How many days until next season?

How many days until next season?

I am going to make a suggestion. It is up to you if you do it. But we do highly recommend that you do. The suggestion is that you BOOKMARK this page! The reason is simply that it contains some important information. Such as when we can all go skiing again!

Most important first.

Next up is when you can start catching lifts out of the wonderful La Tania.

Now you are all probably thinking Val Thorens opens earlier than the rest of the Three Valleys, so here is a countdown for that.

Alpine Action’s chalets do not open their doors on the first day of the season. We patiently wait a whole week. This countdown works twice as well if you are our first guest.

This one is a bit of a guess but this timer specifies when we think the best day of skiing will come next winter.

And finally this timer predicts when the first massive dump of snow will hit the Alps ready for the winter.

Please feel free to post your predictions below. Let the waiting begin.

Thanks to tweeter @liamgrimley1 for suggesting this blog topic.

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