What the UK’s top Ski Travel Agents think of Alpine Action

We invited some of the top ski specialist travel agents to come and stay with us in Méribel for a ski trip and experience what a Alpine Action chalet holiday is like. Staying with us during the week we had representatives from ifyouski, Alpine Answers, Iglu Ski and Interactive Resorts. As you would expect these guys know a lot about ski holidays and talk about skiing all day long so we thought we would ask them what they thought about our package.

During the trip the agents were based in the Chalet Serpolet as also as had the chance to look around all our chalets.

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Food & Drink

“The food was an excellent standard (particularly the duck!) the menu was varied and everyone had nothing but good things to say. One of our group is a vegetarian and I know that he was also really impressed as sometimes veggies can get stuck with a less well thought out meal day after day!” Rufus – Iglu Ski

“Fantastic food, a varied menu with some lovely treats and fab portions meaning that after a day on the slopes we were amply fed and filled with some amazing food” Mike – Interactive Resorts

“Delicious food, man-sized meat portions, well executed, fresh, varied. Despite knowing the food is good with Alpine Action I was still impressed” David – Alpine Answers

“I thought the wine was pretty decent.”  Harry – Interactive Resorts

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“The accomadation was clean and tidy and well spaced out with very nice décor” James – Interactive Resorts

“In the Serpolet their was a spacious living area, awesome hot tub and the games room was a fab addition and comfy beds.” Mike – Interactive Resorts

“Lovely homely chalets, very comfortable, some chalets were better in person than the photos may show. Impressed with the size of the living areas in more than a couple of chalets.” David – Alpine Answers

“I thought all of the chalets were furnished to a really high standard – it was awesome to have spacious rooms for 2 people” Rufus – Iglu Ski

“Obviously varies from the more basic ones such as Rosalie 1 to the nicer ones such as Bouchot. But this is reflected in the price. Overall, they were all kept in very good condition, clean and all in half decent locations” – Harry – Interactive Resorts

” We worked our way through the La Tania chalets (the Cote Coeur being my favourite) then on to Meribel village where we saw Rosalie I and II, followed some of Meribel 1600 chalets and finishing off with the Meribel centre chalets, which, in my opinion were the best chalets. Of course we had been spoiled by staying in the Serpolet which was probably their best chalet according to the group but that might have been down to our lovely hosts!” Nick – ifyouski

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Favourite chalet?

“It has by far the most attractive setting for the hot tub, giving the feeling of seclusion but still with great mountain views in the evening. The games room is perfect for those who like to have a bit of fun, and adds a lot to the holiday atmosphere.” David – Alpine Answers

“Except for the Serpolet I would say that my favourite chalet was the Toubkal! It looked awesome and I’d love to have a holiday there with a few friends!” Rufus – Iglu Ski

“The Bouchot, spacious, lovely bedrooms, really nice more modern finish, just a great chalet! Lots come close though…” Mike – Interactive Resorts

“The Serpolet- Probably not as nice as Trois Ceours or Bouchot but because of its location, the driver service, the hot tub in a private garden looking over the valley, the games room and its location means it adds up to be my favourite.” Harry – Interactive Resorts

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Driver service

“Very efficient, usually be there within 5 mins of calling them. If pre arranged the night before they were always there bang on time.” Harry – Interactive Resorts

“Excellent, I liked hearing that the drivers can also work extra hours during the day if they want too. I am sure they would only ever do so if rewarded with nice tips, but the fact that they are allowed to continue working can only be seen as a positive approach.” David – Alpine Answers

“The driver service is a huge selling point – I think that most of the chalets are in pretty good positions anyway, but as so many people are obsessed with having a ski in / ski out chalet having a driver can make a huge difference – they were always pretty easy to get hold of and always happy to just suddenly show up – they never took long to arrive so they must be very good at just dropping whatever they’re doing!!” Rufus – Iglu Ski

“Driver service was always on call and happy to help when needing collection” James – Interactive Resorts

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“Very good. It really does make a difference having staff with experience and who are slightly older than the typical 18 yr old host” Harry – Interactive Resorts

“Please pass on my thanks to the drivers but I think a special thanks needs to be given to Reese and Leanne – they were perfect hosts and seemed to work really well together. They were both great to talk to whilst also making sure we constantly had whatever we wanted. I’ve no doubt they’ll do extremely well over the season and will always get good feedback from customers.”  Rufus – Iglu Ski

“The Resort manager was excellent, really has his staff on side and very confidence inspiring, a real asset who should set the season in good stead. Rhys and Leanne (Serpolet Hosts): Absolutely lovely, such stars, really rated these guys and they were so nice, really relaxed fun vibe, really sincere and absolute assets” Mike – Interactive Resorts

“The staff were all very nice and very helpful. Chalet hosts were superb, relaxed and professional, friendly and funny. Everything you could want from a host.” David – Alpine Answers

“They have a great operation, team and know how to look after their guests! Even the drunk ones….” Nick – ifyouski

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Overall Impressions

“All in all a great trip and a pleasure to stay with Alpine Action.” Nick – ifyouski

“Very impressed by the way the company runs and how much each member of staff knows about the Three Valleys” James – Alpine Action

“Impressed! Better than I expected. I don’t think the pictures on the website do the Chalets any justice. I thought they all looked better when seeing them in person. Staff all organised very well and it all ran smoothly” Harry – Interactive

“Thumbs up” David – Alpine Answers

“Excellent value for money, pictures don’t portray just quite how good the chalets are, always hard to convey the service is superior from comparable priced rivals but really very good” Mike – Interactive Resorts

“Thank you so much for looking after us all last week we all had a great time!” Rufus – Iglu Ski

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