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International Goggle Mark Week

International Goggle Mark Week

Can you belive our luck. We have decided to get International Goggle Mark Week up and running on what is going to be a very sunny week, in both the Three Valleys and the UK. It is probably sunny in other countries too.

What is International Goggle Mark Week?

The goggle mark or tan line is a badge of honor among many people who enjoy skiing and snowboarding it says “yes I have been in the mountains”. We have all had them at some point.  Intentionally or otherwise. International Goggle Mark Week aims to celebrate this iconic image of “a good time skiing in the sun”.


How to take part in International Goggle Mark Week

It is pretty simple. If you are in the mountains this week then work on your lines, tan ones that is. It is going to be sunny enough so it is almost unavoidable, unless you are in the anti goggle mark group and will take your goggles of at any opportunity to make sure your forehead matches your cheeks. You could work on your marks in your back garden, beach or local park. Or you could just dig out an old photo of you with a two tone face.

Then all you have to do is share a photo   of you working on your goggle marks or the end result, on your social network of choice. Use the hashtag #gogglemarkweek to help bring attention to the stamp of the mountains

Be Safe

Remember when attempting to get a decent goggle mark going that you should be protecting your self from the sun with a high factor sun cream. Remember to slip, slap, slop. Slip on your goggles, Slap on your skis or board, Slop on your suncream.

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