Ski Sunday – Live Blog – Episode 4 – Season 36

Ski Sunday – Live Blog – Episode 4 – Season 36

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20146:02 pm

We will be back to Live Blog some of the Olympics. So untill then… what Graham said…

He is wearing a hat!! Graham is wearing a hat!!

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20146:00 pm

This is the last Ski Sunday of the year. BOO.

Good news though the winter olympics starts next
Friday. With 200 hours of coverage across the BBC.

Fortunately that doesn’t mean 200 hours of Graham and Ed.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:56 pm

Next up a feature on the GB sliding down ice team.

Unfortunately I have no idea what anyone is saying as I am in my kitchen and someone has put the washing machine on.

They all look happy. I guess they are saying things such as “I can’t wait to throw myself down a icy shoot”.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:53 pm

I wonder what Ed was drinking during this Interview? Looks like Cloudy Lemonade. Thoughts?

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:51 pm

Now a feature with a female snowboarder, who c an do tricks that “even men find difficult”. This is progress!

She talks about concussion, this is all very serious. However it is great to see this on TV.

Torah claims she isn’t competitive. Along with Ed I don’t believe this, how can you even entertain racing or competing without being competitive?

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:45 pm

Now the ski news.

Brits go to Sochi.

Here ends the news.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:44 pm

This is the bit of the show where Ed asks Graham questions and doesn’t care enough to listen to the answers.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:43 pm


Alright, another non crash. But a DNF anyway.

This means that Kristoffersen wins. A man I have never heard of. This is a bit like watching The Jump.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:41 pm


Some how sneaks into the lead. Which has clearly upset the German crowd. Which serves them right for giving the Norwegen the silent treatment

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:38 pm

Hirscher –

Matt says he is fast and could win. at the second split he is faster.

And he goes into the lead by 0.01 of a second. His coach didn’t set the course.

Grahams hair and voice reaching new heights due to the excitement.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:36 pm

Missed the last run giving cooking instructions to my wife.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:36 pm


Ooohhh over the pole and between the legs. he remains upright. Ok so not really a crash.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:35 pm

Next is Dopfer, comes down next. His coach also is the same course setter.

They should let Ed set them all… for snowboarders.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:33 pm

Second Round!

Neureutrher’s coach set the course. Is that fair?

Unsurprisingly he takes the lead and shaves off 1.5 seconds of the fastest time!

Graham’s hair is sticking up, he must be excited.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:31 pm


Well nearly. Slight over turn and a side slip into a pole. We have all done this when pretend slaloming between the piste markers.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:29 pm

Essentially this event is two runs and the tension doesn’t mount untill the second round.

With the lack of any real understanding of what is going on and no crashes to report on, this is a good time to reflect on what a bumper night it is on TV for Snow Sports fans.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:25 pm

So I have been paying no attention for the last five minutes. But what I do know is that Matt Chilton is commentating which means some professionalism.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:22 pm

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:19 pm

Why doesn’t Graham ever wear a hat? My hair recedes that far and I get a cold head all the time. He must be as hard as nails.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:18 pm

The question Graham is posing is can Ted win? He has won big in the past, and wants to win big again.

Ted is wearing a cap. Does anyone wear a cap any more other than Americans and people with sponsors.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:15 pm

Ooo a Halloween special!

Oh no its is the Schladming night Slalom.

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20145:14 pm

Der der der der … blah blah…powder.. skis…turns… improbable jump…. Ski Sunday is on!

Jim Duncombe February 2, 20148:44 am

Hello, We will be here at 5.15pm to watch and chat about the institution that is Ski Sunday. Which is currently the second most popular ski show on TV. That is untill Channel 4’s The Jump ends tomorrow, which gives it a week back at number one before the Winter Olympics starts.

Todays show, once again, doesn’t come from the resort of Meribel, instead it is in Schladming, Austria. This episodes promises racing, a tinny bit of snowboarding and an upbeat assessment of our medal hopes at the forthcoming games.

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