The Jump – Live Blog – Final Episode – Season One

The Jump – Live Blog –  Final Episode – Season One

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Jim Duncombe February 3, 201410:01 pm

There you go. After some…. what ever the opposite of tension is…. Joe wins “The First” Series of The Jump.

Thanks for reading. See you during the Winter Olympics for some more live blogging.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:57 pm

Go Donal and your pink camouflage . In which undercover situation would that be useful I wonder?

Davina can’t get Donal helmet off. Ahem!

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:56 pm

Joe is about to jump of the biggest jump.

Didn’t look very far.

It was 17.5m.

Donal could still win.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:51 pm

Back for the final stint. The obligatory Eddie the Eagle jump.

Quick aside. I once saw Eddie the Eagle jump of a cherry picker crane on to an airbag at the Scottish Ski Show. to confirm, he wasn’t wearing skis. That was a wild day,

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:47 pm

I get the feeling that this show is more fun to be in than watch. Very much like Oceans 11 and Oceans 12 and Oceans 13… etc.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:46 pm

I don’t want to over complicate this simple TV show but…

Donal can jump further than 15m from the middle one, so he could win if Joe doesn’t land his jump. But I am sure you had worked this out already.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:44 pm

Joe is jumping next. He jumps like a lego man. If it is less than 12m I will buy his next album.

Phew 15m. I am happy about that.

Joe is going of the big one next.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:40 pm

I have decided I want Donal to win. Which he won’t do if he continues to jump like a begging poodle.

He bags a 12m jump. Only Amy could not beat that.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:34 pm

What a rip off, this is the final and they are going off the middle jump.

Saying that if I had just bellyfopped like Donal just did in rehearsal I might not even jump at all.

But as I pointed out when this show seemed fresh and exciting, I would never go ski jumping anyway.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:30 pm

How wrong can I be.

Joe takes a tumble.

Lovely Donal stops, as you should, but then goes on to win.

Donal then points out that Joe could have snow ploughed down and still beat him.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:28 pm

Spoiler Alert!!! Joe wins the Ski-X.

I am guessing.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:25 pm

So as we knew already Joe and Donal are in the winners of the Ski-X.

We still don’t know how the winner of the show is decided.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:24 pm

“Dear Sir Steve,

That is how you stack.



Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:21 pm

Does Davina fancy Graham?

Graham goes down the course just like he does in Ski Sunday. Is there no end to this mans skills?

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:16 pm

First advert break already and nothing has even happened.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:14 pm

Contestant News!

Sir Steve Redgrave (SSR) is out of the contests, with the worst stack ever filmed. He may be crying now but I am sure he will look back at that broken rib moment and agree with me.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:10 pm

Speaking of Bells here is “performance director” and the UK’s only famous skier, Graham Bell. And yet again he has managed to make something thrilling sound as exciting as grouting your bathroom.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:08 pm

Hands up if you thought that Davina was pretending to do the jump then. I did! Did she do it? That wink confused me.

I like the way Davina is convinced that people actually want to win that great big bell.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:05 pm

Here we go.

Have the credits always been this long?

Huge congratulations to all the celebrities pretending they want to win.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:02 pm

Deciding who I want to win The Jump is like deciding which mildly irritating skin disease I would prefer.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20149:01 pm

For the second time tonight I am ready for The Jump to start. Must be a short show tonight as they are letting Jimmy run late.

Jimmy is pretty irritating. Never have I wanted to see Joe Mcelderry and Donal MacIntyre so badly.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20147:59 pm

What it doesn’t start untill 9! Thats a whole hour in which the only contestants left could injure themselves.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20147:58 pm

It is down to two. Unfortunately it is the two I know least about.

Joe Mcelderry – Fame Academy reject.
Donal MacIntyre – Still able to be an undercover reporter.

I wan’t Amy to win. Bring them all back.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20147:31 pm

What will happen tonight is anyones guess? The best person will not win just the most durable. That is if there is even a show. Will the last few contestants slip on the ice as they step out of a bar and break their rist?

What we do know is that this is the last series of this unless they bring it back for the next winter olympics. By then the contestants will have forgotten about the injuries of the previous lot.

See you at 8 for an hour of stuff. Mainly recaps and pointless montages.

Jim Duncombe February 3, 20147:22 pm

Just been thinking to myself how optimistic it has been form me to put “season one” in the title of my blog.

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