Alpine Action Photo Competition Entry – Phil Grantham

We recived this story to accompany a photo sent in for our photo competition.   Big thanks to Phil Grantham for sharing. 


My favourite winter holiday moment was in April 2009, Avoriaz, France.

My Daughter, Brooke was 10 years old and 2 weeks before we were due to go skiing she was accidently hit in the mouth with a hockey stick at school.

Her 4 upper front teeth (adult teeth) were so badly pushed back and damaged that she was referred to Guys Hospital in London, where she is still under their care.

Her teeth were manipulated back into position and then cemented to the rest of her teeth and gums to hold them for 10 weeks to enable the roots repair as best they could.

Much to our surprise when we asked if she could still go on the family ski holiday the consultant said as long as we bought a helmet with a chin guard and that she was extra careful then he thought it may even help to take her mind off of her trauma.

It certainly did and my abiding memory is this picture of her being ‘extra careful’ !! 🙂

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