How to get a job in Meribel or La Tania

How to get a job in Meribel or La Tania

We are on the lookout for staff to help us run our chalets for next winter. In particular we are looking for people who are in love so much that they believe that they could work and live together for a whole winter season.  Alpine Action are also looking for good friends to run two small chalets that are next to each other. On top if this we are also looking for Reps to be the face of Alpine Action, help guests and perform driving duties. To find out more about our ski jobs go to our recruitment pages.

Those are the jobs, but how do you get one? And what if you don’t get a job with us? How do I secure a job in the Alps next winter? Well the good news is that our resident blogger Jim, knows a thing or two about getting a job in the Alps. He has previously worked for one of the UK’s largest ski tour operator and he also worked for seasonaire experts as their recruitment manager for many years. Jim even helped us find some of our past staff. Here are his tips on getting a job in the Alps for the winter.


First of all I would like to say I  can really recommend Alpine Action as a great company to work for in the winter. You may think that “I would say that”, seeing as though I regularly contributor to these pages, but the truth is that during my time at Natives I was always recommending Alpine Action to people looking for jobs in La Tania and Meribel. The reason for this is because they always looked after their staff and at the end of the season I always got great feedback from the staff that worked for Alpine Action.

Back to helping you get a job. First up Alpine Action always needs great cooks in the team. So if you are a couple, one of you needs to have a flair and a passion for cooking. Dionne loves her food and can spot someone who has the same love a mile away. So when applying you need to make sure your cooking experience and interest of food come across. As you can see from the Alpine Action website, food is a big part of the holiday experience and you need to be able to deliver that. The first way that you can prove this is by creating a great menu plan, that represents your skills and your style of cooking. Prove that you are a foodie and you could be invited to an interview with Alpine Action. If you do get an interview, then this is you next chance to wow Dionne and the team with your food knowledge. Bring along some samples of what you can make and prove that you can cook and bake!

I know from future experience that Alpine Action really want people that have a talent for looking after people. A chalet is a place that should feel like a home from home, and when guests are there they need hosts that can help them relax and have a great time on holiday. So when you are applying to Alpine Action you need to make them know that you can help achieve this. This also applies if you are applying for a Rep Job.

If you are applying for a Rep job you need to be aware of what it entails. First of all you need to remember that Rep is short for Representative and that is what you are expected to do, represent Alpine Action. This is the image you need to get across on your application form and when you attend an interview. You will also need a driving licence and be over 23 for insurance reasons.

But what if you don’t get a job with Alpine Action? They don’t employ that many staff as the only have a dozen chalets. But the good news is that there are hundreds of jobs out there and all of them are on the Natives website. No matter what your applying for you can help your chances by following my top 10 tips on how to secure a ski job.

1.       Follow the instructions that are on the application form.

2.       Give the ski company a great insight into who you are on your application.

3.       Attend a cookery course – These can increase your chances of finding a job by a huge amount.

4.       Always send a picture with your application – This helps them remember you, they get 1000’s of applications each year.

5.       Be on time and dress smartly for your interview. This is a real job and a real interview.

6.       Research the company you are looking to work for, are they right for you?

7.       Don’t leave it too late – All the best jobs will be gone before August.

8.       Apply to as many companies as you can.

9.       If you don’t have experience then get some.

10.   Stand out.

I hope that my advice helps and that you can secure a job in the alps for next winter either with Alpine Action or one of the many other ski companies out there. Good Luck. 

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