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Chalet Facebook and Twitter Pages

Chalet Facebook and Twitter Pages

Do you want to get to know your chalet and the lovey people that run it? If you have answered yes to this then the good news is that you can. We want you to be able to get to find out as much as you can, so not only can you get in touch with our UK staff by calling the office. You can also get in contact with our staff running the chalets in Meribel and La Tania.

Each of our Chalets has its own Facebook and Twitter Page, these are managed by the chalet hosts, directly linking you with the people that will make your dinner, clean your rooms and generally look after you during your stay.

Take a look at the list below and find your chalet and make friends with the team.

Meribel Chalets 

 Chalet Telekie 

Twitter – @Chalettelekie 
Facebook – facebook.com/chalettelekie

Chalet Azalee

Twitter – @chaletazalee
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletazalee

Chalet Alysson

Twitter – @chaletalysson
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletalysson

Chalet Serpolet 

Twitter – @chaletserpolet
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletserpolet 

Chalet Trois Coeurs

Twitter – @troiscoeurs
Facebook – facebook.com/chalettroiscours 

Chalet Ecureuil

Twitter – @chaletecureuil
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletecureuil

Chalet Bouchot

Twitter – @chaletbouchot
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletbouchot

Chalet Chez Menor

Twitter – @chaletchezmenor
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletchezmenor

Chalet Rosalie 

Twitter – @chaletrosalie
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletrosalie

La Tania Chalets

Chalet Cote Coeur

Twitter – @chaletcotecoeur
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletcotecoeur

Chalet Attila 

Twitter – @chaletattila
Facebook – facebook.com/chaletattila

Chalet Toubkal One

Twitter – @chalettoubkal1
Facebook – facebook.com/chalettoubkalone

Chalet Toubkal Two

Twitter – @chalettoubkal2
Facebook – facebook.com/chalettoubkaltwo


You can also follow our main account – Twitter @alpineactionski – Facebook.com/alpineactionski – Instagram/alpineaction