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Woodland Walks: Teppes Trail – La Tania

The beautiful thing about the 3 Valleys is there’s something for everyone. If you aren’t a skier/boarder or your body won’t allow the aches and pains that come with the sport, there is still so much to do. If  you love the mountains; scenery, crisp air, breath taking views and fabulous lunch spots, you can still experience this at a slower pace. There are some stunning walks around Meribel and La Tania to keep you more than entertained.

One of our hosts Adrian from Chalet Cote Coeur has been out of action due to injury. He and his partner Gemma decided to adventure around the local landscape and see what La Tania walking trails have to offer. We interviewed them to find out more, here is their account of the Teppes Trail a beautiful, snowy, woodland walk:

Teppes Trail, La Tania with Adrian and Gemma from Chalet Cote Coeur

Walking Trails: La Tania – CLICK PICTURE FOR FULL MAP

Starting out at the bottom of the Grand Bois lift, cross the bridge to the centre of the resort. Take a left towards the shops and walk up the steps between the Saucisse Savoyarde deli and and the Ski Lodge. Turn left at the top and follow the road for about 20 meters, then take a right up the steps leading to the Saboia residence. The top of these steps is the beginning of the Teppes trail. Follow the footpath through the woodland and enjoy your adventure!






Adrian and Gemma…What was your favourite part about the Teppes trail?
        When the trail went through the woods off the main track up to the picnic spot.

Those views!

Would you say this is an easy walk? If not what ability do you think suits this kind of walk?
       Yes I would say it was easy, Adrian managed to do it with a broken collarbone.

What attire would you recommend for the trail? For example: snow shoes, normal shoes, poles etc…                   We went in our snow boots, wore thermals, ski jackets and took ski poles. 

Are there any lunch/refreshment stops on the way?
       There is a picnic spot at the top of the trail with benches and a lovely view.

How long did the walk take you?
      It took us an hour to do the walk


Did you see any wildlife or interesting plants during your walk?
           We didn’t see any animals but we did see lots of animal tracks and there was an information board at the picnic spot telling you about the wildlife and plants. 

Would you say that La Tania is an easy access resort for non-skiers?
           Yes I would there are many walks that you can do in the woods and up the mountains so there is a lot of variety and there are many snow shoe walks in Le Praz that we want to do as well. 








For more information on walking routes and alternative activities, check out our “Non-Skiers” pages on the Alpine Action website…
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What is your favourite way to get up the mountain?

Take our poll to find out which is the worlds favourite way to get up the mountains. Will it be the button lift or will it be the good old fashioned cable car? Vote now!

Is Manchester the home of British skiing? (Probably not)

Is Manchester the home of British skiing? (Probably not)

Sometimes a blog can sound a bit corporate, after all, it is a mouthpiece of many companies. Some companies would use a blog to slyly promote their latest offer, like a ski holiday on the 6th of April to Meribel for only £499 per person. Not us. What we want to use our blog for is to talk about the five most amazing things that Manchester shares with our first love, skiing. You are probably thinking that we are going to bang on about the Chill Factore or about Alpine Actions Manchester to Grenoble flights that are still available for the 6th of April, well we are not. We have done a lot more research than that.

Max Beesley max

Remember Max Beesley, he was in Hotel Babalon and got his manhood out in period drama ‘Tom Jones’. He is also the man to go to if you are looking for a job. Max also comes from Manchester and is a keen skier. He loves the snow so much he launched a range of ski clothing. Like many of us Max had a few après ski drinks and thought “I could design a logo that would go on a hoodie and sell it”. Unlike many of us Max went and did it. You can now buy another hoodie with a snow related logo on it, although this time designed by Mr Beesley, from This is not a plug.

Judy Finnigan 

A popular lady, who did much for the concept of working with your husband if only to keep an eye on him. But we wonder how she keeps an eye on her husband, Richard Madley when he goes skiing. It is reported that Judy is not a big fan of the winter sport. She may go along for the free wifi, a snuggle near the fire and a glass of chalet wine. If she was clever she could book the whole family into the Chalet Rosalie for just £499 on the 6th of April.  But as they live in Devon now it may be too late for them to take advantage of our Manchester flights.


When you think of Oasis you either think, refreshing drink that is ideal for hangovers, something to do with the desert or Brit pop band Oasis. On this occasion we are talking the later. It is rumoured that Liam and Noel, who are from Manchester, once played a gig in a ski resort. It wasn’t the Meribel Little World festival, they were asked, but refused to support ‘The Feeling’. It was in fact the Jisan Valley Rock Festival in the mountains of South Korea. We have no idea if any of them went skiing or like skiing. What we do know is that they played their famous song ‘I am the Walrus.’

Mick Hucknell

Mick Hucknell is in some people’s eyes the person Manchester wants to forget the most. Over time his fame has waned. Recently he has seen a small resurgence in popularity, mainly down to his new role as Manchester’s only fat Shaun White look-a-like. Mick can often be found at the Chill Factore signing copies of Shaun White’s video game. In other Mick Hucknell ski relate news… Mick has not been killed in a Jet Ski accident, don’t know what I am talking about? Google it!

Some Girl from Corrie

If you watch Coronation Street then you will probably know who Michelle Keegan is. For fans of the Michelle you are probably thinking there is no way you can link her to skiing. Well we can. Promo hungry, ski loving, beanie hat makers Zaini have photographic evidence of her wearing one of their hats. Sadly this was not on the slopes but on a visit to Radio 1, but if she ever does go skiing we bet she will wear that hat.

And that concludes our look at how Manchester and skiing are linked forever. If at any point you felt that the message, about our holiday to the Chalet Rosalie in Meribel, leaving on the 6th of April from Manchester for only £499, was a bit to obvious then please get in touch.

Spring Skiing Q&A

The Spring Skiing Q & A

Is the skiing a bit rubbish in the spring months?

Last Year it was fresh powder and blue sky for two weeks. It almost got to the point that we all wanted the perfect conditions to stop so we could have a rest from skiing and crack out the factor 50. If that doesn’t happen this year the resorts still work hard to keep snow on the slopes. It can be a bit wet, under ski, but if you get up early the runs are perfect and often empty.

3 offpiste

My friend says that skiing in the spring is like skiing on a slush puppy, what flavour can I have?

It has always been recommended that you should never eat yellow snow, maybe you should try it in the spring when it is a bit slushy. Take a straw, it may taste of lemons.

Doesn’t everything in resort shut for in the spring?

Nope. Well it does when the lifts close for the summer, but that won’t be until the beginning of May. Although, the closing of resort can be a blessing in disguise, especially if you like to party. Many of the local watering holes throw epic ‘Drink the Bar Dry’ or ‘End of Season’ partys. Keep an eye out for closing parties at the ‘Ski Lodge‘ in La Tania and ‘Jacks‘ in Meribel, as they are always worth attending. Also the ‘Folie Douce’, Meribel, is already trying to convince people to head back to resort for its own end of season bash. If we base this on the piste side Après they have been throwing this winter then it could be worth putting something in your calendar.

Is it hot enough to ski naked?

It can be, and feel free to try it, and we doubt the French would mind. That said,here are 3 reasons not to:
1, The air may be warm air but the snow is cold, ice burns can hurt
2, The Three Valleys still have some button lifts, need we say more!
3, Due to the altitude and the thin air the sun is stronger than your normal sea level nudist beach, you may prefer to only have one set of burnt cheeks.


Are there special skis for spring skiing?

If it is fresh powder everyday, then you may want to pack your wideboys. However, there are no specific skis for the spring conditions. You will find that your normal gear will work just fine. The snowboarders among you will be pleased to find out that spring conditions are lots of fun on your board as you can carve some fun turns on the piste. For the fan of the Snow Blade you may find that the spring conditions are not ideal for you, length is best for gliding along the spring snow.

Can I go swimming in the Lake?

You can but it is not that hot just yet. You can take part in some water based challenges. Find yourself a large puddle or small pond that is near a slope. The challenge is to get a good run up and see if you can make it across without getting wet. Check out the video clip below for some inspiration.

Can the Easter Bunny find me out in the mountains?

Easter is pretty early this year so it is a worry that the snow won’t have thawed at that time of year. The good news is that the Easter Bunny has a network of heated tunnels that run across the alps, so it will take a lot of snow to stop your chocolate oeufs being delivered. The other bonus is that the late spring skiing won’t coincide with school holidays.

Can I get cheaper stuff, like ski hire, if I go late in the season?

You may not get cheaper hire but you will find that there are some great prices for this years spring dates, have a look at our availability to see how much you could be skiing for. It could even be your second ski holiday of the year.

Can you could sum up why spring skiing is such a good idea in one sentence?

It feels OK to après a little earlier.

If you have any more spring skiing questions or answers please pop them in the comments below.

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