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10 reasons why skiing is better that snowboarding

10 reasons why skiing is better that snowboarding

Skiing V’s Snowboarding is a more divisive topic than Scotland remaining as part of the UK. The difference is that very soon one will have a resolution on the 18th of September and one will continue to be debated forever. So in the spirit of fuelling the argument here are our top 10 reasons why skiing is better than snowboarding.

1. Feeling Superior

We all know that Skiing is much harder to master than snowboarding. Our gear is more technical. Our Technique is more refined and when done correctly looks amazing. And the history and development of skiing is deeper, to the point that it has been part of several war efforts. Other than in James Bond you won’t see an armed snowboarder.

2. Lifts are designed for skis

How many times has a skier taken you out getting off a chairlift? How many times have you watched a snowboarder struggle with a button lift or T-bar? The reason is that lifts are designed for skiers.

3. Everything is named after us

Ski Holiday, Ski Resort, Après Ski, Ski Sunday, Ski School and the list goes on. With the exception of Board Park which has slowly been renamed Snow Park to make sure us skiers don’t feel alienated and our feelings are not hurt.

Meribel ski holiday

4. Most snowboarders can ski

Most people get their first taste of the mountains on skis. Vary rarely will you find someone that hasn’t skied before getting on a snowboard. Although the ones that deny this are probably lying.

5. Flat sections are easier

Oh no a flat section on a mountain, shall I get off my planks and walk? No need, I can just effortlessly glide to the next downhill.

6. No cold bums

I am always glad that I never have to get off a lift and sit down to strap my board to my boots and then have to do the something again half way down the run. It always seem like an endless battle between the boarder and the ability to remain attached to the board.

7. Off Piste

Sure snowboarders look effortlessly cool with their big gliding turns and huge spray and “cheeky” grabs when freeriding in the backcountry. The truth is that skiers can do that too, but that is too easy. What is much more satisfying is the challenge of looking technically proficient when tackling as steep powder filled incline. More turns are better. What is more is that accessing the inaccessible slopes is much easier, that is why you can now buy a snowboard that turns into skis.

8. Moguls

This isn’t an argument about who creates them, however I will say that moguls were around long before snowboarding.  My point is that they exist and can often be a barrier to a great run deal with them, oh you’re on a snowboard you can’t!

9. Faster

It isn’t all about speed. But sometimes it is. I have done a small experiment and the evidence suggest that when out with a group of skiers and boarders, the skiers spend a small amount of time waiting around for the snowboarders. The boarders often defend this slowness by claiming that they are gibing about or riding switch.

10. Better hire equipment

Your own boots are always a good idea no matter what you ride however I have never heard a snowboarder who is happy with the hire gear they have. Skis are always updated in hire shops and if you pay that little bit extra you will get some really good kit.

Are you a snowboarder? Then read our 10 reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing.

By Jim Duncombe

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4 more people called Jenny Jones

4 more people called Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones has been a hero of ours way before she went “mainstream”, when she sold-out and won a bronze Winter Olympic medal in the slope style competition at the Sochi 2014 winter games. Before then she was an underground name, uttered by snowboarders who had a board for the park and a board for the backcountry. For years Jones has been winning Gold medals at the winter X-Games, which was the highest possible level of competition. But still no one had hear of her, maybe they were getting confused or scared off by her namesakes…Fotor0311110656

Jenny Jones – Green Party Politician

I am not sure if Baroness Jenny Jones, Green party member and Deputy Mayor of London has ever been snowboarding, we have never seen her in Meribel. I would guess that she might find the concept of a ski holiday disagrees with her strong environmental political and ethical beliefs.  Right now I would guess that snowboarder Jenny Jones is now more famous, the Baroness has never been of Johnathan Ross. Maybe they could make a TV show where the Jenny Jones’ swap jobs?

Jenny Jones – Labour Party Politician

Another politician and this is one you probably won’t have heard of unless you lived in the Wolverhampton South West constituency. Maybe snowboarder Jenny has missed her calling? Maybe she is destined to become an MP or even PM? Maybe she could start small scale, Jenny Jones for Mayor of Meribel?

Jenny Jones – American TV

Ever heard of her? No, we haven’t either. She was a rock and roll drummer, stand up and finally chat show host. As far as we can tell she had a chat show that was similar to reading Chat or Take a Break magazine. She is probably still more famous than our Jenny is in America.

Jenny Jones – Canadian Curler

There is a rumour that when our Jenny Jones turned up in Sochi she was given a welcome feast of pancakes and Maple syrup and told to report to the Ice Cube arena. It got worse when Jenny from Canada turned up at the top of the slope style park in some slippy slippers and brush. Fortunately this all got resolved, much to the disappointment of Team GB’s Eve Muirhead, who knew how rubbish snowboarder Jenny Jones is at curling.

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Our top 5 favourite people from Sochi 2014

Our top 5 favourite people from Sochi 2014

The Winter Olympics is over. All we have now is memories and YouTube clips to remind us of the happy times. And the thought of our next holiday to Meribel, where I can pretend to be Bode Miller, when in fact I am not even a Vanessa Mae, to keep us going. Oh and of course this top 5 list of our favourite people from Sochi 2014…

Jenny Jones

The woman who took a bronze medal by being very sensible in a reckless sport. In the finals of the slope style she saw that everyone else in the completion was going big, but not landing everything. So she went a little less big than everyone else and put in a perfect run. She then waited, and waited and waited. She was rewarded with a Bronze Medal, which she very much deserves.

Graham Bell

I have to be honest I have never been the biggest Graham Bell fan. I don’t think I understood him. When presenting he always comes across as a bit steely and seriouse. During this winter Olympics the BBC ran some segments about when he used to compete, these films helped me understand him better as a person. To compeat in downhill you need to be arrogant, determined, competitive and ruthless. I think it may be me, I always want him to be someone else on TV and he isn’t. What these games have shown is that he is incredibly knowledgeable and reliable as ski expert and that is what he is. He isn’t a personality as such he is a professional and very good he is too.

Eve Muirhead

Ok so I have a bit of a crush on Eve. Despite thinking she was called Gwen for 5 days, but let’s not tell her that. It takes guts to ski fast, it takes bravery to jump high and it takes nerves of steel to throw yourself down an icy chute. But in these self-conscious times that we live in, it takes all of those traits and more to decide, at the age of 16, to become a curler. Possibly the least trendy sport of the Olympics, if not the world. But Eve overcome all those internal conflicts to become a Bronze medallist and sex symbol at 23.

Jamaican Bob Egg

It must be tough being in the Jamaican bobsleigh team. Not only do you have the obvious issues associated with training for winter sports on a tropical island to contend with. You also have a hit cult comedy movie following you around like a celebrity sex tape. There are two ways to deal with it, one ignore it and hope it goes away, which it won’t as it will always be dragged up at every moment by the popular press. Or two,  you can tackle it head on with a dose of good humour.  Which is exactly what Marvin Dixon did when he kissed his lucky egg.

Steve Cram

We enjoyed the curling. One thing that helped me enjoy it more was the commentary by Steve Cram a man with only two weeks more curling watching experience than you or I. Steve was a silver medallist in the 1984 Olympics. His discipline was running and the medal was in 1500m. Since then he has become a commentator for Athletics. Then one day he was asked if he fancied going to the winter Olympics on Vancouver and the rest is history. Steve deserves a gold medal for this year’s commentating. Not only has it been very good, He, unlike us, didn’t have the opportunity of flicking over and not watching the curling.

Alpine Action Winter Olympics Live Feed

The Alpine Action Winter Olympics Live Feed

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