Back country as it’s also known has often been the reserve of the expert skier.  Off piste covers such a range of different snow and terrain, its hard to describe.
You Tube videos will show the wonders of deep powder that is the utopia of the off piste skier/snowboarder. Most off piste skiing is however a mix of conditions, from deep powder to wind blown snow and even spring snow that is smoother than the best groomed slope.

We always recommend using an experienced qualified guide that can provide you with the safety equipment you will need. 
The Three Valleys has such varied terrain that there is always something really interesting outside the boundary of the Ski resort.
From glaciers and high Alps down to meadows and woodlands and even delightful descents to the charming villages and hamlets.
The peaks reached by cable car or chair lift are over 3000 m. Three Valleys become 6 valleys when you spend some time with a Mountain Guide. There is nothing better than an early start too ensure you are the fist skiers at 3300 m and followed by snowy adventure ending in an Alpine Village at 1000m that just happens to have a great little restaurant.
With the arrival of the wider and rockered skis the off piste has become far more accessible to more skiers. Snowboarders have always had the right equipment for the softer snow you generally find further afield.
Ski Touring lifts the whole experience to another level. Its highly fashionable at the moment as it can be a fantastic work out. The reality is more a gentle walk that quickly shows you the natural side of the mountain. The animal tracks become interesting as you mimic their routes up the hill.
Most of the guides will use the ski lifts strategically to then walk for say 45 mins to an hour. This will get you to beautiful areas of the 3 Valleys and do not be surprised with some very close encounters with the wildlife. Regular skiers to the 3 Valleys are always astonished when they get away from the ski slopes and start to explore the surrounding Valleys.
Have a close look at the options available with The Bureau De Guides, Meribel.  As we highly recommend using a guide with safety equipment. 

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Combine your chalet holiday stay with us in Meribel or La Tania. It will certainly change your holidays and likely to change the rest of your visits to the French Alps.
Iain Macluskie - Alpine Action Resort Director