Eggs – The Best Part of a Chalet Holiday

Are eggs one of the most important elements of a ski holiday? 

When was the last time you had eggs for breakfast 6 days in a row? I’ll tell you when. It was on your last ski holiday. Now I could be wrong. You could be a builder that has a fry up every day of the week or be Farmer Bob from Farmer Bobs Eggs. Or you could be the sort of person that has packet sandwiches for lunch every day, but despise yourself for it and punish yourself by only having egg mayonnaise. Or you could be the Easter bunny who is egg mad. If you’re not any of these people the chances are that I’m right!

So why is it that we multiply our egg intake so much when on a chalet holiday? It could be that the spiritual home of chalet holidays is in France. A nation that loves the egg so much that egg is served with tuna in a sandwich. The oufe is much loved in France and is even used to aid the cleaning of a fondue pan. However I doubt that this is the reason that we enjoy and Eggsesive, (only pun I promise), amount of shelled nutrition when on a ski chalet holiday.

hantama2The real reason for the extra egg ,(see I resisted the pun there), is that deep down we all love an egg, especially at breakfast time. The problem is we are all just a bit lazy when it comes to eggs. The moment someone offers to cook you one you say, “yes please” followed by a list of instructions that will, a) not be followed and b) you would never perform yourself when cooking and egg.

The Cadburys Cream Egg advertising campaign that posed the question “how do you eat yours?” works because it captures it in nut shell and the attitude of eating eggs that we British people have. Basically we are very fussy about our eggs and how they are cooked. Therefore when there is someone, in this case your chalet host, offering to prepare your eggs you can’t refuse and indulge yourself.

In some cases, the chalet holiday egg is an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with a long lost eggy friend. How many times have you forgot the feeling of tucking into a warm hardboiled egg and then you come down for breakfast with your thermals on, see them on the table and think, “ooo an egg, I love an egg”. You peel it with more care than you would apply when holding another person’s baby. You then slice it up and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it then place it on some buttered toast. After you finish it you think to yourself “I’ll do that at home”. You never do.

At home we all attempt the fried egg, often with varying degrees of success but that is where we stop. It serves a purpose, you can dip chips in it, make a sandwich with it or finish a full English with one. At home we never think, I’m good at poaching eggs lets have poached eggs. But we all love poached eggs. At home we think, why do I have 6 egg cups? I never even have one soft boiled egg, let alone cook 6 soft boiled eggs  for other people with soldiers. It is for these reasons that we all enjoy the chalet holiday egg for breakfast and is the reason why when we are on a chalet holiday we will eat at least one egg a day for six days!


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