10 reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing

10 reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing

Ever since the first man or woman, we haven’t researched this, strapped on a snowboard there has been a debate about which is better, skiing or snowboarding. We at Alpine Action love both sports however, that doesn’t make good reading. Here are our 10 reasons that snowboarding is better than skiing.

1. The boots

Many people think that snowboard boots are really comfy. Compared to many mid 90’s ski boot they are. However they can be just as uncomfortable as a ski boot at times.  Where they really come into their own is when you are walking around resort. Have you ever seen a snowboarder struggling to negotiate a set of stairs?


2. People think we are cool

This depends on your definition of cool. We assume that baggy clothes, bright colours and wearing a bobble hat no matter what time of the year it is means cool. If this is true then snowboarders are cool.

3. Jenny Jones

Britain’s first Olympic medal on the snow was won by a snowboarder and she achieved it in a year when the competition was tougher than ever before. Jenny Jones is a true role model for many youngsters.

4. Sitting down

It’s not because we actually need to we just like the rest.  If us snowboarders wanted to we could easily strap in quickly and get on our way. The truth is that we quite like the social chat while we eye up a jump or route.

5. Off piste is easy

Well not that easy. But in principle tackling some fresh powered is a lot less challenging than on a pair of skis. This means that even people new to the sport can get a taste of the pure enjoyment that is floating on fresh, deep snow.


6. No poles

Sure there are times when a set of poles would really help, such as long flat sections. But that is why we have skier mates to pull us along.  The up side is that we never loose our poles of a chair lift. It also frees up our hands for useful reasons such as eating on a lift and throwing snowballs.

7. Innovation of skiing

Without the fast development of snowboarding in the late 90’s skiing may have not been as quick to develop the technology used today. Imagine all you skiers could still be using 10ft long straight skis with rear entry boots.

8. It is a lot easier to get a bubble for just your group

It may seem that it is a big hassle to get a snowboard in the slot or even squeeze it into the lift. This is actually a tactic to ensure that the lift is taken up by just our mates.


9. We have better computer games

Have you ever played a good skiing game? Thought not.

10. Lots of transferable skills

Once you have mastered skiing you can only use that skill for one other sport, water skiing and everyone knows that isn’t much fun. Once you have mastered snowboarding there area endless board sports to enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “10 reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing

  1. 10 reasons skiers dislike snowboarders.
    I snowboard and ski, so i understand them.
    1. We are loud.
    2. Cut you off.
    3. Talk shit about skiers.
    3. Most have now ideal how fun skiing really is.
    4. Are in butt buddy packs, because most can’t teach their girls how to do it.
    5. Slow down lines trying to strap out.
    6. Boards take up more space on the chair lift hanging sideways scratching our skis.
    7. Like to stop and plow snow everywhere.
    8. Have a slow learning curve, so skiers have to dodge them all day long.
    9. Snowball fights while riding.
    10. leaving the lodge chairs wet from soggy wet asses

    1. I snowboard and ski, so i can see it both ways. However, i think that there are so many more reasons why snowboarding is better then skiing. And some of those reasons that skiers hate snowboarders are also reasons that snowboarders hate skiers.

  2. oh my god man!!!! i’m doing a speech about why snowboarding is better than skiing and this stuff is GOLD! you should be a comedian, also its ALL true, offensive, but true, anyways, can I use some of this? if no, too bad, i’m still probably going to use this, but if YES, i will know you are just a cool comedian guy/girl that is really great 😉 -james d.

  3. I skied for a few years in my teens until I met my first college girlfriend who was a snowboarder and she introduced me to snowboarding at a small icy hill in upstate NY.
    I have been snowboarding the 21 yrs since. The way I see it is this – There are far-more long-term mediocre to shitty skiers on the hill than there are snowboarders. It hurts to be bad at snowboarding. The first few days are rough; causing the majority to give up, get hurt or retreat back to skiing. To survive and maintain interest you have to get better fast. The progression (learning curve) is much faster than that for skiers. Snowboarders become better faster. All this crap about snowboarders taking out skiers, I don’t see it, haven’t seen it, and haven’t done it.
    It is infinitely more fun to go sideways. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to be an excellent skier to get into the backcountry woods and off-piste. Snowboarding is more difficult in narrow tree shots in my opinion.
    Another way of looking at it is that skiing is more beginner friendly. You can ask a family member or girlfriend to go skiing for the first time and you can have a reasonable expectation that they may have a good time. If you bring a girl snowboarding for the first time, you can have a reasonable expectation that she will cry at some point.
    Snowboarding has a higher required initial investment of effort, but the reward is greater.
    And just to stir the pot, most of the old decrepit skiers that talk the most shit against snowboarding know in their heart of hearts that when it first became popular in the 80’s – 90’s, they were young, they tried it, they sucked, and they gave up. They will never admit this.

  4. It’s all about the turn. No one is any better than anyone else. We are all about pleasure and sharing the experience of making turns in the snow. Respect for one another is my deal. Turns forever, my friends

  5. I’m doing a power point presentation and a 10 page paper on why snowboarding is better than skiing! I’ve been snowboarding since I was 6! Keep shredding 🙂 Great article

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