Alpine Action Winter Olympic Experiences – Day 6

Alpine Action Winter Olympic Experiences – Day 6

How did I watch Woodsy place 5th in the Men’s Ski Slopestyle? Interesting that you should ask. Some days you can’t be chained to your desk or your TV.  Today was a day that I had to be out doing something. I resigned myself to the fact that I had to enjoy the spectacle via the written word and occasional news update on the radio.

I was happy to discover that James “Woodsy” Woods had qualified to the finals. But like everyone, including himself, I had doubts on how well he would do in the final. This is considering that he has injury’s that would make me reconsider leaving the chalet for gentle green and a hot chocolate.

These doubts didn’t deter me from wanting to cheer him on as there was a big chance he could do it, against all the odds. The final started at 9.30am. I was ready to start checking my phone and live feed constantly for an hour from that point on. It was at this point I heard that noise that spells disaster, the noise that signals a panic in every person, the noise that suggest you should be more prepared. Blib Blib. Low battery.

I assumed that I was destined to watch the competition through multiple TVs in the window of a Curry’s in the worst English winter in living memory. Then I remembered my mate who worked on a market stall selling shabby chic, just around the corner.

It was in a small town market that I found myself, watching Woodsy compete, on a iPhone surrounded by a bunch of baffled farmers. We ooohhhed and ahhhhed to the point that people must have assumed we were watching fireworks displays on you tube.

Anyway, 5th is pretty good and like Ms Summerhaze he has plenty more opportunities to come back and take gold. Providing they don’t take away his funding.

Well that was my daily Winter Olympic experience.

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