Childcare options for skiing holidays in La Tania

Alpine Action is happy for private nannies to care for your little ones in the comfort of your own chalet. 
Booking with ESF you can get your children introduced to skiing from around 3 years 
We are happy to chat through the choices and options if you are unsure about which to choose. However all bookings will need to be made direct to the childcare provider.

Merinannies  was established in 2003 by  Katia  Koumantou  a qualified Early Years Teacher and mother of two children. Since then they have been providing first class childcare in The 3 Valleys and several other alpine resorts. Guest reviews on their website demonstrate the level of care they provide.  They offer flexible and reliable childcare services and special needs nannies to cover every family's requirements. Their team consists of Insured qualified and experienced nannies, checked, first aided and  multilingual nannies.

Merinannies take care of babies from the age of 4 weeks to 14 years for short weekends or full weeks and long term.  Their aim is to make every family's holiday a memorable experience.

Katia  Koumantou
+44 (0) 7860 925 055 
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Your child is under 4 years old but Would like to try skiing for the first time. No pass or poles are required. In a specially designed area your child learn to Will put and take off skis, To put on and take off skis, to take first ski lift and control speed and to live from right to left using snaking turns. This is a great introduction to skiing. You can choose morning or afternoons or both. 

as : 00 33 4 79 08 80 39

We offer a high quality, friendly and trustworthy, private nanny service entertaining your little ones in the comfort of your own holiday home. Each nanny Will Be Fully first-aid trained and EXPERIENCED in Looking After Children, Especially in snowy conditions. Our nannies take absolute pleasure in Introducing Them to the fun world of snow: building snowmen, going for sledging or bum boarding adventures or Taking Them for a ride in the bubble lift. The happiness of your children is vital for you to enjoy your holiday. This is what our nannies are here to achieve achievement, happy children, so the family can enjoy a Whole care free holiday!

UK + 44 (0) 7908 748 262  

FR + 33 (0) 616 973 601 


The kindergarten Welcomes your little ones from 4 months to 5 years and Offers a selection of activities indoors and outdoors. 
Half-days or full days possible lunch meal is also possible. Sunday-Friday 8.45am-5pm.

Tel : 00 33 4 79 41 25 14

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