Alpine Action is proud to offer catered chalets in the heart of Meribel. Choose one of our catered chalets and you can be close to the town centre, shops, bars, and slopes in one of France's most popular and lively resorts.

We offer exceptional service to all our guests. Our team strives to make your stay comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. Our chalets are designed with your comfort in mind, with cosy bedrooms and spacious communal areas. Meribel Centre is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere. By staying in one of our chalets, you can be part of this vibrant energy, with easy access to the many shops, bars, and restaurants.
After a day on the slopes, Meribel Centre has something for everyone. Whether you want to relax with a drink or explore, there's something for everyone's taste.

How it all began

In 1989, Dennis Heasman embarked on a chalet holiday to Meribel and was instantly captivated by its charm. He stayed there for a couple of months and discovered his love for the place. Despite being an amateur skier, he was impressed by the vast skiing opportunities and the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere of Meribel and The Three Valleys.

Despite having no prior experience in the travel industry, as he was an electrical alarm engineer, he was determined to return to Meribel. In 1993, just four years later, he established a catered chalet company. He started the company in the dining room of his house, located on the South Coast of the UK, and made his dream a reality.

We have have been providing holidays for over 30 years, we have survived many economic and unusual circumstances in that time and, proud to still be here.

Let's revisit our story. Alpine Action was born with just one chalet located in Chandon, a small hamlet approximately 5 kilometers away from Meribel's centre. The chalet, which was formerly a cow barn, could accommodate up to 28 people after being renovated. From the very beginning, Alpine Action was an ABTA and ATOL Protected package holiday company that transported guests from Gatwick to Meribel every week during its initial year. The chalet was managed and operated by Dennis, alongside a small yet devoted team composed of Brits and Aussies, including a ski guide (this was over 30 years ago). Despite the hard work during the first season, it was a success.

In the second year of Alpine Action, Dionne, Dennis' daughter, joined as a Chalet Host in one of the two chalets that existed at the time.

This marked the beginning of a family-run business. Over the next 30 years, Alpine Action evolved from booking holidays through newspaper and magazine adverts, Teletext, and brochures to embracing the internet. Dennis and Dionne's unwavering passion for skiing and tireless efforts have played a significant role in shaping Alpine Action into the successful company it is today.

Dennis, despite being retired, maintains a strong passion for the business. Alpine Action UK is now run by Dionne, operates from Shoreham Airport. The primary goal, both then and now, remains to offer exceptional catered chalet holidays in one of the world's top skiing destination, Meribel. 

The business was established by people who have a passion for skiing in the Three Valleys and continues to be managed by them to this day.


Please contact Dionne if you have any questions, email us at sales@alpineaction.co.uk or click here to call: ☎  01273 977677 

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The company was founded for the love of Skiing in the Three Valleys and is still run today by those same people.   


Please contact Dionne or Pam if you have any questions, email us at sales@alpineaction.co.uk or click here to call: ☎  01273 977677