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3 Valleys Snow Report 8th March 2015

3 Valleys Snow Report 8th March 2015 IMG_1016 The weather in Meribel has been a mixed bag this week. We started off with snow all the way down to resort which then turned to rain but snow still fell at mid station and above. Tuesday brought us a bluebird day which was followed with more snow on Wednesday, the rest of the week was blue skies and great skiing! The pistes are still in great condition especially in the Courchevel valley. This week we are expecting sunshine all week which should make for good piste skiing. It is starting to warm up a bit here in the 3 Valleys so we expect the best skiing to be in the morning and in to lunch time. The lower slopes might be starting to turn to spring snow in the afternoons so could get a little heavy on the legs on the way back to resort level, La Tania we are looking at you. We still expect for it to be another great week of skiing in the 3 Valleys, just don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sun tan cream. There are literally only a couple of spaces left in our chalets for the week starting 14/3/2015 so don’t miss out and book today! IMG_1011

3 Valleys Snow Report – 21st Feb 2015

skin pose alpineaction3 Valleys Snow Report – 21st Feb 2015

Hello and welcome to a weather/snow update from the 3 valleys. It has been another stunning sunny week out here in Meribel, we were predicting a decent amount of snow to arrive last Saturday but it turned out only to be a couple of centimetres which was a bit disappointing.

Considering it has been half term, the busiest week of the ski season, the snow on the pistes have held up well. It’s been good skiing in the mornings but by the afternoon the runs are becoming quite icy. Looking forward into next week the snow and colder temperatures are set to return with a significant amount of snow due to fall on Saturday night and then again on Monday in to Tuesday!

This year the forecasts haven’t really been too accurate but the snow on Saturday looks more and more like it’s going to happen. The slopes are in need of some fresh snow as it has been 2 weeks since we have had a proper snow fall. If it does dump as predicted the new snow the conditions will transform from good skiing to great skiing with help from the fantastic pistes we have out here in the 3 valleys.

We are looking forward to the next week with our fingers crossed for snow so that we can enjoy some quieter slopes after the hustle and bustle of half term week. We only have a few spaces left in our chalets at Alpine Action towards the end of the season so book up soon to avoid disappointment, We hope you enjoy your skiing!

What’s on in Meribel and La Tania – January 2015

What’s on in Meribel and La Tania – January 2015

There are always great things going on in the resorts of La Tania and Meribel. You will find that there are great bands and promo nights on all the time. Your chalet host and our resort reps will be able to tell you what is going on every day. However there are some great events on in January you may not want to miss. Here is a list of events in January that are worth looking at.

5th to 8th January – Inuit Adventures 

The Meribel Altiport area has gone all Arctic this season! It is holding a variety of free events that will make you feel as if you are a real Inuit. The main attraction is ice fishing. For more information click here!

6th January – Russian Christmas

A large number of Russians are now holiday in the Three Valleys, we even have quite a few come and stay in our Alpine Action Chalets. This is great news for Christmas lovers as the Russians don’t get round to celebrating it until the 6th of January and it is well and truly embraced in Meribel!

17th January  – Moguls Competition

Want to feel inferior about your technique and ability to tackle small bumps on the piste? Then head up to Motteret and watch the French Freestyle Mogul Cup. It is even more impressive than watching it on the telly. Find out more.

18th January – Colour me Rad

We spotted this event thanks to Merinet. It is a charity fun run where you get a variety of colours thrown at you as you run. Start out in a white running kit and finish in either a vibrant rainbow of color or a sort of brown purple. It is only 5km up the mountain and there is a party at the end! Go on have a go! 

20th Jan Meribel v’s Courchevel Hockey

During the season there are quite a few Hockey matches but this is a big one, Courchevel against Meribel. This is quite a grudge match, I remember watching these two battle it out at the Courchevel rink a few years back and it was brutally exciting. I didn’t really understand what was going on but but it was exciting none the less. This event is held in at the Meribel Olympic Ice Rink and is only €5 per adult.

Jan 26th – Australia Day

It seems that it isn’t only the Russians that have brought their traditions to the Alps, the Australians have too. Expect drunken people called Tad and Jason to running around bars drinking Fosters dancing to Men At Work covers and wearing beanie hats with chalet wine corks hanging from them.

5 Great uses for old chairlifts

5 Great uses for old chairlifts 

All ski lifts reach the end of their life at some point, some end up at the scrap yard, some get sent to one of the many ski lift graveyards pictured below.


Other lifts are given a new lease of life like these ones…

What would you do with an old ski lift?

Article by Jim Duncombe

Three Valley Snow Report – Week Ending 29/3/14

Three Valley Snow Report – Week Ending 29/3/14 

They say all good things must come to an end and so it proved at the start of this week in Meribel. After two weeks of gloriously warm temperatures and stunning sunshine, last Saturday saw the skies cloud over and the temperature plummet back to lows of around minus 10.

fresh powder, off piste in meribel
But to follow one cliché with another, every cloud has a silver lining. In this case the clouds were not just lined, but were in fact packed full of lovely fresh snow.

In total, the first days of this week just gone saw 10-12 cm of snow fall in resort, with much more than that at the top of the lifts, giving a great boost to the on-piste conditions, while also exciting the powder junkies is resort with the prospect of some great off-piste skiing in the three valleys.

The overhead conditions did clear up through the middle of the week, but temperatures stayed nice and cold helping to keep all that fresh snow in great shape. The week ended on a high with the best day of the week on Friday, when there was barely a cloud in the sky and temperatures eased just a little.

Looking ahead, conditions for the coming week on the Three Valleys  look set fair. Clouds should stay away and temperatures are expected to stay very mild, without quite climbing to the unseasonable highs we saw in previous weeks. The long range forecast suggests that there is a chance of more light snow on Thursday or Friday.

5 things to lookout for during spring in the Alps

5 things to lookout for during spring in the Alps

1. Marmots

Every time you enter a souvenir shop in the Alps you will get whistled at. Sadly this is never the owner showing appreciation for your slightly faded, shell suit esque ski jacket. The whistling is coming from a toy marmot.  If you are the sort of person who doesn’t believe it is possible to get good snow during April and will only ski during January when the temperature can get as low as -20, you will have never had the chance to see a marmot. These animals hibernate so we miss them for much of the ski season, but they come out just at the end.


2. Sunburn

As a responsible ski tour operator we suggest that you lookout for sunburn, make sure you put suncream on  to stop you burning and keep your skin covered up. The suns rays are much stronger at altitude so the risk of burning is higher. And, if you follow our suggestion then you can smugly look out for other idiots that have  terrible sunburn and look stupid.

sunburn, google marks

3. Cheap stuff

 Need a new pair of skis? Want a new ski jacket? Have your snowboard trousers lost their waterproof? Why not combine a ski trip with a shopping trip?  Once the season starts to draw to an end then the shops start trying to get rid of what they havent sold. This means SALES. The discounting isn’t just on clothes and equipment. Some bars start to get rid of their excess booze too, you may even find yourself attending a “drink the bar dry” party.

meribel ski shop

4. Puddles

I know we have said that the snow is great at the end of the season. However  true it is that there can be great dumps of snow in April,  sometimes it can be a bit hot and cause a puddle or two… but puddles and skiing can be fun…

5. amazing dumps of snow

We can’t guarantee the weather but in our experience there are always a  good few dumps during the last few weeks of the season. This is often followed by a bluebird day. The sad thing is that many people choose to miss this time of year and then miss out on these amazing warm powder days. Or maybe it is a good thing as it means that only me and anyone who bothered to read to the end of this article will be out there.


We have a few beds left for  you to come spring skiing.


Three Valleys Snow Report – Weekending 22nd March

Three Valleys Snow Report – Weekending 22nd March

In my snow report last week I talked about how lucky our departing guests were to have had a full week of superb weather, with warm sunny days and clear skies. To have one full week like that is rare. To have two full weeks like that is a unique treat. But that is what we have had.

Off piste snowboarding meribel.

This week’s guests have certainly enjoyed it. Many have improved their tans as much as their skiing and several have said that they have never known such good conditions in all their years of coming on chalet holidays in the Three valleys . The mountain restaurants have been doing a roaring trade, with visitors enjoying fabulous views from the deckchairs , while the daily parties on the terrace at the Folie Douce have to be experienced to be believed.

As they saying goes however, you can have too much of a good thing, and truth be told that the sun was starting to take its toll on the snow, particularly at lower altitudes. As if on cue though, more is on the way this weekend…

Forecasters are predicting 12cm of snow in resort between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, a figure that can reliably be doubled for the higher altitudes at the top of the lifts. The temperature is expected to drop sharply as well, with lows  down to minus 9 overnight, helping to keep the fresh snow in top condition.

The weather through the rest of the week will generally be overcast, with a little more snow expected late on Tuesday. Thursday looks likely to be the best day of the week with clearer skies expected that afternoon.

With changeable conditions expected, it is at this point in the season when the 3 valley lift pass most clearly shows its worth. As the largest ski area in the world, with an incredibly well-planned and efficient lift system, it is easy to move around to get above or below any cloud cover and find the best snow conditions. While this week’s guests may not enjoy the same number of bluebird days as today’s departing visitors, the fresh powder will ensure that everyone is set to enjoy another great week’s skiing in the 3 valleys.

International Goggle Mark Week

International Goggle Mark Week

Can you belive our luck. We have decided to get International Goggle Mark Week up and running on what is going to be a very sunny week, in both the Three Valleys and the UK. It is probably sunny in other countries too.

What is International Goggle Mark Week?

The goggle mark or tan line is a badge of honor among many people who enjoy skiing and snowboarding it says “yes I have been in the mountains”. We have all had them at some point.  Intentionally or otherwise. International Goggle Mark Week aims to celebrate this iconic image of “a good time skiing in the sun”.


How to take part in International Goggle Mark Week

It is pretty simple. If you are in the mountains this week then work on your lines, tan ones that is. It is going to be sunny enough so it is almost unavoidable, unless you are in the anti goggle mark group and will take your goggles of at any opportunity to make sure your forehead matches your cheeks. You could work on your marks in your back garden, beach or local park. Or you could just dig out an old photo of you with a two tone face.

Then all you have to do is share a photo   of you working on your goggle marks or the end result, on your social network of choice. Use the hashtag #gogglemarkweek to help bring attention to the stamp of the mountains

Be Safe

Remember when attempting to get a decent goggle mark going that you should be protecting your self from the sun with a high factor sun cream. Remember to slip, slap, slop. Slip on your goggles, Slap on your skis or board, Slop on your suncream.

Whats on in Meribel and La Tania in February

Whats on in Meribel and La Tania in February 

Oddly nothing worth mentioning is happening in Meribel or La Tania for the first few week of the month. I guess they are just clearing the schedule for a fortnight of non-stop blue skies and fresh snow.

Ibiza Rocks the Snow – 8th February 2014 – Meribel

The second week of boom, boom, boom music carries on in Meribel. If you are under thirty then what we meant was, top international Djs will be spinning the latest beats from the party Island in most of Meribel top nightspots. Go to for a full line-up.

Valentine’s Day – 14th February – The World

If you want to take your partner on the ultimate love ski then make sure you reserve a romantic gondola ride in the evening. From 6.30 pm you and your loved one could be eating a basket of “gourmet” stuff or maybe considering joining the Pylon High club. For more details and to reserve a spot contact the Meribel tourist office.

HALF TERM – 15th Feb to 23rd Feb – UK

Half term, for many, is the only time many will get a ski holiday in. Combine that with the fact that it is also half term for much of Europe and you can imagine that the slopes will be busy. This need not be the case. If ski at times when others will be having a rest and ask your resort staff to recommend the quieter slopes, then you can avoid the masses and get a lot of skiing done.

Ski Touring Night Racing – 17th Feb, 6pm – Meribel Mottaret

Get a feeling of what it might be like in Sochi and watch this Ski Touring event. There will be individual runs and a relay race. Wrap up warm and pack a flask of Vin Chaud.

Jazz Festival – 19th to 21st of Feb – Bride Les Bains

Unless you are staying in Bride Les Bains or a massive Jazz fan then you probably won’t see much of this. But is sounds good fun and makes a change from the usual cover bands that populate the French Alps.

Environment Week  – Feb 22nd  – La Tania
In true mountain tourist office style, there is little information on this. We are reassured that it is good fun and that the Forest Challenge on the Wednesday is worth getting involved in. They promise lots of prizes too. See in resort for details.









What’s on in La Tania and Meribel – January 2014

What’s on in La Tania and Meribel – January 2014

If you are going skiing in January then you are very lucky but if you are wondering what to do when you are not skiing or eating then you will find this guide useful. If you are one of the minority of people that are going on a ski holiday but won’t be skiing then you will find this guide really useful.

Crazy box – 9th January – La Tania

We do not know what this is but it is on in La Tania at the tourist office at 5pm. If someone can find out what it is then please let us know. Maybe we will see you there

Street Party – 10th January – Meribel

Honestly, we are not 100% sure what to expect from this event organised by the Meribel Tourist Office. There will be some music and free hot drinks and it will be outside the Meribel tourist office. That is as much as we know. It could be amazing or it could be a bit disappointing. Either way pop along and have a look. There is several great pubs nearby.

World Snow Day – 19th January – The World

When we started compiling this what’s on guide we wondered why so much was taking place on the 19th of January then we got our answer, it is World Snow Day. It is organised by the FIS to promote erm… skiing mainly. There is a Fête du Ski in Courchevel where you can take part in a Giant Slalom amongst other things.

Ski Test Tour – 19th – 22nd January – Meribel

This is not a competition despite the confusing title. It is actually a chance to test ride brand new skis, for free! There will be the chance to try all the latest K2’s, Dynastars, Heads and more. For a ful list of the skis you can try out go to Just pop down to the Chaudanne and try before you request next year’s Christmas present.

Subaru Biathlon Challenge FFS – 19th – 20th January – Courchevel

You may have seen this when watching the winter Olympics. What is more likely is that you will have watched hours of this when you have stayed in some accommodation in Europe and your only choice of English channel is Eurosport, who only seem to show Winter Biathlon on a loop. A quick note – all Alpine Action Chalets have UK freeview.  Anyway if you are staying in the Three Valleys on these dates then you can watch it live at the Courchevel Altiport, which is odd as we thought guns and planes don’t mix.
For more details click here.

Concert by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix – 23rd January – Meribel

Martin Garrix is a DJ from Germany and he will be playing a set in Meribel. Below is a sample of his work to help you decide if you want to go.

To book a holiday so you can witness some of these events give us a call on 01273 466535 or go to

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