Alpine Action Winter Olympics Live Feed

The Alpine Action Winter Olympics Live Feed

Jim Duncombe February 11, 20143:25 pm

Still to come today – The first ever women’s ski jumping.

Jim Duncombe February 11, 20143:22 pm

Sad times for Tom Harrington, 29, and Ben Kilner, 25, who both failed to convert their skills into a Halfpipe final.

The course has been blamed because it was too slushy. But I think finding excuses for Team GB is pointless. If you are good then you should be able to adapt.

Unsurprisingly Shaun White went through to the final.

Jim Duncombe February 11, 201410:39 am

A friend of mine sent this snap, of him working away for Norwegian TV covering the Biathlon.

Jim Duncombe February 11, 201410:36 am

Thanks to Dave for this Olympic related memory.

Jim Duncombe February 11, 201410:33 am

As I am sat indoors watching the Snowboarding and checking my Facebook feeds. I am reminded by the guys in our chalet Cote Coeur that I could be out there riding myself. Fortunately I am in awe of halfpipe riders and fear the pipe itself, which quells my desire, a little bit.

Jim Duncombe February 11, 201410:27 am

Day 4

This is the official start to our Winter Olympics Live Feed.

So far this morning we have been watching the amazing Katie Summerhaze. She managed a 7th place in very difficult conditions. If it wasn’t for the increasingly choppy landings I think she could have been in the Medals.

But she is young and has probably got as many Olympic games as Graham Bell (5).

I think we will settle down to watch the Half Pipe and listen to my mate complain on Facebook about how rubbish Ed Leigh is at calling tricks. He might be bit I will never know. I learnt all my knowledge about board tricks from playing Tony Hawks on the Playstation.

Jim Duncombe February 11, 201410:16 am

Jenny Jones’s Bronze was an emotional moment. I watched it with four others and there wasn’t a dry eye.

But you have to admire the commentary teams desire to get behind the british athletes. I think at the time I thought it was very unprofessional. Especially the bit when they audibly cheered the crash by another competitor, that would ultimately aid Jones to her victory. BUt it would be tough for me to pass judgment as we all did the same.

I wasn’t alone in noticing this as 303 people complained to the Beeb about it too..

Jim Duncombe February 11, 201410:06 am

Jim Duncombe February 11, 201410:04 am

Hello and welcome to our Alpine Action live blog for the Sochi Winter Olympis 2014. We have to admit we are a bit late to the party.

But that was an oversight on our part when booking a mini break. So it is that we join you on day 4 or 5 if you count the opening ceremony.

But fear not we have been watching as much as we can. As a mini self confessed Russophile I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony and the “History” of Russia.

I cried when Jenny Jones won her Bronze and have become an expert at curling tactics. I am even enjoying Graham Bells commentary.

The best thing is the amount of time womens skiing and snowboarding has been getting on the TV. It turns out that Mens Downhill isn’t the most exciting winter sport.

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