What is your favorite food?

What is your favourite  food?

Most people think about their winter ski holiday like this “Ski, Drink, Eat, Sleep”.  In today’s essay we will be addressing the third necessity in this list, Eat. It is not that we are ignoring the first two, if anything, by having our chalets located in Meribel and La Tania, we have done a huge amount to address the first two. Naturally we do not ignore the sleep aspect either, should you need proof of this then please refer to our individual chalets on our website.

If you think back to your university days and when you were desperately hammering out an essay hours before you boarded the coach for your Uni ski club trip, then you will probably remember starting your essay with a dictionary definition of what you were about to preach on. You will also remember that you probably did this to bump up your word count.  But in this way we shall also precede. Eat – verb (past ate /ɛt, eɪt/; past participle eaten put (food) into the mouth and chew and swallow it: he was eating a Fondue: eat up all your oeufs[no object]:she watched her son as he ate: we ate dinner in an overpriced mountain restaurant.

If we are honest the dictionary definition has no real relevance to the rest of this essay. If it is indeed an essay. Anyway, Alpine Action takes great pride in the food we serve as we know it can make or break a holiday. Our staff are picked to reflect our passion for providing tasty food with good service to match. When we are creating our menu we make sure that it will look good, dazzle in the mouth and not leave you hungry.

One of the ways that we make sure we are cooking a great menu is by getting feedback from the most important people, the local ski instructors. Only kidding, our customers are the most important people and we really are interested in their opinion and we would like to share with you what we found.

Since the season started we have been asking our guests, out of all the meals that we have cooked them during the week which has been their favourite   We have compiled all the data and crunched the numbers and we can now reveal which has been your meal of the season.  Well we could if you would make up your mind. The results, which you will find in fig.1, show that there is practically a tie for 1st and last, with no competitors in between.


We could declare that Duck is the winner and Tartiflette the looser, but we are not going to. We are going to group the three highest as firm favorites and the three lowest as the least popular.  In fig.2 you can see what each of the meals are in full.


It would be doing our talented cooks a disservice if we didn’t look at the actual question we asked our guest to reach these results. We asked everyone who stayed with us at the end of the week which their favourite meal was. Which still means that they liked the three dishes that ranked lowest but not enough to be the all time favourite .  Although at the end of the day it is the Ducks who are the real losers.

If you have eaten with us please share with us what your favourite  meal was and why.

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