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Things you don’t need to buy for this winter.

Things you don’t need to buy for this winter.

As the season approaches, your thoughts will start turning to what kit you have and if you should be buying some more. If you are among the cost conscious then you may start looking for bargains on the rails of Tk Maxx or on the pages of eBay. When we checked on eBay there was over 2000 ski related items. We have trawled through those items to find a selection of things you don’t need to buy for this winter.


We don’t like to use the C word, but that fact is that Christmas is often linked with skiing, and is therefore an unavoidable word. Now you may not be
planning on going skiing at Christmas time so why not decorate your tree with a selection of personalised tree decorations? These skiing penguins are probably one of the worst decorations you could buy, unless you like penguins that ski hanging from a tree with your name on.

If you search eBay for cheap ski clothes then you will find a mix of modern, retro and faux retro. Most of it is ok, some is comical and a small selection is awful. This ski jacket is by far the worst we have ever seen. Even now, as we witness the revival of the Onsise this stands out as an awful item of clothing. This jacket wouldn’t even get a hired in an ironic way from the surprisingly successful retro ski rental company. The ‘buy it now’ price on this is £24.99, we suggest that this is too much.

$T2eC16VHJFwFFZudUM3GBRkQMN,GIQ~~60_12We were very surprised to find these for sale. We actually quite like them but we’re not sure why. Half ski boot and half hiking boot, these size nine, Italian Army boots could be great if you thought you could get away with wearing them down the high street. Does anyone own a similar pair and if so, do you use them? We would love to hear from you.

If you like those scooter things that children use to get to school quicker,  then you will love this eBay listing. For less than the price of a CD album , (plus postage), you could be the owner of a flimsy Snow scooter. What it essentially looks like is a cheap skate board with the wheels removed and the front legs of a toy ironing board attached as handlebars. It looks unsafe at best, but could get your kids to ski school quicker, although there are no guarantees in the description for this.

Don’t know what to get the person who has everything? Our answer is get them something pointless and out dated. That’s right, we are talking about the retractable lift pass holder. Now that most resorts have installed electronic passes, these are completely pointless. If you feel that the price on eBay is too high, then just walk into any ski hire shop and I bet they have a box full of them that they are willing to give you.

$(KGrHqZ,!lgFC2rGW2CRBQug+pjrfg~~60_12There is a huge amount of skis for sale on the auction site. 90% of them are old school straight skis that are longer than a London bus, but with less turning ability. However we spotted this pair of wooden skis with bindings that look like a coat hanger and rubber band. They cost £31 pounds for the pair and you get a free twisted knee for that price.  If you did decide to buy a pair of wooden skis then you may want to match them with a pair of Vintage ski trousers, (I think we will stick with our pair of modern Ski pants).

Let us know what your best eBay purchase has been. Or bring it with you if you are coming on holiday with us. 


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