Dietary Requests

Alpine Action Menus and Dietary Requests Explained

The nature of a catered chalet holiday has traditionally been a set menu for the whole chalet during the week. This is the element that allows us to provide competitively priced catered holidays in the first-class Ski Resort of Meribel. Our chalet menus are set as this enables us to maximise our buying power and to train our chalet hosts to deliver a consistently high standard of delicious food.

We have found recently that requests for dishes/food outside of our set menus have increased and become more complicated. They often involve ingredients that are not readily available in ski resorts, (or are expensive if they are) or need to be prepared in addition to the normal set menus delivered by our hosts.

We are often not been notified in advance of someone requiring vegetarian food for example. Please note our chalet hosts are not professional chefs.

There is a charge for some dietary requests. Whilst there is not a charge for every type of dietary requirement, if any request is not pre-booked you will be charged in the resort.

Having costs for dietary requests means we can be better prepared. This ensures we can continue to offer ski holidays at such incredible prices whilst still producing are delicious menus.

We are not alone in introducing costs for dietary requests and the majority of our competitors already do so.

However please note, that not all dietary requests can be met.  If you are on a diet, then a chalet holiday might not be your best option, however, you can choose what you eat from our menu.  You must discuss any requests with us before you book as a chalet holiday may not be right for you.



VEG Vegetarian 

None if pre-booked/or 45€ in resort

VGN Vegan

£35 if pre-booked/or 55€ in resort

NNT No nuts 

None if pre-booked/or 35€ in resort

NFH No Fish

None if pre-booked/or 35€ in resort

NPK No Pork

None if pre-booked/or 35€ in resort

VEF Vegetarian eats fish

None if pre-booked/or 35€ in resort

GFD Gluten Free 

£35 if pre-booked/or 45€ in resort

DFD Diary/Lactose-Free 

£35 if pre-booked/or 45€ in resort

CED Coeliac 

£40 if pre-booked/or 50€ in resort

GDF Gluten & Dairy Free

£45 if pre-booked/or 55€ in resort

HTC High Tea for Children under 13

None if pre-booked/or 45€ in resort

Other special diet requests  

Please call for options/charges

Important Information: Ingredients are not always clearly evident on labels, particularly when taking into account translation discrepancies, we cannot guarantee to avoid specified ingredients.  
Food allergies: We cannot guarantee the complete avoidance of specific foodstuffs (for example nuts) and therefore cannot accept any liability in the event of an allergic reaction.  Please note our hosts are not professional chefs.

Vegan Diet
We do not charge for a vegan diet, but France/Ski resorts don't tend to be vegan friendly, with almost every menu featuring cheese fondue and cured meats. The choice is limited during the day at restaurants, trying to explain to a Frenchman that you are vegan may well fall on deaf ears, so be prepared as your choice may only be veg soup, salad, or chips.  We have offered a vegetarian option in our chalets for the past 30 years and continue to do so. On occasions, we can adapt this to being vegan if it is not already, but it is hard for our chalet hosts to produce elaborate vegan cuisine. The supermarkets do not have the same amazing choices we do in the UK, especially in the mountains.  We can offer you dairy-free options of milk, yoghurt, and maybe even ice cream, but there are no dairy-free cheeses and certainly no Linda Macartney sausages or similar choices available locally. Our hosts will do their very best to accommodate you. 

Likes and Dislikes
Our staff can’t take notes and cater to people’s food likes and dislikes.  The set menus are varied and made from local and fresh produce, you can choose what you would like to eat from those. Our host Chalet hosts are not professional chefs and don't have the time or resources to make a variety of different dinners for people each evening.
Please note that if you or your party leader fail to inform us of dietary requirements or allergies before your arrival, then we will struggle to provide these. There will be a late notification charge per person. Alpine Action cannot guarantee the provision of a special diet on the first day of your holiday in the event of last-minute notice. Please note that our chalet staff has pre-purchased or ordered all the products and ingredients required for the week ahead. 

If your dietary requests are not answered here please contact us on  01273 977677 or email us at