Ski Higher | LA TANIA

Alpine Action recommend Ski Higher for your ski and snowboard rental in La Tania and Meribel Village. As our preferred ski rental supplier, we have negotiated excellent discounts for our clients. By reserving your equipment directly through our BOOKING LINK you are entitled to 30% discount in the La Tania shop and 20% discount on the mobile delivery service. When booking online, you can also select whether to pay now, log in and pay later or pay in resort.  If you choose the mobile delivery service, your equipment will be delivered directly to your chalet and collected at the end of the week.  Once you arrive in resort, Ski Higher will send a technician to check that your equipment fits correctly and make any changes if necessary.  This service enables you to avoid the queues in the ski shop and the inconvenience of lugging your equipment to and from your chalet. 

Adult Ski Packages

Prices are based on 6 days and include, skis or snowboard, boots & poles

Please take a look on the Ski Higher website for the variations of this. Click on botton above

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Discounted Prices

Initiation Pack*  

*snowboards not available in this category

94.50€  pick up from the shop 
108€     chalet delivery

This is an ideal start for a beginner.

Leisure Pack

122.50€  pick up from the shop
140€       chalet delivery

This is for those who have some experience skiing.

Dynamic Pack

140€  pick up from the shop
160€  chalet delivery

This is for an intermediate skier.  

Premium Pack* 

161€  pick up from the shop
184€  chalet delivery 

This is for an advanced skier or someone wishing to test high performance skis.