Abandoned Ski Resorts

Abandoned Ski Resorts

Many things in life get abandoned, such as ski gloves on piste markers, Chat magazine in your chalet accommodation or that 4th apres Jager bomb that you never wanted in the first place. One thing that we never thought might get abandoned is a ski resort. Maybe because we only visit working ski resorts, the main reason for this is because we go to a ski resort for the ski lifts. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t derelict ski resorts out there. These resorts have closed due to climate change, finance or technological advancement. Here are few ski resorts that have been abandoned.


These days the buzz word for Olympic games is “Legacy”. This probably wasn’t on the minds of the 1984 Winter Olympic hosts. Nore was it on the mind of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean who won gold in the figure skating. Today the olympic infrastructure exists as a collection of derelict sites, overgrown and graffitied.

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Not quite a ski resort, this is the Azuma ski lodge near Fukushima in Japan. The lodge has been abandoned long before the nuclear incident in 2010.

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Climate change was the factor that contributed to the closure of the Chacaltaya Ski Resort. At one point in its history it was the highest ski resort in the world. Sadly the retreat of the glacier overtime forced the resort to be abandoned.

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France has some of the best ski resorts in the world, with a thriving industry at work so it comes as a mild shock to find an abandoned resort a bit closer to home. This is the abandoned ski project of Saint-Honoré 1500, which due to financial problems the developers were forced to put down tools and abandon the build in 1993. It could have been the next Meribel Mottaret.



The Rainbow Basin ski resort was open for 11 years, when in 1991, due to money problems it had to close. Owner Jack Pickett blamed the weather saying about the lack of snowfall that “It wouldn’t cooperate”.  People still visit it today for Scooby Doo type thrills.


Fortunately the resort of Meribel in the 3 Valleys is still going strong, full or great chalets like ours. To book a ski hoiliday to a non-abandond ski resort go to www.alpineaction.co.uk

Article byJim Duncombe


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