La Tania by numbers

La Tania by numbers

Countdowns are all the rage on Channel Four and Infographics are popular sources of information. We live in a society dominated by facts and numbers. Let’s be honest there are very few of us that fit the cool bracket when it comes to skiing. Most of us just enjoy the riding but at the same time have a nerdy passion for the sport. From this geekery comes the need for stats and statistics. So here for all of us number crunching, info loving, fact drinking ski nerds is a guide to La Tania in numbers.


2 – Great pubs- We can recommend drinking and eating in either the La Taiga or Le Pub de Ski Lodge

3 – La Tania is part of the massive Three Valleys skis area. It sits between the valleys of Courchevel and Meribel.

4 – Chalets that Alpine Action has in La Tania

5.50 – in euro that is the price of a pint

8 – The number of runs that La Tania has

14 – Number of beds in our largest chalet, Cote Coeur

42 – Is the cost in £ for return ski carriage

44.50 – Is the amount a one day lift pass will cost. This price is in €

120 – Minutes that it takes to get from our preferred airport, Grenoble, to get to La Tania

629 – Is the starting price of many of our La Tania Holidays

1400 – Meters that La Tania is above sea level

1176 – Kilometres from our head office to La Tania

1992 – The year La Tania opened as part of the winter Olympics held in the same year

1993 – Alpine Action was created

01273 466535 – The Number to call to book a holiday to La Tania

So there you are fact fans, lots of La Tania facts. This would be a great gift to print out and give to your dad so he can read it on the aeroplane. Then he can repeat them to you on the transfer coach and then at dinner to the other guests. Let’s just hope that he was the only person to have read this!

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