Eight reasons why catered ski chalet holidays are the best

Chalet Holidays have been part of the ski experience for many years, and we have been providing them in Meribel and La Tania for the last 27. 

There are many ways to stay in the mountains on a ski holiday, from hotels to self-catered apartments, with motorhomes and iglus also accommodation options.

But there is something about a chalet holiday that keeps skiers returning to this unique way of holidaying.

The Chalet Hosts

A great chalet host is a key ingredient in making a chalet holiday. The perfect chalet host or chalet team need to master a variety of skills.

They must be an excellent cook and baker as well as being a capable housekeeper.

But its the personal touch that the chalet hosts bring that adds to your chalet experience. The best chalet host will be welcoming, thoughtful and great to chat to.

reasons that Chalet holidays are the best

Chalet Dinner

Who doesn’t like sitting down to a home-cooked 4-course meal with fresh ingredients with all your friends and family that you have spent the day exploring the mountain with.

Best of all you don’t have to clear the table or do the washing up at the end. 

While eating out is exciting, you can eat too many pizzaz, burgers or fondu and miss out on the vital nutrition you need to ski all day long. 

A good chalet menu will make sure you are fed well with food to fuel you. 

Oh and don’t forget the canapes. Who doesn’t like canapes?


reasons that Chalet holidays are the best

Chalet wine 

For some, chalet wine has a reputation for being undrinkable and has no place on a things to look forward to list.

However, we have made sure that our wine is something that our guest look forward to enjoying.

We offer a wide selection of red and white wines to make sure that there is a drop for everyone to enjoy. 

Home from Home 

Whether you book a chalet for your group or share with some others the joy of a chalet holiday is being in a home from home. 

Just like home, you have a living room to relax in, a bedroom to escape to but more importantly, you feel like you can unwind in a way you cant in a hotel.  

Little things like leaving your book on the coffee table, knowing it will where you left it or being able to have a cup of tea when you want one.

And nothing makes you feel more at home than having breakfast in your pyjamas.

reasons that Chalet holidays are the best

Cake – Afternoon Tea

Anyone who has been on a chalet holiday will tell you about the cake they had in the chalet after they had finished skiing.

Over the years, we have been collecting cake recipes and have a great selection that even Mary Berry would love to get her hands on. 

The Chalet 

If you are booking a ski holiday, you will probably take time to choose your chalet. 

The beauty of a chalet trip is that every property is different and you can easily select the perfect property to meet your holiday needs or reflect your tastes

Do you need an area for the kids to play or a big social space for friends to gather? Do you like a modern feel or do you prefer a traditional style. 

Maybe you want to experience what it is like to live in the heart of a ski town or you may prefer a little bit of wooded rural charm? 

There will be a chalet for everyone. 


reasons that Chalet holidays are the best

Chalet Extras

While we are talking about choosing a chalet, don’t forget that you can pick a chalet with those added extras.

There are all sorts of things you can put on your wish list, hot tub, sauna, steam room, UK TV, free wifi, to name a few. 

“But I can get all this in a hotel” we hear some people say. Sure but the treat here is that you don’t have to share them!

The skiing 

While a chalet holiday and the host can’t influence the snow and the skiing it can make the skiing experience easier. 

A chalet with a quality boot room makes a big difference to getting on the slopes and will let you leave feeling ready for the day. 

The hosts will have knowledge of the area so they can share their experience of the current conditions. 

There will rep that visits that can arrange lift passes, other activities and help make restaurant reservations. 

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