of lift passes for just La Tania, just Courchevel, (including La Tania), or the entire three valleys. If you are an unadventurous type and you don’t ski much then this review is for you “unless a very active skier there is not the need to upgrade to cover the other valleys”. Whereas if you are more adventurous you may prefer this review ,“You can even get to the 4th Valley if you’re a good skier”. However we can all be happy with the review, “Powder tree lined runs down to La Tania”, we can only assume they mean all day everyday!


The dinning in La Tania also gets plenty of happy eater reviews. One dinner was so pleased that they found some…“Friendly staff (not arrogant like in Courchevel)”. The same reviewer went on to say this about the whole resort, “Disliked…… nothing!”. Another happy La Tania tourist did have this advice that we recommend you heed. “On your Chalet Hosts’ night off – book your restaurant early to avoid disappointment – perhaps before your holiday. Places book up fast.” Despite there being very few paces to eat in La Tania one reviewer failed to catch the name of the place they ate in. “Can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it had maroon parasols and was owned by an english guy- best food and certainly good value compared to a lot of the mountain restaurants”


So tripadvisor what have you to say about the accommodation in the resort of La Tania in general? We are not here to discuss all the accommodation in La Taina but these two reviews sum up the general thinking. “Due to the layout of the resort most are ski in ski out” and “In the 3V’s but without the big Courchevel prices”.

Night life

For everyone who has been to La Tania, we all know that there is only one really good pace to go and that is Le Pub, (which may or may not be the venue a previously forgetful reviewer forgot). One reviewer describes the night life, “Good little bars with live music and good beer it’s a shame I had to go home”. The nightlife is also popular with an older generation, with one person leaving the comment, “great for us older (40’s!) who need their sleep!” and another that was pleased that there was “No rowdy 18-30 types here!”


And finally we searched out a few summaries of the resort to leave you with. One holidaymaker who likes a pastry left these words. “Beautiful little place with amazing bakery (get up in the morning and get yourself a Pain aux Raisin for the day ahead – best we’ve ever had!”. There was more agreement to be found, thisbexample sums up many peoples thoughts, “the town is very pretty”. Another person simply writes ,“Great cheese shop”. And if you were still looking for another reason to go to La Tania then this last comment will have you booking a holiday to La Tania right now… “The French we met were very charming and hospitable”.


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