Your Guide To Ski Chalet Holidays 2023

Ski Chalet 'Virage' in the French Alps

Ski Chalet ‘Virage’ in the French Alps

Are you looking for the best ski chalet holidays 2023? As providers of luxury ski chalets in the French Alps, we’re sharing useful information to read before you book your trip. We’ll discuss what you can expect from a catered ski chalet holiday in 2023, the price of chalet holidays and where to find the best ski chalets. Let’s begin.

What Is A Ski Chalet Holiday?

A ski chalet is essentially a house, usually made from wood, located in areas where skiing is popular such as the French and Swiss Alps. Ski chalets are designed to fit the lifestyle of the skier, and are typically very spacious and boast beautiful traditional architecture. Therefore, ski chalet holidays are exactly what the name suggests – a luxury getaway in a ski chalet.

What Can I Expect From A Ski Chalet Holiday In 2023?

In 2023, ski holidays are bigger and better than ever. There are a few different types of ski chalet holidays 2023. Options include catered ski chalets, family ski chalets, couple chalet holidays, group ski chalets and shared chalets.

Ski chalet bedroom interior with two beds

Ski chalet bedroom interior with two beds

At Alpine Action, when you stay at one of our chalets, you can expect an amazing experience at an excellent location. Some of the services to expect on your ski chalet holiday include:

  • Fully catered chalets
  • Continental breakfast every morning
  • Afternoon tea, cake or biscuits (5* days) 
  • Pre-dinner canapes and aperitif
  • Delicious three-course dinner (5* nights)
  • Ski and boot rooms with heated boot warmers
  • Cheeseboard with a local selection
  • Free WiFi
  • Selection of board games

You can expect the above services in all our chalets. Some of our chalets offer additional services such as outdoor jacuzzi hot tubs, saunas, games rooms and private cinemas. You can browse all our Meribel ski chalets here for more information about each individual chalet and what it offers.

What’s Included In A Catered Chalet?

A chalet is no doubt a beautiful place to stay during your ski holiday, however you may spend time worrying about what to eat or drink during the daytime and evenings. Catered chalets take away the stress, as your chalet host (or multiple chalet hosts) will prepare and cook every meal for you. This is extremely useful during your trip, as you don’t need to spend any time worrying about what to eat next. Instead, you can enjoy your catered chalet holiday and make the most of what it has to offer.

 Ski chalet 'Azalee' beautiful dining area

 Ski chalet ‘Azalee’ beautiful dining area

How Much Do Catered Ski Chalet Holidays Cost?

The price of our catered chalets varies, depending on the chalet you choose as well as the time of year. Prices for December 2023 begin at £550 for the Virage and range up to £1,600. You can see all pricing and availability information here or for a more tailored price, you can get a quote here.

How Many Guests Can Stay In Ski Chalets?

The number of guests that can stay in each ski chalet will depend on which cabin you choose. Our Meribel ski chalets can host between 8 – 14 guests, making them perfect for families or large groups. If you are thinking of a couple’s ski chalet holiday or are a smaller group, don’t worry! We also offer shared chalets, which often see guests make new friends and bond over their day on the slopes.

Is A Catered Ski Chalet Holiday Suitable For Children?

Yes. Our catered chalet holidays are suitable for children and families. We take extra steps to accommodate families with children. We offer children’s menus and children under the age of 13 are provided an earlier dinner, which is served between 6 – 6:30 pm. Note that this depends on your requirements and the child’s age.

Additionally, Alpine Action works with several childcare providers, with nannies who care for your little ones in the comfort of your own chalet. If you have any questions regarding childcare providers, get in touch and we will be happy to help! Please note that childcare services must be booked directly with the providers.

Views from the 'Alysson' ski chalet

Views from the ‘Alysson’ ski chalet

Where Are The Best Ski Chalet Holidays?

The French Alps are famous for their unbeatable ski holidays and are home to the infamous Three Valleys, which include Meribel. Part of the largest linked ski area in the world, Meribel offers 600km+ of marked pistes and 200 ski lifts over a 110 square-mile area. So if you’re looking for ski chalet holidays in France, you’re in the right place! Alpine Action offers 5 star ski chalet holidays in Meribel in the French Alps.

Other places that are known for ski chalet holidays include Austria and Switzerland – namely, the Swiss Alps.

Book Your Ski Holiday Today

Hopefully, you will now have a better understanding of what’s on offer for ski chalet holidays 2023. A ski holiday is the perfect holiday for any group of people, and there’s no better place to stay than a chalet, as they are designed specifically for skiers. If you are ready to book your next trip, then you can book your ski holiday here. Or if you would like more information about our ski chalets, get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Snow on the Meribel mountains

What Is The Weather In Meribel Like?

Meribel, located in the French Alps, is well known for its stunning ski chalets. The town has become a firm favourite for skiers around the globe thanks to its beautiful views and range of slopes. But what does the typical weather forecast in Meribel look like? Here at Alpine Action, we own several ski chalets in Meribel Centre. In this blog post, we’re sharing what you can expect from the Meribel weather. We’ll also share whether it’s good for skiing and the best time of year to visit. Let’s begin.

What Does The Weather Forecast In Meribel Typically Look Like?

Located in the French Alps, the weather forecast in Meribel remains cold throughout the year. It snows almost all year round, with July receiving the least snowfall and December the most. Meribel experiences freezing winters, with January being the coldest month of the year.

Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of the weather forecast in Meribel:

January – Coldest month of the year, with temperatures reaching freezing level and remaining below zero.

February – The last month of the freezing winter. The average temperature remains below zero throughout the month.

March – Temperatures remain cold but pass zero. The first month of Spring.

April – A cold spring month, with snow forecast for around 12 days of the month.

May – The average high temperature sits at 10 degrees Celsius and the average low at 1 degree Celsius.

June – The first summer month. Average temperatures range between 4 – 16 degrees Celsius.

July – The month with the lowest amount of snow forecast. Days tend to be generally light.

August – The warmest month of the year, with lots of sunshine forecast in the area.

September – The driest month of the year, with the least amount of rain forecast.

October – The average low temperature sits at 0 degrees Celsius and the average high at 10 degrees Celsius.

November – The last month of autumn, November is a cold month. There is an average of 5.8 hours of sunshine per day.

December – The first month of winter and the month with the most snowfall.

Above is general information about the weather Meribel. For more detailed forecasts in real-time, we recommend keeping an eye on a weekly report for the Meribel weather forecast.

Is The Meribel Weather Good For Skiing?

The weather in Meribel, France is perfect for skiing. Meribel is one of the infamous Three Valleys in the French Alps and is part of the largest linked ski area in the world. Various different slopes are available, with gentler slopes for beginners and more advanced slopes for thrill seekers and professionals. Meribel offers great skiing for all!

When Is The Best Time To Go Skiing In Meribel?

December – April are the best months to go skiing in Meribel, with plenty of snow forecast during the season. Most ski resorts are only open during this time and close during the summer months, due to the change of weather in Meribel.

Snow next to a hot tub at the 'Serpolet' ski chalet

Snow next to a hot tub at the ‘Serpolet’ ski chalet

Does It Snow Often In Meribel?

Snow is a crucial part of the Meribel weather. Meribel experiences snow almost all winter, with fresh snow forecast every month. December experiences the heaviest snowfall, at almost 100cm on average.

How Often Does It Rain In Meribel?

Rain is forecast every month in Meribel. The months April – September see the highest numbers of rainy days. However, December sees the most rainfall in mm, followed by May, June, July and November, while September has the least amount of rain in mm. Overall, December can be said to have the most heavy rain, while other months experience moderate rain. As you can tell, the weather in Meribel is full of rain, snow and sunshine!

What Is The Wind Speed Like In Meribel?

Wind speed in Meribel is lowest in September and tends to be highest in March and November. Wind speed begins to drop from April – September, before picking back up again in October. Therefore, you can expect windy Meribel weather from October onwards.

Book Your Ski Holiday In Meribel, Today

Whichever ski chalet you decide to go for, you can book your ski holiday in the French Alps today.

The weather in Meribel is perfect for a ski holiday. Here at Alpine Action, we have limited availability at our stunning ski chalets, so we recommend booking your trip in advance to avoid disappointment. Our Meribel ski chalets are ideal for families, large groups and we even offer shared chalets for smaller groups. Choosing a shared chalet is a great idea to meet new people and make some lifelong friends.

The Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Skiing Holidays and Why They’ll Get Cheaper Over Time

You’ve probably done some existing research into the cost of skiing and at this stage have quite possibly been put off by those hair-raising initial costs. You might find yourself asking why is skiing SO expensive. Well, if it’s a first-time ski trip you are seriously considering, it probably won’t be the last and with time costs will reduce.

With an extensive list of equipment needed, ski lessons, ski clothing, safety gear, accommodation, travel, food, insurance, the list goes on it all starts to add up. However, starting with a means to go on will usually mean a reduction in costs as early as your second ski trip. Depending on how quickly you grasp whizzing down the slopes and if you’ve invested in your own ski equipment. And whether it’s your first time skiing or you’re an advanced skier there are plenty of ways to reduce costs with a few nifty tricks.

Your first time skiing and the initial cost of skiing

Think of your first-time skiing experience or snowboarding holiday as an investment, one that with time will reduce future ski holiday costs. Reinjecting some fun into the possibility of future trips without the wallet scare. Allowing you to actually enjoy your experience, rather than worrying about possibly having to remortgage your house or move out altogether.

How much does a skiing holiday cost?

For full transparency, there is a lot to consider when planning a ski trip. Depending on how long you’ll actually want to spend on the slopes you’ll need to consider the costs per person depending on your holiday length:

  1. Accommodation including the choice of ski apartments or self-catering apartments, hotels, chalets
  2. Transport including flights and transfers 
  3. Ski school and lessons for those early trips 
  4. Food and drink
  5. Equipment hire, safety equipment and clothing
  6. Skiing Insurance 
  7. Ski lift pass for lift travel up the mountain, lift passes range from a few hours to a complete season of lift and mountain access
  8. If you’re travelling by car, think about parking and car hire costs
  9. Activities and entertainment other than skiing like ice skating, spa days, mountaineering, etc

Your Skiing Investments

Ski lessons and school

If it’s your first ski season, it’s unlikely you’ll slide on your skis for the very first time and hit the slopes. It’s essential to get some professional instruction at a ski school. It’s probably much cheaper to get a lesson or two than hurtle down a slope and end up in hospital abroad. But it’s great to point out here, that it’s most definitely an initial added cost, remember you won’t need lessons every time you book a ski trip.

It’s important to get some lessons under your belt and unfortunately, it’s going to cost you, but again it’s an initial investment. One that will be incredibly beneficial in those first few days and of course in years to come when you’re a pro!

To ensure a head start rather than jumping in we’d recommend watching some ski videos and tutorials for the basics as these will help move your initial ski lessons at a good pace. It’ll also prepare you for what to expect too. Another great way to get some practice is by visiting an indoor ski slope, some simulating real snow conditions for extra realism. There are plenty dotted around the UK including 1:1 and group lessons at a much cheaper price than an on-location lesson.

Buying vs renting your ski equipment

As a first-time skier, you need to consider whether you want to buy or rent your skiing equipment which will of course have a huge impact on future ski trips. Initially, a substantial cost of skiing equipment and ski clothes are vital and if you are planning on subsequent trips it absolutely worth investing in your own ski equipment. Of course, we’re not suggesting picking up the full monty on your first trip, there’s no need to cart around two-meter skis to the airport on your first go. However securing your helmet, boots and goggles pre-travel is a great start. Alpine Action offers discounted hire if you have your own boots and helmet so you’ll just cover the cost of your skis and poles or snowboard. Make sure to pick entry-level and beginner skis 

Of course, after your initial investment in your boots, helmet and goggles you’ll have them for life. The same goes for that initial cost spent on ski clothing. There’s a lot you’ll need to buy first time around, but you won’t need to do the same haul for your next trip.

Your skiing packing list

If you are wondering what to wear when skiing or what to buy it’s likely you’ll already have some of the essentials: 

  • Winter hat
  • Neck warmer/buff
  • Thermal tops & Leggings
  • Fleeces
  • Waterproof ski jacket
  • Waterproof ski trousers
  • Waterproof gloves or mittens
  • Thermal bottoms
  • Ski/board socks 
  • Suncream & Lip Balm

And then there are your own holiday essentials to include as well as things like a day pack and a water bottle etc. 

Invest in yourself with pre-ski ski exercises

It’s also essential to prepare your body for the extensive exercise you’ll be undertaking every day. You don’t want to spend half your holiday sat on the sidelines, aching all over. Squats, wall sits, lunges and planks are all great at-home ski exercises. Balance and coordination, as well as lateral movement, are all key and can be practised through ice skaters and lateral hops. General fitness and cardio are also essential, so running, cycling, or brisk walks should be practised at least two or three times a week. Remember to stretch before and after your time out in the snow to prevent injuries.

Tips for Skiing on a Budget

There’s quite a list to consider when planning, don’t be disheartened as it all seems to add up. Your ski resort may also offer beginner packages for the perfect holiday, including everything you’ll need as a first-time adult skier.

When is the best time to book a ski holiday

There are plenty of ways to cut back, like ensuring you don’t plan for a ski trip during the school holidays. It’s also worth seeing if the beginning of the season and end of the season are a little cheaper, too, as these weeks can be a little quieter. Choosing a self-catering apartment may be more expensive upfront, but you’ll end up saving during your stay down to some good old home cooking.

When is the best time to book a ski holiday?

There are plenty of ways to cut back like ensuring you don’t plan for a ski trip during the school holidays. It’s also worth seeing if the beginning of season and end of season are a little cheaper too as these weeks can be a little quieter. Choosing a self-catering apartment may seem like a cheaper option to start with but could end up being more expensive when having to shop or eat out in a resort, plus you will have to tidy up after yourself. Staying in a catered chalet is a by far the most cost-effective way to stay in a resort, breakfast, and afternoon tea every day, with a four-course evening meal and wine for 5 out of 7 nights, and all this prepared, cooked and served to you. Take the strain and cost out of your holiday. Alpine Action offer fully catered chalets in the centre of Meribel.

Ski equipment and clothing

If you’re choosing to purchase your equipment and clothing there’s no need to go for the flashy, fashion branding. Just ensure you’ve got good protection and proper equipment that’s durable so you can use it year in and year out. Alternatively, you can always check with family and friends if there’s anything you could potentially borrow. Or check second-hand marketplaces for pre-loved equipment, sports stores also heavily discount old stock and reduce prices for end-of-season sales, you can always do your shopping early to help spread the cost.

Pre-booking your equipment and ski hire before you jet off also offers discounts including further discounts if you have your own boots and helmet. After all, it’s unlikely your head or feet are going to grow an inch by next year.

If you are travelling on a family ski holiday a ski pass is usually discounted or free depending on the age of your child. And if you’re new to skiing choose a local lift pass as it’s unlikely you’ll be scooting around the entire mountain where lift pass prices will start to increase dramatically.

The best ski deals

And if you want to go that one step further for the cheapest price, it’s best to book a winter trip, roughly any time after the first week of January. It’s said this is when you’ll find the most affordable options. Lastly, it goes without saying, as with any holiday, if you book early you are most likely to get the best holiday deal. It also means you have the opportunity to spread your travel, equipment and resort costs too. 

Where to ski and snowboard

Of course, if you are looking to save money overall generally you’ll probably want to stay as local as possible given flight prices. European resorts are a great place to start there are so many to choose from across the extensive Alps mountain range including French resort Meribel, impressively part of the biggest ski area in the world. Alps skiing offers thousands of opportunities spanning from France to Austria with over 1000 European ski resorts. 

Book your Meribel skiing holiday with Alpine Action early for the best deals on ski chalets, France and equipment hire. Start your ski journey in Meribel, welcoming families, first time skiers and our returning advanced skiers. There is truly something for everyone. Enquire now to experience skiing on the world’s largest ski resort!

Get ski fit for your ski holiday

Get ski fit for your ski holiday

Ski for longer and ski better

Being ski fit for your ski holiday is essential for several reasons. It enhances your performance by improving your strength, endurance, balance, and agility, allowing you to ski with control and efficiency.

The biggest impact that being fit for your ski holiday will be that you will enjoy your time on the slopes even more. You will be able to take on bigger challenges, explore the whole of the Three Valleys and not get the midweek energy slump. 

To help we asked our friends to make us a fitness video to ensure you are ski fit. So get ready for skiing and improve your muscular endurance, flexibility, strength and mobility so you can ski for longer and ski better.

Alpine Action Ski Fit Video

10-minute ski fit workout for Alpine Action from fitness guru Bay Fitness.

Start these exercise 4 weeks before your trip and do each exercise for 1 minute every day.

If you’re not too fit to start with you can perform each exercise for 20 seconds and build up until you can manage the full minute.

Take a look at all our chalets for 2023/24

Ski fitness breakdown

Exercise One – The Running Man
Exercise Two – Curtsey Lunge
Exercise Three – Side Step Squat
Exercise Four – Yoga Long Lunge
Exercise Five – Parallel Ski Jump
Exercise Six – Lunge and High Kick
Exercise Seven – Forward Diametric Jump
Exercise Eight – The Hindu Squat
Exercise Nine – The Dance of Warrior Two
Exercise Ten – Lunge and Rotate
Ski with

Get ski fit with

Ski Fitness app and workout

Ski Fitness Apps and Online workouts

There are plenty of other ways to get your fitness ready for skiing, like a fitness app. You may be using one to help you train and stay fit already, so check to see if you can tailor your workouts to improve the muscles and endurance you need for skiing.


Prepare yourself for the upcoming skiing and snowboarding season with SnowFit workouts. These tailored exercises target your legs, arms, core, back, balance, mobility, and cardio fitness, ensuring you are in top shape. With seven workouts available, each offering multiple levels of difficulty, you can customize your training to suit your fitness level and goals. With over four hours of exercise in total, SnowFit provides a comprehensive fitness program to get you ready for the slopes.

Download the app


SkiFit is designed specifically for skiers to improve their fitness and performance on the slopes. They also offer customized training plans, workout videos, and exercises targeting ski-specific muscles.

Watch SkiFit Videos


The SkierFit app, available at, offers a specialized program designed to improve your fitness for skiing. The app provides a comprehensive training plan with exercises targeting the specific muscles and movements used in skiing. SkierFit focuses on enhancing your strength, endurance, balance, and agility to optimize your performance on the slopes. The program includes a variety of workouts and training sessions suitable for different fitness levels. By following the SkierFit program, you can enhance your skiing abilities, prevent injuries, and make the most of your ski adventures.

Try the SkierFit app

Get ski fit

Ski Yoga

We are big advocates of Yoga or Snowga here at Alpine Action. We know that it helps strengthen muscles used for skiing and makes you more flexible, which is a big bonus for skiers.

Here are two of our favourite ski-focused yoga sessions on YouTube.

The first is this gentle one from the Ski improvement app Carv.

The second is a more intense yoga session from Erin at Five Parks Yoga. Quite a few of us in the team have been known to do this one religiously every week before and during the ski seasons.

Olympic skiers workouts

Bode Miller

If you’re looking for something more hardcore, you could check Bode Miller’s hardcore skiing workout.

Bode Miller’s workout

The workout includes a combination of exercises targeting the legs, core, and upper body, with an emphasis on explosive movements and functional training. Miller incorporates various activities such as weightlifting, plyometrics, balance exercises, and cardio workouts to improve his overall fitness and skiing performance. By following his rigorous routine, skiers can gain inspiration and ideas for their own training programs, aiming to enhance their skills and excel in the thrilling world of skiing.

Chemmy Alcott

Chemmy Alcott had a remarkable career as a British alpine ski racer, competing in multiple Winter Olympic Games and World Championships. She specialized in the speed events of downhill and super-G, where she showcased her exceptional skills and daring approach.

You can discover some of her secrets in this short Ski fitness video she made for the Ski Club or Great Britain.

Apres ski fitness

We have saunas or hot tubs in most our chalets. To some they are a relaxing treat at the end of the ski day. But they also have a real benifit for your body after a fun day on the slopes.

Saunas and hot tubs benefit skiers by promoting muscle relaxation, improving circulation, relieving stress, aiding in detoxification, and providing joint and pain relief. They offer a soothing and rejuvenating experience that helps skiers recover faster and enhance their overall well-being.

Ski fit hot tub
Chalet Serpolet


Why each month of the winter ski season is the best to go skiing.

Can’t decide which month to go skiing in Meribel? We can help you decide.

The truth is from December to April, each month is a great month to go skiing. But they are all different and will give you a slightly different experience.

Here is our rundown on the benefits and pros of skiing in each month of the season.

December skiing in Meribel

December skiing in Meribel

December is typically the start of the winter ski season in Meribel and is often when the first significant snowfalls of the season arrive. Fresh snow can make for excellent skiing conditions, especially for powder skiing!

Early December is often less busy than the peak weeks later in the month. , meaning you can enjoy shorter lift lines and less crowded slopes.

Meribel has a festive atmosphere during the Christmas holiday season, with themed events and activities taking place throughout the month of December. Visitors can enjoy holiday lights, music, Santa visits, NYE celebrations and other seasonal celebrations.

January skiing in Meribel

January skiing in Meribel

Meribel typically receives plenty of snowfall in January, which makes for excellent skiing conditions.

January is generally less busy in Meribel than peak season months like February: fewer people and more ski time.

Ski holidays are often more affordable during January due to the low demand.

February skiing in Meribel

By February, the ski resort has had time to accumulate a significant amount of snow, providing excellent skiing conditions throughout the resort’s various runs and trails.

In February, the days start to get longer, providing skiers with more daylight hours to enjoy the slopes and the stunning views of the mountains.

Many countries have school holidays in February, This creates a lively atmosphere, with plenty of activities for both children and adults.

February skiing in Meribel

March skiing in Meribel

In March, the ski resort usually has an excellent base of snow, and the skiing conditions are still very good, with a combination of packed powder and spring-like snow. The weather is usually milder than in the winter months, with plenty of sunshine.

Meribel often hosts a range of spring skiing events and festivals in March. And due to the longer days, early evening concerts and outdoor apres-ski gets into full swing.

March skiing in Meribel

April skiing in Meribel

April is often associated with warm and sunny weather, making it an ideal time for skiers who enjoy spring skiing in mild conditions.

It is considered a quieter period compared to February and March, so you can enjoy the mountain without the crowds.

March and April offer longer days, providing skiers with more daylight hours to enjoy the slopes and the stunning views of the mountains.

The end of the ski season is often celebrated with a range of events and festivities, such as live music performances, barbecues, and other fun activities.

Why you should book your ski holiday early

Booking your ski holiday early is a good idea – Here are a few reasons why

Book your ski trip early

If you enjoyed your last ski trip you probably can’t wait until the next one which is a great reason to book your next one early.

But there are other benefits to sorting your ski holiday out in advance.

Meribel is a unique ski resort with a huge variety of locations and various levels of accommodation. Booking early will mean you get the best chalet in the best location for the best price.

Here are a few more perks of booking your ski holiday early.

Peak dates

If you are planning a ski trip at Christmas, New Year, February Half Term or Easter, you should think about securing your preferred accommodation early.

These are popular dates to go skiing in Meribel, and the chalets can get booked up early.

By the end of April,  we are usually 65% booked with returning guests for the next season on these dates.

Large groups

If there is a large group of you going skiing, then getting in early will give you more chalet options to choose from and make sure you get the one you want.

As the ski season gets closer, chalets start to get booked, and individual rooms are taken up, making it harder to fit large parties into one chalet.

Early offers

There are always great offers at the start of the season, from free lift passes to group discounts.

Check out all our special offers.

Don’t miss out on the room and chalet you want

If you have spent ages scrolling through the options and then set your heart on a chalet you want to stay in, there is nothing worse than it not being available when you go to book it.

If you love skiing in Meribel, you will know that getting a well-located chalet can be a bit tricky, and you will notice that the best-located chalets get booked early.

Reserving your holiday early on also guarantees that you get the ensuite room with a south-facing balcony that you want in the chalet.

Low deposits

Booking early doesn’t mean you have to pay upfront, unlike if you wait until the season starts. We require a deposit, and then the final balance is due 10 weeks before your departure.

This gives you plenty of time to save up or pay for the trip in instalments.

Best prices

The best price is often offered at the end of the season for next winter, as demand can often push prices up.


You should always consider where you want to fly from when booking a ski trip early.

There may be a limited number of flights from your preferred departure point. And we all know that booking a flight early saves a huge amount of money.

If you are planning to book your holiday to Meribel or La Tania early – Give us a call tel: +44(0) 1273 466 535, and we will find the best trip for you.

How to ski in spring snow – Master the slush.

When spring arrives in the mountains, so do the warmer temperatures, blue skies and longer evenings.

In Meribel, the higher slopes remain colder to the end of the season, with snow hanging around well into May. Naturally, the lower slopes will start to melt, and the afternoon slush is hard to avoid.

But don’t let that put you off. Slush is fun. There is a reason we call it champaign powder. Plus the apres can start a little earlier!

Take advantage of spring skiing. Change your style and have a load of fun.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to master spring ski conditions and the slush.

Wider skis with more surface area provide better floatation on soft snow and make it easier to turn in slushy conditions.

To maintain balance and control, keep your weight centred over your skis and slightly forward. Avoid leaning back, as this will cause your skis to sink in the snow.

A wider stance provides better stability on soft snow and allows you to manoeuvre more effectively.

Slushy snow can be slower than other snow conditions, so be patient and use a slower pace to maintain control. Use shorter, quicker turns to maintain your balance and avoid catching an edge.

Ski in the morning

The snow is typically firmer in the morning, making it easier to carve turns and maintain control. Try to hit the slopes early and take a break during the warmest part of the day.

Warmer temperatures and wet snow require a different type of wax than other snow conditions. Make sure to use a wax that is designed for these conditions, or have your skis waxed by a professional.

Stay hydrated – Skiing in the sun and warmer temperatures can be dehydrating. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and avoid fatigue.

Try something new in the spring snow

Spring skiing can be a great time to try something new, such as skiing in the park or trying a new trick. Take advantage of the softer snow and warmer temperatures to challenge yourself and have fun.

Book a spring ski trip with us

Make the most of your half-term ski trip to Meribel.

If you love skiing and want to share your passion with your children, then it is likely that you will be going on a February Half term ski trip. 

We want you to be able to enjoy your ski trip no matter what week it is. But we also know that many factors can make a half-term ski trip a bit more hectic. 

So whether you’re a teacher, married to a teacher or have school children, we have some handy advice on how to get the most out of a half-term ski trip. 

Choose a modern resort for half-term

Firstly you should book a resort with excellent lift infrastructure. Meribel and the Three Valleys is a good choice. The constantly evolving lift system is good at keeping people moving. Currently, the area can move 284,113 per hour uphill.

Go for a positive approach

Remember you are on holiday, and sure so is the rest of the UK but stay with the holiday attitude. It will be busy, but as long as you are prepared for that, you will have a good time. 

If you feel negative, you will have a bad time. But if you go with a positive attitude and a chilled-out approach, you will have a much better time. 

Start early at half-term

A practical tip is to start early, get to the lower lifts early and avoid the mid-morning rush. 9 am is much quieter than 10 am.

Ski at lunch

A classic tip to avoid queuing in a ski resort is to ski during the lunch window. And it works. Over half of all the skiers on the mountain will be enjoying lunch in a mountain restaurant between 12 and 2 pm.

You can also flip this idea by brunching instead of lunching or having a late lunch. 

Baguettes on the lift are the ultimate way to stay fuled and not miss a moment. There are also loads of indoor and outdoor picnic areas dotted across Meribel and The 3 Valleys. 

Stay high

Take the lift out of the resort and stay high. Head to the fringes of the ski area. It is incredible how many people don’t explore the whole area. Once you are up out of the resort, stay up high and avoid returning to the main lift. 

Try the Olympic chair in Meribel, Point de la Masse in Les Menuires, Chaplets in Courchevel 1650 and La Tania for some possible quiet skiing. 

resturant - meribel - half-term

Looping the same run is not a crime

If you find a lift with few people, it might be a good idea to ski it a few times, explore the natural features and push yourself to improve down a familiar face.

Have some fun games to play in lift lines

You will find that you rarely have to queue for very long, and all the hype about waiting hours doesn’t materialise. 

But if it does happen, have a few games up your sleeve to keep your children and kidults entertained. 

Games like the Alphabet Memory Game “I went on a ski holiday, and I packed…”, 2 Truths & a Lie, or stick Heads Up on your phone.  

Meribel at half-term

Interesting queuing fact: The average wait time at Alton Towers is 60 minutes.

Book ahead for the best places to eat at half-term

If you are a planner, know what you want to eat and where to book it as early as possible. You can always ask your resort rep for advice or help.

This also applies to resort activities and limited events.

Get a ski instructor.

Ski schools get priority access to all lifts in Meribel. You could always book an instructor if you want to avoid the lift queues. The downside is when your instructor leaves you, and you have to queue like everyone else. 

However, as it is half-term, you may find that instructors get booked up fast, so you may need to plan ahead and book early. 


… ignore all of this, do what you want, go when you like and just be chilled out about what happens. You are on holiday.

Swimming in Meribel: An alternative Apres ski idea.

Alpine Actions Managing director Dionne was pleasantly surprised when she decided to go for a swim in the Meribel swimming pool after skiing instead of the usual Apres ski experiences. 

And she may be onto something. Her alternative apres was fun, budget-friendly and relaxing. 

Here is what Dionne had to say about her aquatic adventure…

Meribel Swimming pool

Swimming in Meribel, an alternative to après! I hear you gasp!

I have always loved swimming, which is something to do with living on the south coast of the UK, where Alpine Action is based. I regularly take a dip in the sea before or after my day in the office. Taking a sea swim all year round helps me stay connected to nature and prepares me for winter ski trips. 

So, imagine my delight when I finally decided to visit Meribel’s swimming centre on a recent resort trip.

The pool is located in the Parc Olympic, where you will also find the ice rink and other activities. 

Once poolside, I felt that instant calm and relaxation you get when you come into contact with water. The space is warm, and the water is welcoming. 

Meribel Swimming pool

The swimming pool is 25m with lane swimming and a flume for children aged 6+; there is also a paddling pool for little ones. There are also activities such as Aqua-gym (aqua aerobics) and aqua-bike (I didn’t try either). They also offer a variety of special events and activities throughout the season.

The other joy of this activity is the price. 7€ yes, that is right, just 7€, cheaper than a dessert or a pint. It could quite possibly be the cheapest thing to do in Meribel. Free for those under five years.

There is also a spa at the centre, offering a sauna, hammam and steam room. This was from 22€ pp.

If you like this idea, remember to pack your swimming kit. For men, note that there is a strict speedo or tighty trunk policy, and board or loose shorts will not be tolerated.  

Fortunately, a vending machine sells everything you need to enjoy a swim for you and your children, swim shorts, goggles, swimsuits, armbands, and swimming nappies – all at very reasonable prices! Cards taken for payment.

We found the pool to be empty, very clean, and a great alternative to après (if you could imagine such a thing).

Key information about the Meribel swimming pool.

Entrance is through Parc Olympique building right at the La Chaudanne

It is open from 2 pm until 7 pm

You can hire a towel for 4€

You’ll need a refundable 1€ for the locker.

There are free hairdryers.

English spoken.

Last entry: 45mins before closing time.

10 reasons why Méribel is better than Courchevel or Val Thorens!

Our guide to why Méribel is the best resort in the 3 Valleys.

The resort of Méribel sits in the Tarentaise valley of the French Alps. It’s a vibrant ski resort with an international following, popular across the winter ski season as well as the more relaxing summer climbing and hiking months. But with two such illustrious neighbours as Courchevel to the east and Val Thorens to the west sharing the mighty Three Valleys ski area, we got to wondering what puts Méribel so far ahead of the competition! Well, we’ve made a list of exactly why Méribel beats Courchevel and Val Thorens. 

#1 Location

Méribel takes pride of place in the centre of the Three Valleys and no other resort in the area offers such easy access to all corners of the ski area. With the Saulire gondola swinging rapidly up to its namesake peak for skiing over in Courchevel, and the Tougnete lift winging people swiftly up towards les Menuires and beyond, Méribel wins hands down in this category. You could argue that Méribel-Mottaret is the actual winner here, being closest to the true centre of the Three Valleys, but Mottaret is part of the Méribel Valley!

3 valleys piste map 2017

#2 Best après ski

Méribel’s après ski scene used to be good. Now it’s excellent. The Rond Point has been a favourite amongst seasonnaires and visitors for years and remains a wonderfully popular venue. As the Méribel Folie Douce grows in popularity it means we have two epic venues to choose from and puts Méribel firmly at the top of the après ski tree in the Three Valleys.

Folie Douce Meribel

#3 Best beginners’ area

Anybody mastering their first turns on the snow, whether on skis, board or blades, needs to head to one of two spots in the Méribel valley that are dedicated to families and beginners. The first is the Altiport a long, rolling, green run that is simply ideal for learners and has trees on either side sheltering skiers from the elements.  The other is the Yeti park located around Mottaret. It is comprised of a gentle blue run called Yooni and a green run named Himalaya. The Yeti park area discourages the more adventurous skier leaving you safe to enjoy the wide runs, obstacles and entertainment.

Meribel- Mottaret Family ski area

#4 Best nightlife

Whilst it’s true that Courchevel Moriond and Val Thorens have good nightlife, neither of them can compete with the proximity of great bars to be found in Méribel town centre such as Jack’s Bar, famous for its live music and comedy and Barometer to name a few. And when they close, O’ Sullivans down the road is on hand to welcome revellers into the wee small hours. Val Thorens’ Malaysia nightclub offers strong competition but the overall winner has to be Méribel!

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#5 Prettiest resort centre

This is really a two horse race between Courchevel and Méribel – Val Thorens doesn’t get a look in here. Courchevel 1850 is pretty enough, and so are Moriond and le Praz, but none of them match the lovely Savoyard wood and stone to be found across Méribel, and charming, traditional villages in the Méribel valley such as Les Allues complete the picture.

#6 Best range of accommodation quality/price

Courchevel dominates the luxury market and Val Thorens is often a great resort choice for the budget conscious, especially in the last minute market, but none of them offer such a spectacular range of catered ski chalets, hotels and apartments from basic 2* properties all the way up to top-end 6* opulence. Again, Méribel trumps the competition.

#7 Best ski schools

This category is open to debate, because many of Méribel’s best ski schools also operate in Courchevel and some in Val Thorens as well. But the fact remains that Méribel offers some of the finest tuition of any resort in Europe, with classes, courses and clinics for every pursuit and every level imaginable. Alongside the established ESF are some great independent schools such as Magic in Motion, Marmalade and Parallel Lines.

Magic in Motion

#8 Best non-ski activities

Where better to be if bad weather keeps you off the snow than Méribel? The resort offers ice rink with ice hockey league matches to watch, climbing wall, swimming pool and cinema. Courchevel and Val Thorens have some of these facilities between them, but neither of them have the full list.

Swimming Pool Meribel


#9 Best range of restaurants

With the same range of basic burger joints as you’ll find in Val Thorens and the same quality (although perhaps not quantity) of Michelin starred restaurants as Courchevel, Méribel really is a foodie’s paradise. The resort offers cuisine to suit all tastes and budgets, from fine dinning in Le Blanchot over in the Altiport area to amazing pizza in La Refuge, located in the centre of town. Although prices can be high, the quality of the restaurants in Méribel means value for money is very good.

Meribel Restaurant

#10 Best off piste

This is another contentious point as both Courchevel and Val Thorens boast spectacular off piste in the right conditions. But with so many lines to choose from running down from the Saulire peak into Méribel Mottaret as well as the open powder fields to be found on Mont Vallon, to name but two, Méribel is the best part of the Three Valleys to find yourself in when the skies have opened and fresh powder has fallen.

Of course this is all hugely subjective and Courchevel and Val Thorens have just as many die-hard fans as Méribel does, and with good reason. One of the most wonderful things about the Three Valleys is the range and variety of the resorts, pistes and amenities found therein. That said, Méribel is still the best…!

If you would like to go on a ski holiday to Méribel then give us a call on 01273 466535 or go to