Meet The Team

The company was originally started in 1993 because of a passion for skiing and is still run day to day by those same people.

Dionne Heasman 

Managing Director

Dionne joined Alpine Action 1995 as a chalet girl. She left her job at the Daily Mail in London and headed out for her first season and a real introduction to skiing. She loved it and has never left. Dionne worked for another eight winter seasons and in the UK office during the summer months. She has been a chalet host, the cook, the cleaner, the driver, the representative and the Resort Manager. There is not much she doesn't know about the chalets or the Alpine Action holiday experience. She is passionate about Alpine Action, The Three Valleys and skiing. Dionne now works in the UK all year round after becoming a mother. She now enjoys skiing in the Three Valleys with her family as an Alpine Action client. Please feel free to ask her advice on any aspect of your holiday for an accurate and honest answer.

Favourite Run:   There are quite a few runs that I love, so to many to pin down to one. However I do love to ski from the top of Saulire all the way down to Meribel La Chaudanne without stopping!  My legs will be burning but it's a great feeling although do it a lot slower than my seasonnaire days!! 

Favorite Restaurant:  There are so many to choice from in the Three Valleys, too many to write about, maybe ask me on the phone. It would be nice to lunch in the best restaurants with the finest food and wines, however we tend to ski in a group, with children too so there are always budgets and dietary requirements to consider, so I normally find a happy balance.  My absolutely favorite, I love the Bouc Blanc at La Tania - great in all weathers, warm inside next to the fire when cold with moaning children and the sun terrace is great when its warm (straw sun hats are even supplied) they are very friendly here too and the food is plentiful and reasonable. The kids plates of fries here are huge! I would always recommend the plat-du-jour at restaurants (unless it is the doit au vin blanc - forget that) however the Tarte au Beaufort with green salad at the Bouc Blanc is superb, I also love a glass of Minuty on the terrace in the sun 

Le Ferme Choumette just before you get in St Martin, it is just off the piste at the bottom, it is signed posted, but you can miss it!  If you have gone under the bridge you have missed it! It is not only a restaurant but a full fledge farm and you can see the animals from the mezzanine windows! They also so a great veggie lasagna here ( I can never find much veggie food) 

Grand Lac at Les Menuires - At the end of the aptly named blue Grand Lac run, which is a blast. Not dissimilar to the Bouc Blanc really, friendly staff, warm inside when cold and a fantastic sun terrace and the food is plentiful, I make a point of saying this, as you can spend the same in a self serve, get a lot less and not enjoy it.  nfortunately you cannot have a little lay down afterwards, but a quick chair up and a blast back down sure get's rid of that feeling.  Please be advised all these get booked up, so I recommend booking in the morning, they all speak English to take your booking. 

Favourite Chalet: ​ Meribel - Chalet Bouchot, its beautifully furnished, has a real sense of a home, I laid in bed with a cup of tea and looked onto the runs in Meribel, it also has its own hot tub. Although I also love Rosalie (Meribel Village) great position, its a warm and comfy chalet. In La Tania - Chalet Attila, it's opposite the piste and has an out door hot-tub. But I have stayed in all our chalets and experienced the AA holiday many times and I am always impressed with what we offer.

Pam Hughes 

UK Sales 

Pam is a recent addition to the UK team, a very experienced skier she understands exactly the thrills and holiday experience skiers expect.

Favourite run: As a more sedate skier these days, I love the descent from Tougnette, where depending on my mood or 'condition' I take the red Blaire Au or more gentle Faon down into Meribel centre.  Both runs are generally quieter than the more popular pistes and therefore the snow under ski more often remains in better condition.

Favourite restaurant: Le Clos Bernard - conveniently placed on the Route de l'Altiport, friendly staff and excellent food.

Favourite chalet: Toubkal One and Two - La Tania, very light and modern chalets with a cosy wood burners and relaxing sauna."

Kayleigh Hannigan

UK Sales 

Favourite run: Biollay in Courchevel, a great blue run you can pick up speed and have a relaxing ski down, also if its clear there are fantastic views.

Favourite restaurant: Rond Point! A great place to get a snack in Meribel, they have something for everyone. It has a lovely terrace to enjoy the sunshine when easter skiing - my favourite! Also, it's fabulous for apres ski!

Favourite chalet: Chalet Cote Coeur in La Tania, a very picturesque chalet with very close access to the piste meaning you can get up and out and straight onto your skis in the morning.


Head of Office Morale

Sookie is the livest member of the UK Team.  Her role is very important, she is head of office morale. The days can be long but Sookie is always there with a friendly face and a cheeky smile to make our day. She would prefer more playtime but understands that we can often be busy. She loves being in the snow, but  prefers the beach and running around on the downs, getting muddy.


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