Meribel Twinned With Windermere

Meribel Twinned With Windermere

So why should you choose Windermere as a place to be twinned with Meribel? There must be more than the reason “just because Ange Jeffery nominated it!” That is exactly what we plan to find out in this blog.

Alpine Action has visited Windermere before, now we are not suggesting that this is a reason to twin it with Meribel, but as we look closer it could turn out to be a key link. During our first visit to Windermere we witnessed a case of amazing stupidity. It was a case of idiotic  littering as we witnessed a woman throw a polystyrene cup into the lake. When confronted she claimed it was disposable, this was back in the 80’s. In some ways the problem of throwing disposable things into areas of natural beauty has become endemic, in a similar way that cigarette butts have in Meribel. There is a link and that anecdote was not for nothing.


Windermere offers a refuge of pubs, restaurants and shops, from the surrounding hills of the Lake District. It acts as a base for many before the step out and explore the vast network of trails and walks, this is in much the same way that Meribel is treated and set up for the skier. Meribel has, like Windermere many shops full of technical equipment for the adventures that lay on the doorstep. For some it is part of the experience to head to the destination and buy the new kit for the weeks activity, this could be hiking or skiing, you could call it shopping with a reason. The shops in both places are also there for the absent minded, who each year forget to pack an essential piece of gear.

Windermere is a great match for Meribel in that people visit for one key ingredient. Ask someone what they expect when going to Windermere and they will tell you, begrudgingly, that they expect it to rain. If we are honest the name Lake District is code for rain, as those lakes don’t make them self.  This is the same reason that people head to Meribel, frozen rain. Without precipitation a winter holiday to Meribel would be a dull prospect, unless you like cold, dark walking holidays!

So there it is a few reasons why Meribel and Windermere could be great together under the international umbrella of the twinning association.

If you can think of more reasons, or want to share your joy or disgust of the idea, then please post your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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