What’s on Guide Meribel and La Tania – April 2013

What’s on Guide Meribel and La Tania – April 2013

3rd April – 5th April – Meribel – DC Shred Days

DC Shred Days is three days of partying and riding. If you want to get up close and personal with some of the world top riders, without seeming like a stalker, then this is the event for you. For only €59 a day you will get to hang out at the DC AREA 43 Snowpark in Méribel-Mottaret with the pro and then attend apres-ski and evening parties. This event used to be a closed door for industry types only, but now it is open to all, so go hang out.

7th April – Three Valleys – Enduro 2013

When you tell you mates that you are off skiing they many either know the truth, which is that you ski from restaurant to bar, sampling various combinations of hot a cold drinks, or they think you are some sort of winter Olympics type competitor. If you are going to be in the Three Valleys on the 7th you have a chance to be the latter. The Enduro is a day full of real competitions for amateurs, just like you and me. So if you fancy your chances in any of the following Big Air Bag, Freeride, Giant slalom, Skicross, Triplette des Belleville, Boardercross, Family Schuss, Adri’Naline, then get your team together and enter. Go to http://www.les3vallees.com/enduro/ for details.

10th April – Meribel Village – La Tania Charity Day

The annual La Tania Charity Day was moved to Meribel Village last year and was a great success. It was also renamed the Three Valleys Charity Day.  With over 13 bands and lots and lots of prizes to be won, it promises to be a great day out. Also when you are there you will get to donate to UK and French charity’s which will make you fell nice and warm inside, although that could be the Toffee vodka.

13th April – Meribel and La Tania – Our last guests leave

Every year it happens and every year we feel sad. When our last guests leave you probably think that we crack out the Champagne and celebrate. Well we do a bit. But mostly we are filed with a melancholy feeling. There is a lot of reminiscing about the last few months and then there is the sudden dawning of a reality that involves no skiing and getting what some term “a real job”. You know that feeling you get at the end of a week long holiday that is our feeling but multiplied by sixteen. I am now obliged to point out that at no point during the winter do we feel like we are on holiday and that we work very hard to make your holiday so brilliant. But you get the idea.

26th of April – Meribel and La Tania – Lifts close

Most of us will be at home thinking about next year’s ski adventure when this happens. For those people still in resort the feelings will be mixed. How the lift closure is greeted depends on what has happened over the last two weeks. Some years we see endless amounts of spring snow and it is a big disappointment that the lifts are shutting. Other years there are just streaks of brown snow and only the desperate are getting in their last few descents until next year.

Our What’s On Guide will return in December.

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