Childcare in Chalets


We do not offer childcare in our chalets, we think it is best left to the experts - we are best at providing the chalet holiday. 
There are plenty of choices for childcare so please do read on ...................

Skiing is the perfect family holiday. A holiday for all of the family to enjoy together, often three generations share and enjoy the experience. Alpine Action does not offer Childcare Facilities in-house. We feel that childcare is something best left to qualified professionals. 

Alpine Action's quality catered chalet holidays are however suited to families, as our chalets offer a home from home experience. There is a 15% discount off the adult price for all children aged under 12 years in a twin room. There are some rooms that will allow for a child to share their parents bedroom, please discuss your options this with our office, as it is dependent on chalets and the childs age. We provide a cot and highchair.

Chalets are far more relaxing for families than hotels, where parents are constantly worried that their brood will upset fellow guests or in a self-catered apartment where most of the holiday, someone will be spending their time shopping, cooking and clearing up.

A successful family ski holiday is one of the best experiences you can participate in. However the wrong decision or plan can lead to disaster. We strongly recommend that you read the following and if you are in any doubt please contact Dionne Heasman in the UK office who has taken her child as a small baby and toddler in the last few years for some honest and helpful advice.

Ski schools get booked early, so if you require lessons for your children, we strongly recommend that you pre-book all ski lessons for any date.

You can view all details about ski lessons on our website including prices and timetables. You can contact most ski schools by telephone or by e-mail and website. Generally, the independent schools that we recommend have smaller classes than the ESF (Ecole de Ski Francais). It is advisable to pre-book all your ski lessons to avoid any disappointment. This is important for booking all weeks of the season, but in particular, Christmas, New Year and Half Term holidays.  Family holidays can be ruined because classes are full and there are no instructors available.

Children's clothes need to be warmer than adults', ideally one-piece suits, however many of the children's 2 pieces suits have braces on the pants and extra glove covers. Mittens are warmer than gloves. Your children will almost certainly need two pairs, at least, because even if they don't keep falling over, they'll probably soak their mittens throwing snowballs or worst lose one!

All children wear helmets and all ski schools will insist, these can be hired from the hire shops. We would also recommend that children wear goggles with their helmets, it covers most of their faces and is strapped in on the back so do not fall off, as sunglasses do. Once they stop for lunch, they remove the helmet and goggles and need a hat or cap and wraparound sunglasses that stay on.  Children need easily applied sun block (you can ask the instructor to re-apply it) and lip salve with a sunscreen. Clothes cannot be hired, but skis, boots and helmets are not a problem.
Toddlers and babies don't really gain much from being on a ski holiday themselves. Most of them never leave the chalet. Some nearly-three year-olds manage a little skiing, but normally it will involve being carried up the nursery slopes and released to schuss and crash! This can be very hard work for the parent.

Tobogganing/bum boarding can end in tears for two year-olds, although slightly older toddlers may enjoy it in good weather. But it is hard work.  Their resistance is not helped by dry air or central heating; they suffer from both the cold and the ultra-violet; small babies' ears are not very good at handling pressure variations; toddlers are a constant worry around fireplaces, staircases and stone floors. And it is a long journey for the babies and parents on the flight and coach so bring favourite toys to keep amused.

When taking a whole chalet with your group, it is advisable to discuss this with us, we can often offer a much better deal for a carer. Alternatively, see the childcare options for under three's.