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8 reason why we are looking forward to the ski season

8 things we are looking forward to this winter

There is a chill in the air, there has been no indian summer and people have started to put the heating on all of which means that it’s time to look forward to the winter season. It won’t be long before we are packing our bags and heading back to the Three Valleys, opening up our chalets in Meribel and La Tania and making sure our guest have a great ski holiday.

It has been a great summer, full of sun, sea and fun leaving us very little time to miss the mountains. Now the cold wind is blowing and our mind has started to drift to our colder happy place… here are some of the things we are looking forward to this winter.


Of course! As soon as the temperature drops we start to think about clipping into our skis and hitting the mountains. Right now as I type I can feel the excitement of the first day on the slopes. You know that feeling, the one that makes you just want to run to the lift knowing that the wait is nearly over and how that energy will carry you through the day as you ski run after run with a stupid grin on your face.

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2016/17 Lift Pass prices for the 3 Valleys : 1 Day €60 – 6 Days €279

New in Meribel

Every year the resort works hard to make things better. This year there are no new lifts or runs to look forward too. However, there is something that we are quite excited about. In Meribel-Motteret they are introducing an indoor picnic spot, complete with sofas, kitchen, free WIFI and charging points. It sounds like the ultimate skiers common room. You can expect to find us hanging out with a Baguette at lunchtimes!

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A new ski outfit

This year it is new outfit time which is very exciting. Once you have spent ages deciding what style and colour to go for the most exciting thing is then getting to discover all the different pockets and features that you didn’t even read about, like a whistle tucked into a hidden pocket in the collar!

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Catching up

It doesn’t matter if you’re a season worker or a holiday maker returning to a resort,is a joy when you meet up with people you know from past winters. It could be your favourite waiter, chalet host or ski instructor. They will be as pleased to see you as you will be to see them.


Early season snow

Last year the snow fell before the lifts weren’t even open yet. This didn’t stop us as we hiked out of Méribel up to the top of the Saluire to get some of the first tracks of the season. Check out the video below.

Breathing the Air

How can you not miss the cold, unpolluted, crisp air of the alps. We always look forward to walking out onto the chalet balcony, all wrapped up warm, probably with a glass of wine, to look at the stars and breath the cool night air.


The Food

Every year our executive chef dreams up a menu full of old favourites and new dishes and we love getting to eat every one of them. It also means a trip to our favourite butcher who always makes sure we get the best local meat and treats us to some his incredible pork chops (not pictured). We also get to sample all the wines that Tom picks to accompany your chalet dinner.


The View

To be in the mountains is to feel humble and awestruck by the might of nature! Here are some photos to remind you of what it looks like.

If you want to join us this winter then check out all our catered ski holidays to Méribel and La Tania here!

Whats on in Meribel and La Tania in February

Whats on in Meribel and La Tania in February 

Oddly nothing worth mentioning is happening in Meribel or La Tania for the first few week of the month. I guess they are just clearing the schedule for a fortnight of non-stop blue skies and fresh snow.

Ibiza Rocks the Snow – 8th February 2014 – Meribel

The second week of boom, boom, boom music carries on in Meribel. If you are under thirty then what we meant was, top international Djs will be spinning the latest beats from the party Island in most of Meribel top nightspots. Go to http://www.ibizarocksthesnow.com/ for a full line-up.

Valentine’s Day – 14th February – The World

If you want to take your partner on the ultimate love ski then make sure you reserve a romantic gondola ride in the evening. From 6.30 pm you and your loved one could be eating a basket of “gourmet” stuff or maybe considering joining the Pylon High club. For more details and to reserve a spot contact the Meribel tourist office.

HALF TERM – 15th Feb to 23rd Feb – UK

Half term, for many, is the only time many will get a ski holiday in. Combine that with the fact that it is also half term for much of Europe and you can imagine that the slopes will be busy. This need not be the case. If ski at times when others will be having a rest and ask your resort staff to recommend the quieter slopes, then you can avoid the masses and get a lot of skiing done.

Ski Touring Night Racing – 17th Feb, 6pm – Meribel Mottaret

Get a feeling of what it might be like in Sochi and watch this Ski Touring event. There will be individual runs and a relay race. Wrap up warm and pack a flask of Vin Chaud.

Jazz Festival – 19th to 21st of Feb – Bride Les Bains

Unless you are staying in Bride Les Bains or a massive Jazz fan then you probably won’t see much of this. But is sounds good fun and makes a change from the usual cover bands that populate the French Alps.

Environment Week  – Feb 22nd  – La Tania
In true mountain tourist office style, there is little information on this. We are reassured that it is good fun and that the Forest Challenge on the Wednesday is worth getting involved in. They promise lots of prizes too. See in resort for details.









Snow Report Week Ending 27/12/13

Snow Report Week Ending 27/12/13

Although we have had plenty of sun and blue skies in recent weeks, truth be told by the start of Christmas week we were in need of some snow, particularly on the lower slopes. Fortunately Santa obliged as Wednesday night and Thursday night brought half a metre in resort and even more near the top. The thick blanket enveloped both Meribel and La Tania, meaning that by the time the sun came out on Friday we had the best conditions of the season so far.


Looking to the week ahead, several more light dustings of a few centimeters each are currently predicted, which should help keep the pistes fresh and all the runs open as we see in 2014.

Tis snow report comes from our Resort Rep Rob Bartlett. For a three day snow forecast for Meribel click here.

What’s On Guide – Meribel and La Tania – March 2013

What’s On Guide Meribel and La Tania – March 2013

Thanks for popping in and finding out what is on in Meribel and La Tania in the month of March. The other day I was stopped on the slopes by a loyal reader and asked why does Alpine Action only talk about what is on in Meribel and La Tania? Well, dear, loyal reader it is because we only have chalets in Meribel and La Tania. So without any more twaddle, here is what is going on in March.

3rd March – Meribel

DC Shred days is like a big park competition with massive sponsorship, but without the competition element. The idea is for three days of laid back riding with some big names and locals all showing off what they can do. There will be a big variety of terrain for everyone to have a play on. If showboating snowboarders isn’t your thing then you could just turn up for the BBQ and tell stories about the one you nearly landed.

7th March – Meribel

Calling all geeks. Your thirst for information on how they make snow in the Alps is about to be quenched. Meribel are offering you the chance to take a back lot tour of the resorts infrastructure. All you need to do to get on this nerdathon is to get your name on the guest list at the Chadanne lift office. Palaces for this are limited book early to avoid missing out.

10th March – Meribel and La Tania

This is a public service announcement – This is Mothers Day.

14th March – Meribel

There are many things in life that are certain, two of those things are that at some point Marcus Brigstocke will perform a comedy set in Meribel and the band the Feeling, (famous for being married to Sophie Ellis-Bextor ) will play a gig in Meribel. This year they have teamed up and will be killing two birds with one stone and doing a combined performance at the Meribel Auditorium. We have no further details, however, there are rumours that Marcus will be singing that song that the Feeling are famous for.

17th March – La Tania

St Patrick’s day is celebrated in Irish themed bars around the world. Sadly La Tania lacks an Irish Bar, but it does have a pub that loves a good party, especially if there is a theme. So if you are in town then head out to the Ski Lodge for an Irish Stout. You can also expect fiddle music, Guinness paraphernalia, Leprechaun hats, bad accents, things that are green and a drunken Australian.

24th March – Meribel

Where do you rate yourself in the world of skiing? Best in your family? Best of your mates? Best in Resort? Best in Britain? From the 24th of March you could try and find out at the British National Ski Championships.  There will be all the standard formats, such as the Super G, Slalom and Downhill. You don’t have to take part, you could just pop along and have a look at some of Britain’s future stars and pushiest mums.

30th March

Did the idea of British National Ski Champs sound to tame for you? Did watching Marcus Brigstock and the Feeling, back to back, not seem extreme enough for you? Then why not enter the Derby Du Rock Merlet.  It is called a Chinese style race, which means that everyone starts at the same time, there are no rules and the winner is the first person across the finish line. A great event for participants and spectators.

What’s On Guide – Meribel and La Tania

Hello, Salute, Bonjour and welcome to the Alpine Action blog. We have dabbled in the past, but this time we are serious. Serious about blogging, but not always serious blogs. What you can expect is a mixture of info about the Three Valleys, comment, ski news, useful articles, interviews with a good dose of humour. If you like the sound of that then add us to your RSS feed or follow the blog. Most important of all, join in by posting your comments.

Below you will find the first of our monthly ‘ What’s On Guide’ that will tell you all you need to know about the big events in the Three Valleys, as well as smaller events going on in Meribel and La Tania. Make sure you have a look at what is going on before you head out to the mountains to make sure don’t miss out!

February – What’s On Guide

It is worth mentioning for those that don’t have children and can’t remember that much about school that February is half term for most UK schools. This year it starts on the 16th for one week. There are also some schools having half term the week before but so few it’s really not worth worrying about. Also during these weeks many French schools will also be on holiday. You can expect busy resorts during the middle of the month. To avoid the crowds ski early and over lunch time,  also ask your chalet host where the quietest runs are.

7th Feb – MeribelMeribel Center

After  5pm during Après hour, just outside the Méribel  tourist office, the resort is throwing a street party.  There will be free mulled wine and a DJ playing the distorted euro pop out of tinny speakers! Not much to get excited about, I hear you say, but there is also a live band called Willie and the Bandits who are a UK Blues Band. They are not your usual Après band and are well worth checking out. We have seen them many times in the West Country, as they are regulars in many pubs during the summer season.

8th Feb – Meribel

It has been 25 years since the Mont-Vallon ski area opened to the skiing public. Many a guest has spent a joyous time on the Mont-Vallon slopes. Many a guest has also spent a lot of time on the old Plattieres gondola, although the time was not so joyous. Fortunately the Plattieres has been replaced, saving skiers lots of time. To celebrate both the 25th anniversary and the demise of one of the most torturous lift journeys in the Three Valleys, the resort of Meribel will be holding a celebration in Méribel-Mottaret from 7- 8pm. Highlights include free hot chocolate, (with or without popular local nun juice, Chartreuse) and a torchlight descent.

Feb 12th – La Tania

This winter the world’s most culturally diverse festival, Mardi Gras, has teamed up with ultra conservative batter flipping day, Shrove Tuesday, to provide the earth’s population with what may become known as Triple –entendre day. Not one to miss an opportunity to throw a party, The Ski Lodge is holding a fancy dress “Carnival Party”. So dust of your non-stick outfit/frying pan and get ready to toss a few pancakes. Free toffee vodka, one would assume!

14th Feb – Three Valley

St Valentines Day. So you have taken her on a ski holiday, that should cover it. Probably not. Giving her a heart shaped cookie the chalet host knocked up for afternoon tea  probably won’t cover it either.  A vat of melted cheese with bread on a stick, in a traditional mountain restaurant?  You are now on to a winner. Ask your chalet host to recommend the best venue. Treat this as a reminder and a warning!

Feb 21st – Courchevel Courchevel Fireworks

It has been 4 months since you stared at the sky and shouted “Oooooo, Ahhhhh, Weeeee”. If you find yourself in Courchevel from the 21st February, then get ready to say it all again. Only this time you will mean it, as Courchevel hosts the International Firework Festival.  Guaranteed to be better than Granddad’s  back garden display where only  50% of the fireworks leave the plant pot! No sparklers allowed…ok, they are, but it’s strictly BYO!

Feb 23rd – Meribel

Finally your chance to appear on Ski Sunday has come. The Audi FIS Ski World Cup Womens downhill event rolls into town. Dust of your most flamboyant bobble hat, set the Sky + and go and find where Graham Bell does his piece to the camera.  Our tip is to head to the Chaudanne area as this is where the competition takes place. If anyone does get on Ski Sunday please send us the evidence so we can share it on our Facebook page, Chemmy Alcott need not apply!

Whatever you end up doing, whenever you are on your ski trip, please get in touch and tell us about your holiday.